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http://biolectrics.com/wp-login.php I surely blogged about this several times way back and it pains me everytime to put effort and time just to understand why some folks would rather pick a more complex, more structured and more hierarchical approach than take a simple fix for a simple thing.

Be it work, personal or even in politics, we all wanted to be recognized. We all have this ultimate clamor to be heard and to be able to lead yet we do not even know how to listen and how to follow. It’s tough and sometimes, it eats up all your enthusiasm in an endeavor.

Having managed quite a few projects in the past few years, I have seen how groups struggle for a place on the top. Imagine a team of 7 further split into 3 subteams of 2 people each where one is a lead and the other is a member when it would have been more practical to just have one.

In politics, we have issues of basic social services not being delivered because politicians are busy climbing up for popularity and power. Even the government shutting down in the US is a result of political parties wanting to be on top of the game at the expense of their constituents!

I am not ranting. Well, maybe I am or maybe I’m just tired and sleepy. Besides, it’s 3:17AM! It’s #conjuring time! Hahaha! Anyway, we cannot simply have too many cooks and not spoil the broth. We cannot just let everybody rule the world and not have chaos! We need to put our acts together and that’s my two cents worth!