Wok with Ryan March 15, 2010. I am walking tired, alone and cold right now after having a nice dinner party with my colleagues at Per’s house. I cooked almost 5 Filipino dishes in 2 hours – Pork Nilaga, Pork Menudo, Beef Caldereta, Chicken Adobo and Chopsuey. I am happy though.

It was a lot of kitchen work! I had to do it all by myself but when I was almost done with 3 dishes and noticed people waiting, I tried to get help from Tine. At one point, I was taken out of the kitchen to receive gifts from them – a Lego toy, candies and a card! Thanks!

Well, it’s my first time to cook in big proportion as I used to cook only at home for my wife and son with 1-2 dishes maximum. I only knew a few easy-to-cook dishes so I was not able to showcase the best of the Philippines yet I think it was a success.

Well, I got some praises afterwards so I think they appreciate the fact that we have good tasting dishes! I told them that what makes the food delicious is not just the spices but the “love” and “passion”you have while cooking. It works!

I started 4:30PM after work and ended up almost 6:30PM cooking everything under pressure. Dinner was served at 7:00PM for 8 people including me and some for Per’s family. I was too happy and proud that everything tasted well though rushed.

By the time that we were all done with the small feast, it was almost 10:00PM. Everyone headed to their cars and started saying goodbyes. It was a good experience having to dine with all of them. I was the youngest by 10 years.

Anyway, not wanting to bother people to take me to my place, I let them all leave first and decided to head towards the train station by foot. That is where I started to feel all the fatigue and loneliness waiting for a train ride for 45 minutes.

Thus, I decided to speak my mind and blog instead using my phone. Cheers!


http://livingfullyhuman.com/?p=5033 Crab Mentality Crab Mentality, sometimes referred to as buy canadian Keppra crabs in the bucket, describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can’t have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Singly, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead, they grab at each other in a useless "king of the hill" competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise. The analogy in human behavior is that of a group that will attempt to "pull down" (negate or diminish the importance of) any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of jealousy or competitive feelings.

This term is broadly associated with short-sighted, non-constructive thinking rather than a unified, long-term, constructive mentality. It is also often used colloquially in reference to individuals or communities attempting to "escape" a so-called "underprivileged life", but kept from doing so by others attempting to ride upon their coat-tails or those who simply resent their success.

It describes a desperate lust to pull other people down, denigrating them rather than letting them get ahead or pursue their dreams. It is an unwillingness to allow someone to get out of dire or bad life situations, often being foiled by friends and family members who keep sucking them back in. This trait can strike at several levels of life, like in office environments, particularly on promotion. It is a reflection of the famous saying “we all like to see our friends get ahead, but not too far ahead.”



FC Barcelona - Paulino Alcantara

Another Filipino pride many of us didn’t even know, Paulino Alcántara, was the first Asian to play for any European football club. He played for F.C. Barcelona and became the youngest player ever to play or score for the club at 15.

Born in Iloilo, he’s also F.C. Barcelona’s highest goal scorer w/ 357 goals, a feat not even broken by Diego Maradona & Ronaldhino for F.C.B. whew! He even became a doctor after his football carreer. Definitely Filipino!

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Paulino Alcantara - FC Barcelona Paulino Alcántara Riestrá (born in Iloilo City, Philippines, October 7, 1896; died Barcelona, Spain, February 13, 1964) was a Filipino/Spanish footballer who played for FC Galeno, FC Barcelona, Bohemians of Manila, the Philippines and Spain. Alcántara is still the youngest player to play and score for FC Barcelona in a competitive game. He played for the club between 1912 and 1927, scoring 357 goals in as many matches and remains the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. Alcántara was also the first Asian-born footballer to play for a European club and will go down in history as the greatest Filipino footballer of all time.

Debut at 15
Alcántara was born in the Philippines to Spanish parents. His father was a Spanish soldier stationed there. He grew up in Barcelona and initially played for FC Galeno before he was soon spotted by Joan Gamper and signed up for FC Barcelona. He made his senior debut at the age of 15 years, 4 months and 18 days on February 25, 1912 against Catalá SC in the Championat de Catalunya. FC Barcelona won 9-0, and Alcántara scored the first three goals of that match. He went on to help the club win a Copa del ReyChampionat de Catalunya double in 1913 and a Championat de Catalunya in 1916.

