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20111219-000757.jpgI just came home from a short visit in my birthplace. It has been a practice for me to visit my parents and siblings a day before my birthday. I arrived Manila with barely 5 minutes left on my watch and I still have to wait for the elevator. I always wanted to be home when the clock strikes midnight! I have to be home on my day and it’s always a must!

We’ll, indeed I am still the same old fool who loves rushing in. Fortunately, I always make it so it’s fine! I am home right now and doing the thing I love most which is writing this blog article. Though, I am quite not in the mood, I am still happy that I just turned a year older. Well, age is just a number and being young is an attitude! Right KC? Lol!

Unlike 2 years ago where I was really surprised indeed by my parents and siblings organizing a big party for me, it’s quieter this time. My mother and sister prepared Pinoy-style spaghetti with sweet sauce as how I wanted it plus my favorite kare-kare, a dish often served whenever I come home from Manila during my college days.

Being with my family a day before my birthday is something special for me. I got ice cream for everyone and my father got us the classic “balut”. An aunt who recently arrived from London dropped by and greeted me and so does my mother-in-law via phone call. I got a call too from an uncle in the UK as an advanced greeting. I met my other uncles too!

Nonetheless, I missed having a haircut with my good old barber – Mang Mar! I missed cooking instant “Pancit Canton” too but I had sweet spaghetti when the clock stroked midnight. I guess I deserve an upgrade from instant noodles to pasta! Hahaha! Last year, I had a special celebration too with my friends in Sydney. I got a treat as well from Philippine Airlines through a free seat upgrade while on a flight from Sydney to Manila on my birthday.  Well, I am missing all the pampering though.

Anyway, I have yet to receive my greetings from my son and I am not sure if my wife has something special for me. We were all tired from travelling. Perhaps, it’s a surprise that I have to wait and see but I have something special for myself – I am attending the “Simbang Gabi” later for a change! At the end of the day, I have to give thanks to God for all the blessings he gave me for the past year – for the good health, good career, good marriage and good life.

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend especially for Sunday! We were able to visit my wife’s nephew too which is something that we wanted to do for a long time. Although I missed doing some stuffs as mentioned above and I was really upset a while ago with my phone dropping hard on the pavement as I was getting out of the car, I guess I have to be happy after all! For my scratched phone, it’s probably a sign that I should treat myself anew and get a new one with “voice command”! Hehehe! Besides, it’s my day!!!


This morning, I had a conversation with my lady friend about her daughter who happens to be my godchild. Just recently, one of her two nannies reported that her 2 years old daughter was being physically abused by the other in a way as what we normally see on TV. Well, she cited some examples. Since the child was quite hard to feed, the nanny would force a spoon to her mouth to push the food in. She would then shake the spoon upward and sideways while inside the child’s mouth as a warning or a punishment perhaps.

Often, the poor kid would cry or throw-up and food would fall on the floor as a result of the pain. She would then force the child to eat whatever has been thrown-up. Afterwards, she would then drag her along through her hair to the restroom and clean her up by submerging her face to the toilet bowl first. At times when the kid would helplessly urinate on the floor, the said nanny would use the wet underwear to wipe the urine on the floor and forcefully rub the cloth to the poor baby’s face as a punishment. There was an instance as well where she intentionally let the kid burn her fingers with a flat iron.

On several times, the kid was seen with broken lips and some bruises but the nanny blames it to the child’s playfulness though the injuries were inflicted from strong blows and punches. To avoid being questioned, she would create stories to hide her wrongdoings or hurt the kid in ways where it will be hard to spot bruises or marks like pulling her hair or knocking and punching her head. The child was way too young to report to her parents and the nanny was said to have been teaching the kid what to say.

