I was checking online since last night for a good business school where I could take my MBA. I initially got my eyes onto Ateneo Graduate School of Business and University of the Philippines until I decided to call Asian Institute of Management to inquire. Now, I am making a chart to compare all options.

With Ateneo Regis Program, I have to pay almost P20,000 per subject which gives the MBA program a price tag of P500,000 more or less for 15-30 months. For UP’s MBA, I was not able to check but I am sure that it is cheaper than the rest and also the farthest from work.

For AIM’s Executive MBA program, the regular program is priced at P700,000 for 18 months while the evening class is priced at P800,000 lasting to 21 months. I was actually expecting 7-digit figure for AIM but an average of P40,000 a month is not that bad if your aim is prestige and higher level of excellence.

I really wanted to work hard for an MBA degree but I am quite unsure if I can afford it. I am not even sure if I could get a sponsorship or a scholarship considering the number of people who are also in the same situation. Well, I can use our savings to fund it but getting a house or a new car would be more practical for now.

Anyway, I am still thinking. Who knows I could hit the lotto jackpot tonight… if I place a bet today! There is nothing wrong with dreaming big since some of them might happen anyway. I had most of my dreams turn into reality and so I really have a strong faith in myself and with God with regards to making things happen.

It’s just a matter of time though. I know that I can have that MBA suffix in my name soon along with PMP! I just need to work harder and perhaps save more money. The MBA programs are soon to start early next year for those 3 schools mentioned. I have to think a lot and make a decision soon. Time is gold! I have to make this dream a reality!


I was searching the BlackBerry App World this morning for a good mobile application that I could install just to add yet another reason why I should keep my BlackBerry Torch when I found one called “Bible”.

Well, I actually clicked next upon seeing it but something came to me that made me click the back button and install the mobile application. It must have been my religious background or perhaps guilt.

I paused for awhile as the software is being installed. The last time I read the Bible was in high school and that was more than a decade ago. The last time I went to a church was a month ago. I attended a wedding.

I live less than 50 steps from the church in our area. It’s just across the street in front of our building! Nonetheless, the last time I went to mass was a year ago or more though I pray before I sleep every night.

I realized that perhaps it was the Holy Spirit wanting me to get my Faith back into good shape. God used my love for technology and reading to put me back onto the right path as a Christian. Perhaps, it’s a sign!

If I can spend so much time exploring tech gadgets and walking the entire stretch of Gilmore Street, V-Mall and SM Cyberzone to window-shop for computer stuffs, I can surely allot an hour or more every Sunday for the Holy Mass.

With just a click of a button on my mobile phone which is always in my pocket and without even having to physically carry the actual hardcopy with me, I have no reason at all why I should not read the bestselling book of all time… The Bible!


Today is my Lucky Day!I was looking for a good date to officially start my new engagement and after spending time online; I found out that November 8, 2011 is indeed a lucky date to kick-off new things. Well, I am quite into superstitious stuffs so I always associate things with the moon, the starts and the planets. Hahaha.

Well, the day proves to be lucky for me because I have met wonderful people and I have had nice conversation as well regarding future opportunities. It was funny though that after 2 long years, I have seen a friend and a former colleague. I was abroad when the person left our company and since then, we didn’t talk.

Right now, I just reached home after a struggle with the heavy traffic. After work, I was too tired for a cup of coffee so I decided to just head home directly for dinner and early sleep. I am planning to go to bed at 9PM today to break a new record. I always sleep 4AM so I am hoping that in the days to come, this will change too.

Overall, I am happy. It seems that the prediction that today will be a lucky day for me is definitely true. Nonetheless, I expect that all days starting today will be the same. Right now, I am looking forward to a nice dinner with my wife and son. I have more time now with them which is what makes me even luckier! Thanks!


Be Thankful of What You Have

Last weekend, my wife bought 3 pairs of sandals from Havaianas in Boracay. I was not that happy because the only pair that fits my size has a less appealing design to me. Nonetheless, my wife bought the pair for me.

I was walking with my new pair of sandals this afternoon still thinking that I could have been happier if I got a blue one instead of red. While on my seat, I decided to check my Facebook account and I was humbled to see the photo above.

With guilt and shame, I then told myself… buy gabapentin usa Be thankful of what you have.


I really had a nice long weekend in Boracay with my family and I may say that the experience is definitely priceless. Although we have travelled to so many places already both local and abroad, this vacation has given us more time to focus on each other and try new things in terms of adventure.

I took some photos of our recent trip to the famous Boracay Island. Although I am not a professional photographer to have taken nice shots, I think the memory behind each photo matters more than the quality of the images. Anyway, I hope you guys will get to like them and may the photos take you to Boracay… with love!

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LeechI have always hated leeches – both the worm and the person They stick with you as they suck your blood until such time that they are able to suit their needs. Similar to the worm, some people does the same thing and I just hate it!

Nonetheless, there are leeches that are beneficial like those used by doctors in removing blood clot from patients. Well, human leeches are useful too because without them, we would not learn how to cope up with them. Right?`


Frozen LakeI am happy right now. I have a very good future ahead of me. I have a good career, a happy marriage and a wonderful child. Having said so, I am weighing things now onto whether to stay in the Philippines, enjoy the growth that I am having as an individual or venture in a foreign land and start all over again from scratch.

Nowadays, it seems that you are deemed successful when people get to see you living abroad regardless of your job, your living status and your personal growth as a person. Seeing photos of someone with snow in the background keeps us all wishing we were in their place. Often, we would sacrifice everything just to see snow.

