check these guys out Better Be Prompt! It’s been my 45th working day for year 2009 and I have been a consistent early bird fulfilling my New Year’s Resolution and beating my old punctuality issue for 21 years since I started schooling until I was already into working. How did I do it? 

Well, during the holiday break, I tried tiring myself too much during the daytime. I prevented myself from getting even a short nap. In short, I have virtually tortured and exhausted myself so I can reboot my body clock. I stopped playing computer games and reading books so late as well.  The result was awesome! My insomnia was regulated if not cured instantly!

For the first time, I was able to put myself into sleep on time and acquire enough rest. Thus, as the saying goes… EARLY TO BED, EARLY RISE (makes a many wealthy, healthy and wise). Hehehe. So if in case that you all are suffering from the same punctuality issue that seem hard to beat, tire yourself out and reboot your body clock. I am sure that you will get the same positive result afterwards!