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continue reading this I have been a gadget freak since I entered college and I have always made it a point to update myself of the latest gears being a hard core fanatic of technology. Now that I am already working still in a profession linked to technology, I cannot help myself but be addicted to all these equipments and machines that adds up to life’s fun and excitement.

Basically, this thing has not only made me a virtual prisoner of technology but also it prevented me from enjoying other things in life that are rather precious. Often, I would spend my weekend at home surfing or playing games or doing some sort of experiments with technology and this somehow limits my time for my family. At the office, I would rather interact with people via email or via the internet rather than doing a verbal conversation.

The realization came quite late that there is more to life and to the technology than the gadgets themselves. The technology we have now has been introduced to facilitate convenience and to make life easier for all of us to do work so we can have more time to enjoy nature, enjoy being with people and enjoy life. This all happened in my recent trip to Palawan. The island we booked for a stay had no electricity on the day time. Thus, I had no means to plug my devices. Since we travel by boat, I cannot risk having my collections wet so I stayed away from them. I bought with me a simple camera since I hate water and my gadgets actually hates water too.

In short, I spent almost a week without anything. My mobile phone ran out of battery and I was too tired in the evening to charge as the room only had 2 power outlets. The thing that made me survive was the fact that I was freed from the addiction and thereby making me free to spend time with my wife and son. I had more time as a result to walk the beach and enjoy breakfast without having a cup on the other hand and a texting device on the other.

Overall, a gadget-free travel is a learning experience. Once in a while, this kind of getaway helps alot in providing technocrats like us an escape from the wired world.



Office StressImagine a job where you get to laugh all day long and enjoy doing all your work amidst volume? Possible? Feasible? Hmmm. As they say, perhaps many of us are just in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Hehehe.

I have always been daydreaming way back on my junior years but not anymore. Atleast not here and not now. It is just sad how some of us are trapped in a place where alot of people are addicted in sweating over small stuffs. It’s a sad plight.

I have seen some employees outside who lead a life so ordinary. One has to wake up early and be at the workplace on-time after an 8 hours of work. Soon he arrives home with some “pasalubongs” for his parents or kids and spouse. A dinner is then served and a little hours of TV watching. Soon, the entire household closes down in a prayer and good night kiss. Ideal.

Unfortunately, some of us like me perhaps get to work late so I tend to go home so late or be at work for almost round the clock both offsite and onsite thereby having your work rob you of your most precious time. Often, we find a spare time for ourselves only to find everyone hooked to each and everyone’s watering hole and personal diversions. Reason? We all deserve a good time after all?

But then again, there are people at home who deserves more! Thus, because all of these has already been a cycle, fighting life’s monotonous routine has always been unsuccessful. Each attempt to manage one’s time and move to right path has always been futile if not totally a waste of effort.

Office stress has always contributed to this. We all are pushed for a diversion because we wanted to initially get rid off excess baggaged before we even step in to our homes. Often the diversion leads us away to our doorsteps. Hehehe.

With some people playing dump or perhaps they really are and with some colleagues who are good with the thing known as peer pressure, the entire work experience pushes us to all lead a life less ordinary. The irony of it all is that we do not even know we are on it.

So far, I am writing this because I myself is quite confused. Am I heading to the right direction? Or am I doing all these for myself? Will I be rewarded someday? Is this what I really want? Questions… The least of the things I can dwell on right now.


Fly High Amiel!

Fly High Amiel!

I came from UP and not from Ateneo and I am a father as well but my son is not an ATENISTA but from Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. I write because what had happened to AMIEL was something that made me realized a lot of things not just about the incident but about FATHERHOOD.

The story focuses on AMIEL’s FATHER as well as a FATHER & SON school activity has been nearing. We as fathers may not at all be so showy and emotional to our sons because of being pre-occupied with our roles as providers and heads of our families but then this has made me re-think that our focus no matter what should always be with our kids – with our family.

Each day counts. I often would kiss my son and tell him how I love him being the only child. I could just imagine how painful it is for AMIEL’s FATHER to have bid farewell to his son after breakfast as a normal daily routine without expecting that moment was their last. I cried while driving home.

I must have heard the news late but I cannot stop thinking about it. Imagine a school so expensive where you expect that traffic enforcers are regulating the flow of vehicles because kids from known and from ordinary families are around the place which they have to protect, but then there is none.

I have not heard in any of the news article about the school having its own ambulance or experienced in-house medics attending to the need of the child. It was the lady whom we all do not know who volunteered to help the child and the driver to take them to the hospital.

Julian Carlo Miguel Alcantara

Julian Carlo Miguel Alcantara

Worse is that as mentioned, no one even wanted to open their doors for the driver who was walking and carrying the bloodied child for help. It is sad. Imagine how people can be heroes in the split of a second and how some chooses to be numb and careless. Why? Is it because they do not want to stain their nice car’s interiors? Too bad.

I do not intend to blame or raise issues here. The point here is that all we all as parents are responsible for our kids. More so, as drivers, we too are responsible to ensure that we maintain safety and caution. Now, we can never revert things. We need to move forward and learn from this. AMIEL’s life has a good purpose indeed and that is to awaken us all about safety, care, time and love for our kids.

As I reached home, I asked for my son. He was again playing hide and seek with me as usual. I searched for all the possible hiding places until I found him. I never asked him about his school works or about what the day’s news were on BANDILA as he is fond of watching news. No words were said at all… I just hugged my son so tight and kissed him so many times as tears fall.

I love my son and I would not want such a thing to happen to him even when he is already old and on his own. From Day 1 until now that he has grown up as a 9-year old boy, I still carry him whenever we do malling and he would say “Dad, pakarga!” while massaging my back as a consolation. I love my son and I know you all are the same with yours.

Thus, as I write this, I am writing to the officials of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong as well to improve pedestrian safety and proper parking regulations and perhaps put PEDESTRIAN LANES and MARKINGS along SHAW BLVD. and in front of CITYLAND SHAW TOWER to ensure safety. Police Officers should also be stationed near schools and that educational institutions are to be required to have their own ambulances and people experienced in providing medical attention. It’s time for all of us to improve things and move on.

Thank you AMIEL for waking us up. You will forever be remembered in our hearts as a son and as the pupil who touched our hearts to value life and family more.


SAP Practice Manager – SAP COE
International SAP BASIS Consultant



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I have long been blogging irregularly due to scarcity of time but then I have felt that perhaps this means of communication is best effective in educating readers and cascading viewpoints aimed for improving aspects of life and living. Thus, I blog.