Return to the Philippines
In 1916 Alcántara’s parents returned to the Philippines and took their son with them. There he continued his studies in medicine and played for Bohemians of Manila. He was selected to play for the Philippine national football team in 1917 to represent the country in the Tokyo Far Eastern Championship Games, where he would lead the country to a 15-2 demolition of host country Japan. He also represented the Philippines at table tennis. Meanwhile, FC Barcelona had failed to win a major trophy in his absence and the club pleaded in vain with his parents to allow him to return to Spain. However, he contracted malaria in 1917 and apparently refused to take the prescribed medication until he was allowed to go back.

The Golden Age
FC Barcelona After returning to Spain with FC Barcelona, coach Jack Greenwell experimented with Alcántara as a defender but protests from fans saw him return to the forward line and in 1919 helped the club win another Championat de Catalunya. The club also reached the Copa del Rey final but lost 5-2 to Arenas Club de Getxo. In 1920 the club won another Copa del Rey/Championat de Catalunya double with Alcántara scoring in the 2-0 win over Athletic Bilbao in the Copa final. The FC Barcelona team now included Ricardo Zamora, Josep Samitier, Félix Sesúmaga and Sagibarbá, who formed a notable partnership with Alcántara. This marked the beginning of one of the clubs golden eras and saw them dominating both the Championat de Catalunya and Copa del Rey. Alcántara scored twice in the 1922 Copa final where FC Barcelona beat Real Unión 5-1 and scored the winner in the 3-2 win over Atlético de Madrid in the 1926 final. He retired from active play at the age of 31 and became a doctor. On July 5, 1927, FC Barcelona played against Spain in a testimonial in his honour. He later served as Barca’s club director from 1931 to 1934.

Career with Spain
In 1920, Alcántara, Zamora, Samitier and Sesúmaga were all chosen to represent Spain at the Olympic Games that year. However, Alcántara chose to stay at home to take his final medical exams. He eventually made five appearances and scored six goals for Spain between 1921 and 1923. He made his international debut on October 7, 1921 at the age of 25 against and scored both goals in a 2-0 win.

In 1951 Alcántara was one of three selectors, along with Félix Quesada and Luís Iceta, that coached Spain for three games against Switerland, Belgium and Sweden.

Source : Phililippine Travel Blog


Bad Boy and Pacman


I just read the news about Robin Padilla being open to the proposition of mediating between the warring political clans in Maguindanao. Indeed, I am impressed since he is not a politician and he is not even thirsty for fame because he is already famous. He is just doing his role as an "AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE" of the United Nation’s Action on Conflict and Transformation for Peace.

PGMA appoints Pacman I wonder what Manny Pacquiao has to say about the Maguindanao Massacre and the issue on political clans being an appointed AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Maguindanao is almost near his province and I am sure that if people in Luzon and Visayas care enough, he should be concerned as well for the law and order in Mindanao.

If a local actor not having any intention or inclination to politics can offer himself to Mindanao Peace Process, I am sure that the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao who is eyeing a congressional seat this coming 2010 Election should be caring enough to promote peace and order in Mindanao. He need not be told. It is not politicking if people will get to see you out helping people less the clamor for recognition.


CNN Hero of the Year

Look at our CNN HERO OF THE YEAR Efren Peñaflorida. In his own little ways and means, he was able to put our country on top of other nations with pride and honor not because he was a good puncher or an athlete doing his profession for fame and money but because he was out in the street for years educating the less fortunate kids initially uncompensated, unrecognized but with great honor.

Efren Peñaflorida was doing his own contribution to the society not because it is his professional job to teach nor it is a bread and butter for him but because he wanted to uplift the lives of his countrymen by educating the kids who cannot afford to go to school. While some are enjoying fame, honor and perks showered by the public for winning bouts, he is pushing his cart to reach the poor.

I am not against the People’s Champ. Besides, I am a fan as well but I do not think that he is a NATIONAL HERO to consider because like any athlete doing his own sports and competing in his own matches, no one wants to fight and end up a loser. Remove all the prize money and the title perhaps, would someone fight alone just for his own country’s pride? I don’t think so. Thus, promoters negotiate for the pot! Right?