I was fortunate to have been given the chance to see much of the world prior and I have seen the struggle of being a 2nd class citizen. It’s hard. I want my wife and son to experience life abroad too but I have always dream of growing my family in the land where I was born. Except for bad politics and corruption, I love the Philippines.

Second Class CitizenWell, it’s true that you can buy a house, a car and have good clothes in a short span of time living abroad that you cannot do in the Philippines even if you work day and night until retirement. But then again, happiness and satisfaction is relative. More so, if you can do the same in the Philippines, what’s all the need?

Anyway, I cannot decide overnight. My exploration around the world is still ongoing and perhaps soon enough I would be able to decide whether to relocate or not. As I said, I have a very good future ahead of me right now and I am sure that I cannot set that aside right now to drive a truck or wash dishes just to see snow!

I do not intend to offend people but I think that the measurement of one’s success is not about being able to live abroad per se but being able to live a decent life where you are given equal opportunity to practice your profession and grow yourself further. As for me, I might relocate with the family but we’re not in a hurry right now!

Besides, only fools rush in!


My Wife and ITo my loving wife;

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary!!! We survived and we are surviving day by day. Amidst all the tests of time, we are still together. Although it did not rain flowers every day, we were happy most of the time. We were blessed!

We may have lost the habit of holding hands in public but we kept holding on through the years and it’s what matters the most. We have achieved a lot in our ongoing journey and I am so much happier each day being with you… and Rap!

I love you very much. 🙂

Your loving husband for life,




Last weekend, my wife and I went home in Subic Bay Freeport Zone due to my brother-in-law’s request to tour his wife to the former US naval base. My other sister-in-law went along with us too so it was more or less a reunion for my wife with his siblings except for one who is still in their province in Mindanao.


Since we were off to Boracay for the long weekend this coming holiday, it was a good idea to go home on my part so I can advance my visit to my grandparents’ tombs in Pampanga, offer prayers and light candles. I was originally planning to use the entire weekend to help out in the cleaning and painting of the tombs though.

USS Essex Speaking One's Mind

So we left Manila in the morning and arrived in Olongapo after lunch. My parents prepared a good meal for us before they left for a usual weekend in our home in Pampanga. We spent a few hours idling around. I had to fix a flat tire too so we decided to start the tour in the evening.

DSC_0983Anyway, my parents told us that there is a huge US naval vessel docked at the port with 3 other ships escorting it. Thus, we hurriedly went there as soon as we decided to go out and start our joy ride. Nearing the port, we saw several US service men walking around. As usual, there were taxi drivers and girls offering their “services”. Well, it’s a usual scenario anyway.

Seeing the huge Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, we were astonished. It is the very same ship featured in the PC Games – Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3. There were huge transport helicopters, attack choppers and jump jets on it. There were 2 smaller transport ships carrying a Humvee and amphibians too plus 3 huge vessels docked at the same time. I have seen many US naval ships before in Subic yet I am really fascinated! I thought it was the bigger super carrier USS Kitty Hawk though.

USS EssexThe following day, we went to the port once again to check the ship. We only knew it by the tag in its hull – LHD-2. With the use of my phone and Google, I learned that the ship docked was indeed the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2) accompanied by the amphibious dock landing ship USS Germantown (LSD-42) and the amphibious transport dock ship USS Denver (LPD-9) visiting the country for a regular joint military exercise with the Armed Forces of the Philippines via Visiting Forces Agreement.

Anyway, I wonder when the Philippines will get to have one!


I was having a serious talk with my son recently when I asked him whether he will take care of us when we’re too old already to provide for him. Well, he instantly narrated his plans for us. I asked him if he intends to let us live with him supposed that his wife would not be open to the idea of having old people live with them. Well, he told me that his wife could always leave the house and he won’t even care.

I laugh for awhile but then I realized that my son was indeed serious. He has always been consistent when it comes to taking care of us. I still call him “my baby” though and it seems that treating him as one has made him so attached to us as our child amidst adolescence. Alongside, we are teaching him independence but still, I would want him to grow old knowing that he’s our baby and we are mom and dad!

I Love My ParentsYou reap what you sow. From birth, we have reared our son to have a strong bond with us. Besides, he is our one and only child and we have nothing in this life but our son as our trophy. Although I will not require him to compromise his personal happiness just to take care of us when we age, I was more than happy to hear that at a young age, he was firm on his belief that blood is thicker than water.

How many children nowadays who would finish school because of their parents sacrifices and hard work yet they do not even think of getting back to their parents to assist them in their needs. There are individuals who would eventually get good jobs in good companies and afford the best things in life yet they have parents who are still working like bees supporting their remaining children who are still in school.

As a first born, I have my own shortcomings but I have always shared my blessings with my parents. My siblings grew up the same as my son did. They all have high regards to parents. I have a sister though married has always been supportive to my parents’ needs. She has been supporting the schooling of my other siblings too while other people would rather think about securing their future by having huge savings.

I am not able to do the same deed as my sister but I know that given the chance and resources, I would do the same. The point here is not to put emphasis on my action or that of my sister or my son’s. I want to express my concern with regards to kids growing up and forgetting where they came from. I want to make sure that someday, there would always be kids going back to their parents to take care of them.

I believe that a successful individual knows how to go back to his roots. Regardless of your title and degree or whether you are the best doctor in town, the top lawyer of the country or the highest politician of the land, you are nothing if not for your parents. You are nothing if you do not know how to take care of your own. Although parents will not require you to do so, you have to love and take care of them!

Amidst age, remember mom and dad!