TOUGH GUYS NEED A BREAK TOO 20130902-120842.jpg

Most of the people I worked in the past calls me a tough guy. It’s not because of my built and looks but because I work alot and I deliver on- time, on-scope, on-budget and at the right quality all the time. Well, I may not be a 7AM person but I work way beyond the normal and I usually stay up for work for 16 to 20 hours daily. This is my daily routine.

Having completed a huge project running for almost a year, my mind is all set for vacation now. Although I have already mastered my work through the years in such a way that delivering projects regardless of complexity seems to look easier and fun to the eyes of the people around me, I still get tired after work. Besides, I’m human.

There is a saying that you won’t ever get tired of working if you love what you are doing. Well, this may be true at times but we all get exhausted at the end of the day. Same as any great devices we have right now like our smartphones and tablet computers, we all need to recharge and get the energy anew to continue doing what we love.

I remember when I was younger. I was energetic, enthusiastic and filled with high spirit. I wanted to get the job done in one sitting. I was a programmer, a system designer, an analyst, an administrator, a security specialist, a web developer, an applications consultant and an entrepreneur. I wanted to do everything because I love working.

It’s not that I’m older and lazier but we all get used to the monotonous routine of life. Like a car getting old, sometimes we need that little pushing and jumpstarting to keep us going. We get wiser, more experienced and tougher each day but like a tree, our leaves may wither and drop as we lose that thing that keeps us passionately engaged – our drive.

All these may relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but I think that we all deserve a break. We all need to give ourselves a break from all the daily routines we have and recharge. Thus , I look forward to using my vacation leave credits this year in full to get back that energy lost. Besides, even tough guys need a break too!


Globe LTE

So this is how fast Globe Telecom’s Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) network can go? After wandering Makat City, Mandaluyong City, Quezon City, Pasay City and Taguig City for good reception, now I know that it only works well at Serendra!


Garmin Gadgets

Getting fit for 2013 and beyond! I just fulfilled yet another promise I made to my wife and got her all the gadgets she needed for now and maybe until she ventures up to triathlons. Now, I just need to make sure that I finish the race on time and injury-free with her. I’ll then be ready for the next challenge – getting slim and sexy! Hahaha! Cheers!


Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

It’s midnight! Arriving just in time to see the the first wave of 42K runners kick-off the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013. My wife and I are running 21K and she’s doing a 10K warm-up now while I’m planning to sleep until the 3:30AM Gun Start! As they say… run for fun!


Banchetto Forum

After circling BGC for a good dining place with my wife, we ended up for a quick fix instead – The Banchetto Forum besides Robinsons Pioneer. Besides, it’s a bit tough to dine guilt-free with our son waiting at home. It’s "one-for-all, all for one"!


EDSA is a Traffic Mess!













Traveling 5 kilometers daily from home to work now takes an hour or so instead of the usual 5-10 minutes! Is it the ever increasing number of vehicles or the lack of alternative public transport and roads? I don’t know! Maybe, it’s just the way it is! Good evening to all!


Rush Ride

I’ve been driving since high school and I’m a tough guy on the road until I sat on the passenger seat this afternoon with my wife driving us around the city and onto the province. Honestly, I was so paranoid like a chicken.

Actually, she’s been driving for almost 9 years now and she has improved a lot but giving praises is a bit hard when you’re too nervous to think and speak normal. In fairness, she’s a tougher driver – too fast, too furious!



I do not intend to preach anything this time. I just wanted to post something about what I am doing right now. Well, it’s 3:00 AM! I should have been home 8 hours ago and I’m still here at the office decluttering my stuff in someone else’s desk. You may call it paperwork backlog! Ooops!


After 90 minutes of patiently sorting documents and manually reconciling financial papers, “mission accomplished”! I’m clutter-free once again! It’s now 4:30 AM and I’m going home in an hour or two! I still have 4-5 hours to recharge before my 9:00 AM meeting. Good morning!


Karma is a Good Referee!!!

It’s funny how some people can easily forget all the good deeds that you have done for them just to advance their own personal wishes. I cannot even understand how quickly they can trash a good friendship just to get what they want. It’s a sad reality.

Maybe, it’s my fault. I am the type of person who gets a hard time saying NO to others. I always give in to favors and requests. Hating rejection, thoughtfulness is a trait that spells who I am. With this statement, I am sure that people who know me would agree.

To add further, I have always been willing to carry people through. I can always take heavy blows and take all the blame in this world for others. I won’t even mind it. I can even sacrifice my own precious time and wishes just to make other people feel good.

Amidst all these, I think that not all people are like me and I have to accept that. No matter how good you can be to all, there will always be some people who will want to take something from you so they stab you hard in the back secretly and still give you a pat in your shoulder.

Some call it survival of the fittest when someone stabs you in the back and take what you have yet hug you like a pal. Some great minds simply coin it as competition. For me, I call it – human nature. You give them your arm and the next time, they take the entire you half-satisfied.

The good thing is that these people don’t even care about their reputation because as they grab what others have, they are unaware that someone is watching over them. No amount of effort to professionalize one’s look can forever hide one’s greed and selfishness to the world.

At the end of it all, they may get away with everything but they can never change the fact that they have wronged others. As for me, I am happy amidst all these. Being downed unfairly and struggling to stand up slowly is not as bad as winning by cheating and stepping on people.

Besides, buy viagra over the counter in new york karma is a good referee.