I admire Robin Padilla and Efren Peñaflorida plus all the other not-so-famous Filipinos who are giving their time and effort to help people less the need for credits and media exposure. I admire the brave journalists, bloggers and even ordinary citizens shouting for justice and peace amidst threat and hardship. I admire the youth of today who continue to take their own stand on national issues.

For me, Manny Pacquiao is but just another proud Filipino professional athlete winning his titles as how he was trained for. This may have added us pride since his victory tagged his nationality but until we all get to see what he has done to his own people and to his own country given his fortune, he remains a champion but not a hero in my eyes. More than his feats and his close relation to the president, he’s just an athlete.


Efren Penaflorida and Robin Padilla

A hero is often seen as someone who sacrifices for the greater good of the nation. Ninoy Aquino has sacrificed his political career, luxury of life and family to fight for freedom. Thus, he deserves his title! Heroes are not housed in mansions and pampered by women while collecting luxury cars. Heroes have their own principles. They will never side with the oppressor and dictator for safety.

To conclude, I am proud of the few good men working to fight hunger and poverty. I am proud of all the people trying to shout their condemnation of political violence and media killing openly to the public. I am proud of those who took their own stand to seek justice for the Maguindanao Massacre. They may not be as famous and as rich but they are THE REAL FILIPINO HEROES OF TODAY! Mabuhay kayo!


By Tito N. Fiel, Orlando Dinoy
Inquirer Mindanao

ILIGAN CITY, Philippines—Actor Robin Padilla, who is an "ambassador for peace" of the United Nation’s Action on Conflict and Transformation for Peace, said he was willing to mediate in clan feuds in Mindanao, including in Maguindanao, but added that warlords should be disarmed first.

Padilla spoke before an Interfaith forum held at the Elena Hotel here Friday.

“I was asked if I was willing to go to Maguindanao. Seriously I am more than willing to go if my presence is needed there so that warring clans make peace with each other,” said the actor, a convert to Islam.

Padilla was referring to the clan war between the Ampatuans and the Mangudadatus.

On November 23, several Mangudadatu clan members, their supporters and at least 30 journalists were killed by a group of armed men allegedly led by Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. of Datu Unsay, Maguindanao.

At least 64 people are known to have been killed in the carnage based on the number of bodies found strewn about on a grassy field and buried in a mass grave in Maguindanao.

Padilla, who once served time for illegal possession of firearms, said peace was possible only if if nobody points a gun at anybody.

“The manifestation of peace is a gunless society,” he said in Filipino.

Padilla later told reporters he hoped “no efforts will be spared to prosecute those responsible for the Maguindanao carnage so that justice will be served to the families of the victims.”

Padilla said it was a shame that the incident took place when Mindanao was celebrating the Week of Peace.

“Warlords should be disarmed so that peace will reign,” he said.

Padilla also quoted a Koranic verse saying all people belong to one family and that there was no need to fight each other, when he called for unity among Mindanaoans.

In Digos City, Muslims also urged warring families to stop the violence, saying innocent civilians were always at the losing end.

Officials of the Davao del Sur Agama Islamic Center cited the Maguindanao carnage as one example of unarmed individuals being caught in conflicts.

Ibrahim Rimakuta, an official of the center, said the massacre was unspeakable and has to be condemned.

Alimun Dimapundog, another Muslim leader, said if only politicians learned to live by the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith (Prophet Muhammad’s teachings), there would be no violence.

He blamed hunger for power as the culprit in the Maguindanao massacre.



Written by BEN CAL

“The appointment of boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao as ‘ambassador for peace and understanding’ will greatly help the government’s peace process.”

This was the statement of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Avelino I. Razon Jr. after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Monday named Pacquiao as envoy for peace.

Razon said Pacquiao’s appointment was timely as the government is vigorously pursuing to resume the stalled peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the New People’s Army (NPA).

“It is my belief that Pacquiao, a boxing hero, can contribute greatly to the peace process, considering his popularity and influence to the Filipino people, including the rebels,” Razon said.

Peace talks with the NPA bogged down in 2004 after the United States tagged the NPA as a foreign terrorist organization.

On the other hand, negotiations with the MILF collapsed in August last year following the aborted signing of the controversial Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) which was declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

But Razon said the government will never give up on peace, saying that “Pacquiao will be an asset to the peace process,” Razon said.