The other nanny who has been witnessing the said abuses remains silent but she could not bear it anymore. The kid recently sustained an open cut to her lips due to physical abuses so the other nanny decided to tell the parents what is happening. When confronted, the nanny admitted to her wrongdoings. The couple then immediately asked the abusive nanny to leave and reported the incident to the nearest police station. They could have had her arrested but because the parents were shocked too, their decisions and actions came fast as well. It was indeed a disturbing story and I could only imagine how traumatic it has been for the parents especially for my godchild.

My friend and her husband are now preparing to file a formal complaint with the PNP and since the culprit is at large, I am sending this message as a warning. The abusive nanny was said to have been befriending security guards same as the notorious Poison Ivy. In her tenure with my friend, she was reported to have been seen taking in a security guard inside the house and there they would do intimate acts right in the presence of the child. Thus, the parents now know why the child knows how to say “lips to lips” and “dede” at a very young age. This lady has the habit as well of taking co-nannies and other house-helpers inside while the couples are away. She would let them eat and hang-out which in itself is already an abuse.

Same as what I told my friend after our discussion, you have to check your kids always upon arriving home from work – from head to toes! Although I am sure that she does that every day, some things are quite hard to see so you need to also communicate always with your children with regards to how they are being treated when you are not around. If they are too young to report to you, equip your place with cheap yet effective surveillance camera if you can afford it especially if you are leaving your kids at home alone with nannies that you don’t know much about. People are very much different these days. It’s really hard to find someone whom you can trust and it’s even harder to keep them. You also have to make sure to screen the people you hire especially if they are to take care of your loved ones!

This abusive nanny whose name is Vanessa Somido Sebastian or Vanessa Sebastian from Gatchitorena, Camarines Sur in Bicol will find her own karma one way or another. So again…

Beware of Monster Yaya!!!


It’s the first time in my corporate life that I have seen a very simple yet a very touching farewell gesture to a departing colleague. Today, one of my officemate is leaving to relocate in the US. She is set to join her husband who is in the military service. She has been with the company long enoug that her colleagues have already developed strong friendship with her. What could have been a simple lunch for all employees turned out as a small yet very special farewell party for her. Everybody sang, played games, gave her a gift and exchanged stories and farewell messages.

Well, maybe it turned out organized and emotional because most of my officemates were ladies. In the old days, we men would just organize a drinking party whenever someone leaves the company. So for me, this is the first time I have seen such a touching send-off. I barely know her but perhaps they are truly right about her being one of the friendliest people around. She is even called “chairman” not just because of her surname but perhaps because of her traits! Anyway, I am thankful for having worked with her even for a short period of time.

Well, I guess, goodbyes are something we all have to be prepared for.

Goodbye Kristine… Goodbye Chairman!!!


Actually, I just borrowed the title from Lady Gaga’s song – Born This Way. I should have used the title of the song itself for this blog article but I prefer something longer. Well, I just want to express my happiness that indeed I am doing fine and I am taking the right path this time. I want so many things for now and I am sure that I will be able to achieve them all by maintaining the right direction and also the right attitude.

This is nothing new to me. I am a purpose-driven person. I always set a goal and no matter what happens, I see to it that I get to achieve it. Even at work, I make things happen even when people doubt that it would even be doable. I push things and I push harder to put reality on every dream. I am a path-finder. I have taken most of the roads even the ones less taken and I have always made it to my destination.

Today, I take another journey towards maturity. 17 days from now and I will be a year older than my wife. I am taking a great leap and I intend to make it so. I am pushing for higher learning in preparation for bigger and better things ahead. I was born to be stubborn and strong-willed. I was born to succeed. Although being on the right track does not mean you are heading to the right direction, I know that I am.

Thus, I can say…

I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way!


I just made a very difficult decision today. I have turned down something that I really would want to pursue. It could have further strengthened my direction onto getting into a higher level of maturity in terms of responsibilities. Nonetheless, I still value loyalty and I have always believed that it pays to be patient though I am aggressive deep inside. I’m going for a status quo for now.

