buy modafinil online amazon Doing One's Homework When I was in school, I was not that good in ensuring that I do my homework regularly so I end up doing them in school before my classes start. Thus, they become more of a schoolwork for me than homework. Nonetheless, I get to see a point that I have one to submit for the teacher to check. Delivery has always been a thing I am very much particular because I have always thought that reputation is built around responsibility and the ability to deliver one’s tasks and promises as well.

click to read I am quite older now but still I get to do my homework regardless of whether I do it way ahead or I do it before the due date. Rushing things for me does not compromise the quality of my work because I have already conditioned myself into this kind of methodology. But then again, this is me and I do not say that others should adopt the same way of doing things. Therefore, I would like to point out that it is important for an individual to be responsible enough to do his tasks on or before they are due.

The success of an endeavor depends as well on preparation and on the time and effort dedicated on executing tasks. It is important that these tasks are done timely and as scheduled. Thus, it is vital that the individual responsible for a certain project or task is responsible enough to be able to do his homework and be good at doing so. Failure often roots from the fact that someone must have failed to do something and so every thing else is stalled. This scenario is a nightmare that we need to avoid.

I am sure that no one wants to end up being tagged as a showstopper. I am sure as well that no one wish to be described as someone who wasted other people’s time and money because he failed to perform his tasks and deliver to the expectations of time. So it is important that we all develop this sense of urgency to complete and deliver what is being asked from us. We also need to think that failing to do so will make others fail as well. So we need to start being responsible and start doing our homework now!!!


Disaster Recovery Plan When all else fails, what do you do? You are out doing things in life that you have to do and all see well until you are struck with a crisis not because you are less prepared but because you suddenly do not have extra hands to help you make things happen.Perfect!

You then put seven minutes of your life in drafting a disaster recovery plan on how to make it out only to find out that a minute later, everything is up and running! Great! Life is indeed full of surprises that we should always be prepared. YOu cannot always be certain on things no matter how hard you try.

Thus, we see now how vitalt it is to incorporate a backup plan in whatever task we do – be it with work or with life. Our success in terms of delivering to life’s demands will always depend highly on the ability to adapt and create a workaround to cope up with the sudden challenges of life.

Amidst all, we need to make sure at the end of the day that we can deliver whether things go well or everything goes wrong. We have all the reasons to fail but we have no reasons at all not to succeed after each failures! We need to have an option to stand up and succeed. That’s what contingency plan is for!


Lessons Learned

The ultimate goal of any project is to execute and deliver whatever has been planned and promised. The challenges of delivery will always be present regardless of how detailed you have anticipated possible scenarios and events. Thus, failure at some point is something that is inevitable especially on endeavors that involves things done the first time.

There is a saying that we all should do things right the first time. This is ideal but not too realistic because of the word – "first". Thus, we are given a second shot to make things work which is only possible if we get to apply whatever lessons learned from the first point of failure. Otherwise, you get a loop of failures.

At times, we let kids do mistakes and get hurt because we want them to learn from it and realize that if they do it again, they will get hurt. This is the same with work and with life. We manage because we do not want to have the same problems met prior. We plan things based of the anticipations  of failures. Thus, lessons learned are actually eye-openers that we should not ignore.

Success is the result of having to finally wake up and do something better after meeting series for failures. Without having to learn things, growth is not achieved. No victory is sweeter without having to work hard for it. Thus, success comes after failures at some point. Hehehe.  This is true indeed unless you are Mr. Perfect!

Lessons learned are important!


Adaptive Project Framework The good thing about managing resources, people and projects is not just about getting things done the right way but being able to make things work when everything else seem not to work well as planned.

You cannot predict the result of whatever endeavor you are into even if you have the best plan and the best minds around but you can face issues proactively which matters most especially on critical times.

This is a lesson a manager has to learn which is something that we all should have mastered in life in general. We have to be able to take the journey and reach our destination be it via the popular path or the road less taken.

This is what Adaptive and Agile Management is all about. Now you can start checking the book to better understand what I am talking about.


Do It Right the First Time I just had a tiring but fruitful day. I was able to get to see scenarios as per the documents I have been reading for the past weeks now. Thus, I realized that not all that has been written reflects the actuality of what will happen amidst the plan.

In the real world, we all are expected to be efficient and effective because this would spell a minimized cost on processes and increased productivity and utilization on resources as well. Thus, we are tasked to do things right the first time.

This mandate is quite ideal but feasible only after having to fail multiple times. It is confusing but I am sure that it is big challenge to perfect things the first time but it requires you to fall and do mistakes so you can improve, refine and succeed.

I never failed today. The team never failed. I just realized that no matter how many times a task has been planned, it cannot be executed in the same way as it was planned. It can be done at the end of the day but not as planned and on a single perfect attempt.

We are still human after all!