The President named Pacquiao “as ambassador for peace and understanding” during his visit to Malacanang where he was given a hero’s welcome as the best “pound-for-pound” boxer in the world after he knocked out British champion Ricky Hatton in the second round in their title fight in Las Vegas last May 3.

During a victory party in Malacanang, the President congratulated Pacquiao for his outstanding performance in the ring arena that has brought honors to the entire Filipino people.



By Nina Catherine Calleja
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida arrived in the country on Wednesday night, somehow helping uplift the country’s mood soured by the slaughter of at least 57 people, including more than 20 journalists, in Maguindanao on Monday.

Beaming while holding the CNN plaque, Peñaflorida was welcomed by a hundred students and Dynamic Teen Co. (DTC) co-teachers, who screamed and waved Philippine flaglets upon seeing him.

They mobbed, hugged and kissed him, while chanting “Kuya Ef” and “Bayani!”

Reacting to the roaring crowd, a woman at the airport said, “Wow, it was pure joy!”

CNN honored him for starting a “pushcart classroom” to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang membership.

He created a program that brings books to children in slums and on the streets. His DTC has brought reading, writing and hygiene to 1,500 children.

Clad in T-shirt and jeans, Peñaflorida arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport via Northwest flight (NW281) at 11:25 p.m.
The 28-year-old native of Cavite City will be receiving the Order of Lakandula from President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Resolutions in the Senate and other provinces to honor his deeds have also been passed.

Unlike the hero’s welcome for boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, the CNN Hero said on Wednesday night that he was expecting ordinary days ahead except that he was scheduled to meet Ms Arroyo in Malacañang for a courtesy call.

“I will still push carts. Don’t think Kuya Ef has changed. I just represent all the selfless and hardworking Filipinos,” Peñaflorida said.

His mother Lucila said no feast would await him at home.

“We don’t have money. What Efren got from the award was not his,” Lucila said but she kept reiterating how proud she was of her son.

Lucila, who earns money from repacking fish crackers in the market, said that what the family earned was just enough for their daily needs.

“He knows that. And he might get mad at us if we prepare a lavish treat,” she said.

Peñaflorida said he would build a Center for Learning somewhere that would be accessible to street children.

He said 90 percent of the $125,000 cash prize he bagged from the CNN award would go to DTC for its expansion, while 10 percent would be donated to the Church. He received $100,000 for being named CNN Hero of the Year and $25,000 for earlier making it to the top 10 CNN Heroes.

“We are happy to say that the pushcart classrooms have been replicated in various places in Metro Manila, Bacolod, Zamboanga, and as far as Kenya and Indonesia,” Peñaflorida said.

He said the CNN award served as an inspiration for Filipinos with hearts for heroism. “We just need to open our eyes and hearts for those who need help the most,” he said.

A full-time teacher at the Palm Ridge School in Cavite, the CNN hero remains a bachelor with no girlfriend at 28 years old. “There were no sacrifices at all because this is a calling and I enjoy helping the kids,” he said.

Asked about his reaction to the massacre of civilians and journalists in Maguindanao, Peñaflorida said he was not aware of the killings while he was abroad until a CNN employee told him about it.

“A (staffer) of the CNN was the one who first told me. And I was really shocked and saddened,” he told the Inquirer.

An employee at the NAIA terminal said Peñaflorida’s arrival might change the country’s mood at least briefly.

On Friday, Penaflorida is expected to get a hero’s welcome in his home-province, Cavite.

Cavite Gov. Ayong Maliksi, who also welcomed Peñaflorida at the airport, said the provincial government would donate P1 million for Peñaflorida’s pushcart classrooms.

Maliksi has also offered Peñaflorida a job at the provincial capitol as consultant for education.





Manny Pacquiao won the fight at Round 12 but it was remarkable as well that Miguel Cotto survived and fought so well amidst the fact that he was less cheered as an UNDERDOG. He is a great fighter too far better than Pacman’s recent foes! Kudos to both fighters!

FYI. Z Gorres, a Filipino boxer as well won but he is now in a coma after his skull was opened due to injury after the fight. As we rejoice over the victory of Manny Pacquiao, let us put time to pray for Z GORRES. He is a Filipino Hero as well! He brought pride to the Philippines!