If I were to follow my intuition, I would have preferred taking the chance to do bigger things but there are other factors to consider and professionalism always merits primacy. Perhaps, the road I am taking right now will lead me there too at some point in time. It’s a tough decision but if it’s indeed for me, nothing is impossible. I am happy either way and I know that I am on the right path.

Anyway, if my phone rings, it’s for me!



I was looking back awhile ago on what I have learned for the past 11 months now that it’s the first day of the last month of the year. In a few more days, 2011 is over and I should be wiser! Well, I realized that I have gained two important lessons in life and that is learning how to climb up the mountain and remembering how to safely descend back for home.

It might be metaphorical to some but it’s actually literal Not knowing how to climb is a failure in itself but being able to climb the peak without knowing how to go down and head back home is a disaster. I won’t expound further but I guess that the learning is clear. I reached the summit and I came home safely, happy and thankful. It may be a cycle but it should always be like that!

Tomorrow as I climb yet another peak, the excitement of reaching the summit is great but the excitement of reaching home after for the family is always greater. No amount of success should be able to blind you from where you came from. You have to remember your roots! You can be great, wealthy and famous but you have to always find your way back home…

At the end of the day.


ASAP is SAP’s solution to effective project implementation and management. ASAP stands for Accelerated SAP. The word “Accelerated” refers to the many so called “Accelerators” ( Tools & Information ) available in SAP to expedite the implementation of SAP in an enterprise. So, simply put , ASAP is a methodology or a step-by-step approach used to effectively and efficiently implement SAP.

ASAP is divided into 5 major phases as follows:

1. Project Preparation
2. Business Blueprint
3. Realization
4. Final Preparation
5. Go Live and Support

Below are the common tasks or activities covered for every phase:

Project Preparation
1. Initial project Planning, scoping and goal setting
2. Implementation strategy
3. Team formation
4. Project Kickoff
5. Training

Business Blueprint
1. Refining goals and objectives
2. Requirement gathering
3. As-Is & To-Be documentation
4. Gaps Analysis
5. Documentation

1. Business Process Requirement implementation based on defined blueprint
2. Baseline configuration and confirmation
3. Integration configuration
4. System management
5. Final configuration and confirmation
6. Development of program interfaces

Final Preparation
1. Unit testing
2. Integration Testing
3. User training
4. System management
5. Cutover

Go Live and Support
1. Migration to production environment
2. Support
3. Monitoring
4. Performance optimization

There are 3 key tools used in ASAP:

– SAP Solution Composer
Solution Composer is the core tool of the ASAP implementation methodology. It provides a way to map and maintain the key business processes in an enterprise. It is a windows installable that basically provides a graphical view of the solution maps

– ASAP Roadmaps
ASAP roadmaps are the heart of the ASAP implementation methodology. Solution composer is just a graphical tool used to create, maintain and manage ASAP ( and other ) roadmaps. The standard SAP provided roadmaps can be viewed either in Solution Composer or in plain HTML format.

– SAP Solution Manager
Sol Man is used in this phase primarily to materialize and store the roadmaps designed. The tools inside solman that are used in this phase are the Question and Answers database , BPML, and document storage.

ASAP methodology gives the project managers the requisite technology and management roadmap to implement an SAP project following global standards and well acknowledged strategies. This approach also greatly reduces the risk and improves project timelines by giving the project manager tools to monitor and maintain metrics necessary for a successful implementation. Team members should be conversant with the general implementation roadmap as well as the specific accelerators that should be used to speed up the implementation.

In summary, a successful and accelerated SAP implementation is what Accelerated SAP or ASAP methodology is all about.



Modern technology is very useful these days in our cause to save the environment. Well, I was actually downloading my daily newspaper on my tablet this morning when I realized that downloading electronic newspaper saves us from cutting down our forests for paper! Actually, even kids know that!

Although making publications go digital is something that the labor sector might hate for awhile due to the possible loss of jobs in the print industry, I still believe that this will be beneficial to all of us in the long run. Saving the environment is something that we all must do. Besides, we can always find a job but we can never find a new planet!