AAPK SAP Go-LiveIt’s done! For 90 Man Days from Project Kick-off to Go-Live, we were able to implement SAP in one of our locations abroad amidst such an aggressive timeline while experimenting with an engagement and methodology that is too new to work perfectly.

May 9 is indeed a good date and 9 is my lucky number! The Project Team really did well. Although we could have done it better and faster, I am happy for setting up a new benchmark on how things are done through collaborative effort.

For the past years, I had almost 50 projects across the globe and this one was challenging because we had to put 3 teams to work as one in 3 countries operating in 3 time zones employing almost 3 methodologies! It was indeed a terrible headache! 

Nonetheless, it’s my job to ensure that we hit the goal based on scope, budget and timeline amidst all obstacles and I am proud that the team made it!



My wife got a big surprise today. My boss from Ireland has sent her flowers. I was surprised as well. For the past months, I have been working late because of a pilot project that we had to push so hard for its aggressive timeline. As a result, I have been skipping dinners with my wife and son and often it would include breakfast and weekends too. I work a lot because the team I am working with works harder.

Trying to reach out, my boss has shown his way of how to motivate people and stress the fact that managers are not just concerned about delivery but they care too about the welfare of their down-lines. Prior to this, he gave me a free dinner with my family and mother-in-law because I missed one due to a call that I had to take while having a family dine-out. Well, most of my colleagues are working long hours as well.

Although I do not expect such gesture to happen every time I do extra effort at work, I greatly appreciate the act and I am indeed happy to have a boss who cares. People Management is not just about pushing people to their limits to deliver. It comes with the responsibility of growing individuals. I have had good bosses in the past or I may say that all of my past bosses were good but I think that things get better by time.

Thanks Boss!


You Pay Peanuts You Get MonkeysThe funny thing about working with vendors is that sometimes they can play with words so well that you end up taking all the pricey offers from them without having to even realize the value of each. It’s even tricky for people who are just new to this type of partnership because vendors can easily reverse the idea of "The Customer is King" to "The Vendor Knows Best".

I remember when I first bought my Apple iPhone 3GS, it took me a month to review all its specifications and read feedbacks from those who got the product. I am a type of consumer who make sure that I get what I pay for. When I got my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, I spent more time doing my research because of so many alternative smartphones and tablet PCs in the market.

There is a saying that says "if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". I hate to even use this because sometimes you can get a good product or a good service cheaper than the leading brand. In the 15 years that I was exposed to the IT industry, this is the only time I have seen a big name not meeting its brand reputation in terms of quality service and competency.

I am not naming names but I do hope that in due time, this vendor will get to realize that overselling is not the way to go especially for a client who is paying twice the normal amount that it should to do a regular implementation project. Unlike first-time clients, we have done similar projects on our own in the past that we are able to gauge performance and quality.

Perhaps, it is wrong for us to expect too much or perhaps the amount we are to pay is just a peanut to them. Maybe. At the end of the day, peanut or gold, clients deserve quality resource, quality products and quality service. I am not trying to find fault or single out someone, I am talking in general. Although it may be valid at times to state that the vendor knows best, still…

order generic Lyrica The Customer is King!


This morning, we had this once in a blue moon opportunity to have our CEO and the rest of the management team in our office for a short visit. Two hours was indeed a very short one but we were able to maximize it. It was such an honor to be with them! We even had a group photo afterwards. The only thing that I regret not doing was raising my hand on time so I could have had the chance to ask a question that I had to put up a day before!
In my failure to speak my mind, I was indeed restless since the time our CEO left the office to visit another site abroad and even until now as I write this blog entry. I was even rehearsing as I was listening to our CEO’s speech prior to the Q&A portion because I thought I was to be called soon to ask my question. Due to tight schedule, my colleague had to signal the end of the Q&A. It was a dead end! 
Upon seeing that I am running out of opportunity to ask, I thought of raising my hand to volunteer. But even before I was about to do that, our CEO started giving his closing remarks by thanking us all. My nervous heart suddenly stopped beating. The feeling was worse than missing a flight home. I wasted my chance to ask our CEO something that I really wanted to know.
We have had discussions and several good questions focused on growth which is really impressive. We have covered safety as well which is our top priority. What I missed and wanted to ask is more about our company’s view on corporate social responsibility or simply social development. We never had a discussion about it nor had people asking the same so I could have raised something different. Tsk.
Our mission statement is three-fold – feeding the world, protecting health and providing the conveniences of life. We develop products so the world can produce food. We provide the right chemistry to keep us healthy and we offer various solutions and technologies to make life easier and convenient. . It’s a statement describing “why we exist” as a company aside from doing plain business.
My question was more about the people and the company as a whole in relation to social development. How are we doing so far in terms of corporate social responsibility in a global perspective? How are we feeding the world with regards to the issue of world hunger? Where are we now with regards to giving back something to the world? I really want to know the answer and perhaps, I may need to wait for that blue moon to come again!
So why am I so eager to ask my question? Well, the answer is simple! With huge growth comes great responsibility… and I want to be a part of that growth and share with the responsibilities! Cheers! 



To the individual who made and published this photo over the web, what’s up? If you got the skills and talent for photography and photo-editing, why not use it to your own good without having to trespass other people’s rights?

Same as what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker…

With great power comes great responsibility.

More so, whether this photo is real or manipulated is none of our business. We have judged so many people already based on things posted online. What we need to do now is to be responsible and respectful. No more. No less!


My Travels

Wow! I have flown around the world for almost 9 times now without me even knowing it. At 31 years old, I have covered 31 trips abroad in 21 countries. I still have more on my travel list and I wish to see more countries before I get to retire 34 years from now. I will be 65 years old then and busy writing my own books and hopefully managing my own empire! Cheers!


My current project’s timeline might be too aggressive yet I always believe that anything is doable as long as we work hard to make it happen. I have done more complex projects in the past and I was able to deliver successfully amidst challenges. As I always say whenever I get to introduce myself, I make things happen regardless of silos. There is no other attitude for me than being positive and staying positive. If not, it’s not me!

The title of this blog article speaks for itself. Life is how we see it – it can be half full or half empty. We can be half full and stay positive on things though faced with uncertainties or we see life half empty and whine about the hardships we encounter without exhausting all means to reverse the scenario. Regardless of our choice, we will always have something to fill-in. At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective!


Regardless of whether the same catch phrase was used in the 50s in Switzerland or not, we should all be supportive of the government’s new brand campaign for Philippines. I believe that we all should be proud in promoting our country as a nation not as modern nor developed as its neighbors but has more fun to offer… with its rich culture, vast biodiversity and very hospitable people!