I have made a topic #ZGORRES at TWITTER where you can RT messages. You can check #PACQUIAO and #PACMANFTW. We are looking forward and praying hard for his immediate recovery as we celebrate the two victories for our two great fighters – GORRES and PACQUIAO! Kudos to all!




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You may start casting your vote to add a little excitement to the upcoming boxing event of 2009 . You may also use the data below for your reference.


Speaking One's Mind





It’s been quite awhile since I spoke about patriotism and somehow while checking friends at Facebook, I got strucked with a friend who just got her Australian citizenship! Well, I am happy for her since I have known her way back during our high school days and she deserves it after all! She’s been living and working in Australia for years now together with some of our classmates and getting a life out there is something that many of us willl surely be greatful to have.

Team FilipinasAlmost 3-5 years ago, I thought of leaving the country as well. I sent some Expressions of Interest to New Zealand and Australia  for the very reason that I have always believed that it is always greener elsewhere except here in the Philippines. We have witnessed both the best things and the worst things in this country and I am sure that it would be a great relief for anyone to be elsewhere especially in this time of hardship. So I cannot blame most of my classmates settling in other foreign lands and perhaps intending to live there for good.

I grew up with my father working abroad. Being young, I thought that working outside the country will make you rich – that is was indeed the key to financial heaven. My uncles and aunties went to live in London and some settled in California. Whenever they get to visit the Philippines, I cannot help but dream of having the same life as theirs. Who would not love the smell of “state-side” or the “reddish skin” without having to exert so much effort like having to apply too much astringent! Hehehe.

proudly_pinoy_logo_smallI worked so hard to have this dream. Soon, I found myself working in the IT sector and having the opportunity to travel abroad. The first time was really a very exciting experience. I almost wished of having to stay there. That was just my reaction anyway. Soon, I got used to being away from home and from the Philippines. I was so deeply buried on the fantasy that being in a foreigh land was the culmination of one’s hardships, dreams and ambitions until I felt that  something is missing… I felt that the glory is not complete.

I felt the state they called “HOMESICK”. At any rate, the realization came to me in small packages. First, I remember my family and all the relatives and friends. Second, I have seen the usual comparison that in the Philippines, whether you are employed or simple a bum, you will get to survive each day anyway unlike in other country where you need to work and work and work. I have seen how true that can be. More so, you have only yourself to depend on once you get into a crisis stage whereas being home in the Philippines, you have the entire family and even the clan and the neighborhood to support you. Those are just some personal thoughts I had way back then.

On a more high level thinking, I have realized that the country has been losing great talents and brilliant minds. If all of us would get to dream of living the country as soon as we get a degree, then someday, this country will merely be a vacation land or a nation with less citizens. While other nationalities would loved to retire here due to the low cost of living and the caring values of the Filipinos, we as professionals are seeking citizenships elsewhere.

philippinelogo2I wonder if the government can do something about this. If it’s all about career and remiuneration, I may say that anyone can find a 6-digit job here even at the age of 25 since I have some colleagues before who raked so much. Perhaps, it’s the social security system and the environment that drives people to seek greener pasture in other countries. It is just that I believe that if we want to have a better place in this country, we all have to work for it and that would entail professionals like us staying to make a difference. But that is a difficult proposition right now for all. Even as I write something about this, part of me still longs to move my family elsewhere.

I know that this summon may be futile but I do hope to see someday that every Filipino will be too proud to stay as Filipinos! It pains me to hear and see people rejoicing about having to receive a new citizenship but then again, we cannot blame them. They have worked hard for it and they have their own good reasons for such. I know that in this time of globalization, nationality is a concept that is not as strong as the times of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. I know that what matters to most of us is having a to provide better future to our loved ones and making it bigtime with regards to our careers. I cannot contest that objective.

At any rate, I do hope that each and everyone of us will get to consider as well that it is us that forms this nation and it is us who can make it better. No one can make a big difference in this country except us. Thus, please do consider that even if for the meantime you may want to settle elsewhere, you may include going back to the Philippines once in a while or as soon as you retire just to complete the country that has long been calling for your presence. Anyway, I have the same plans as well. Perhaps, I can use a decade or two in working and saving so I can invest and make a difference in my homeland but if opportunity is present here, the Philippines will always be my home and I will always be a Filipino… in my mind, in my heart and in my soul! This is me.

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