Milo Best 1It’s Saturday. April 4, 2009. I have set off my entire team to travel to their provinces since we have been allowed to work from home under a special window granted only to our team after series of talks. This directive was to give them enough time to travel and set up their home office so work can be rendered remotely for the entire holy week until the 13th of March.

The setup will ensure that each and every one of us are able to render work and are allowed at least to be with their families during the long vacation. I also wanted them to have at least the entire break to refresh and have a little relaxation which I know they truly deserve.

Thus, I have to cover some or the entire 48-hour shift as they travel. It’s fine for me. I have been covering the said rotational shift plus the regular Saturday shifts for almost 2 years now anyway. Hehehe. The fatigue and work itself is not a challenge but the time that I have to manage to ensure that I have enough left for my family.

Today is my 9-year old son’s second session for his MILO BEST Summer Sports Clinic (B.E.S.T. for Basketball Efficiency  Scientific Training) at Xavier School in Greenhills, Mandaluyong City. We usually would enroll him every summer for a sports class. He already took taekwondo and swimming and he’s really good with the latter.

Milo Best 2Last week, I was not able to make it on the 1st day of his MILO BEST class because I was at work. I did not even make it on his Recognition Day which was held a day prior due to a scheduled meeting with our CEO which did not push through. My son is a consistent Top 1 of his class and an honor student.

Today, I intended to ensure that I will make it. I wanted to spend my day today as a father although I am still on-call for work. My son wanted to learn and play basketball. I also wanted him to learn and play the sport that I never got to learn and play good at. I wanted him to do what others can freely do and that I cannot.

I avoided playing basketball when I was young because my classmates then would bully at me throwing the ball in my face that I couldn’t even catch it due to poor eye sight. As a result, I would end up with my nose bleeding or with a black eye. I wore a pair of huge eye glasses then.

All was okay for me but what did not make me happy was the fact that I was tough with everything from academics, arts to writing and other sports except basketball. I was a laughing stock. I entered track-and-field, volleyball and even football where I was into the high school varsity but not with basketball.

The only ball game I was so great that I was a champion for 4 years in singes and doubles was SCRABBLE. Well, at least it sounds like a ball game. Hehehe. Anyway, everyone in the family plays the ball so well. My son’s cousin can even play it so well at 8 years old. My youngest brother also plays for his school. He is being trained by my father who used to play basketball with some leagues in our town.

Mile Best 3Thus, I wanted my son not to be like me in a way. So, we left before lunch at home as I carried my laptop and fully-charged my mobile phones. I got my son’s basketball and my wife led him to the parking lot at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong where I usually park on Saturdays.

We travelled like 2-3 kilometers bringing all our stuffs plus my mobile office. It was a lucky day for us because there was no traffic at all and we were there way ahead. My son got his Gilbert Arenas’ Adidas shoes and a pair of Nike shorts and shirt which I got for PhP 2,500 at a Nike Store in Greenhills Shopping Center instantly resulting to my wife’s famous “tiger look”. Hehehe.

She’s a “SURF’s WAIS” lady like Lumen who would fight for a PhP 1 discount and would even spend 2 liters of fuel driving extra kilometers looking for a BDO ATM because she don’t want to be charged PhP 10 with other banks’ ATM. Hehehe. Well, anyway, I can write a different blog entry about her next time. Hahaha. 

I am usually O.C. (Obsessive Compulsive) with brands. If his shoes were Adidas, everything should be Adidas! Well, we couldn’t find the size for my son with Adidas so we had to rush to Nike Store only to find out that we can actually get it cheaper at Shoppesville for like maximum of 500 for the entire set! Hmp. I told you, I am innocent with anything about the sport. Hahaha.

Milo Best 4At lunch time, we were already at the gym of Xavier School. Kids on their MILO BEST shirts were all around playing as parents were getting their own seats to watch. My son was quite hesitant as he sat on my lap like a baby that he is for us. He was perhaps missing the self-confidence that his dad has so much in surplus. Hahaha.

From 1Pm to 4PM, my wife and I were at the gym watching my son and the other kids do various drills with their coaches. Nicanor Jorge or Coach Nic was also at the premises guiding the MILO BEST CENTER’s coaching team being the founder of the famous basketball clinic in 1979 which has been the benchmark for basketball training in the country for 30 years now.

There were moments of laughter for all of us as we see kids do some bloopers and blunders. There were children who were so small that no one would think they can even carry a 9 lbs. ball but to one’s amazement, they surely can dribble the ball with mastery. They love the game indeed and they are gearing to learn to play it. It was an affair to remember. 

Milo Best 5I got no calls and the on-going transition plan for all the servers we had in Denmark seem to be seamless that I was able to finish my son’s basketball class undisturbed! I have seen some parents both dads and moms as well who were there for the entire 3-hours class. Some were on their phones perhaps talking about work while some were there to simply watch their kids.

I have seen parents who seem to be executives in their work and some who seem to look busy for the weekend but then again they were all there for their kids. This observation made me realize that at the end of the day, we need to pause from work and put a day out for our loved ones whether for our kids or for our wives.

I have felt once again the joy of being a father and a husband that I long forgotten because I was made to think that I was born to work and work and work for a living. The focus on career-building has somehow deprived me of time to focus on home-building. Once again, a simple event like attending my son’s MILO BEST class made me realize that amidst all….>

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orlistat uk NOTE:

I have just recently received a “chain” email from my brother-in-law and I thought of sharing it as somehow it may be relevant and useful for summoning people to be more cautious. FOR TAXI RIDERS IN MANILA… PLEASE BEWARE!

Just to give you a warning, avoid riding cabs with names like Wallis, Romcat & Lucky8. All these taxis are owned by just one family and most of its drivers are muggers, rapists or simply swindlers. According to the driver who is the source of this information, he used to work for the said company but lasted for only 2 days since he couldn’t bear the idea of “manggagantso”.

He said there is no single unit of this company that doesn’t cheat. Each and every car that they own has “batingting” that is used to manipulate the taxi meter. Further, the driver also informed that the owners hire anyone even if the person has a criminal record.

As a matter of fact, the owners are fully aware of their drivers’ misconduct yet they turn a blindeye on it coz what matters most to them is the boundary of their drivers that’s to be given to them at the end of the day.

He also said that prior to leaving, he found out that one of his co-drivers mugged his passenger and even touched her private parts. When the passenger filed a legal complaint about it, naturally the driver got apprehended but was released because of bail.

Immediately the next day, the very same criminal was hired back by their company and was out driving his unit again. He said you will be able to recognize the taxi units of this company even at night since their taxi logos on top of their roof have a unique lighting. Instead of the usual yellow light on the “taxi” sign, theirs are red.

Prior to writing this, there was a research about the taxi company and it was found out that they have been featured in one of the shows in GMA-7 (Imbestigador). Indeed they have proven that the drivers of this company are swindlers and muggers.

If you care about your family, friends, co-workers, classmates and other people close to you, pass this information along. We can never tell who their next victim is.



Courtesy of Wilson Jeruz

I left so early this morning from home as I wanted to be at the office early. I bathe and dressed up as soon as I woke up at 5AM skipping my breakfast. I never even got to have a glass of water. I was in hurry to avoid the morning traffic. Anyway, I have a free donut and a cup of coffee to claim! Hehehe.

I got to the office and I had this short meeting with a lady boss as she was leaving for India for the long vacation. The mood was sound and friendly. She was trying to settle some issues with me but I appealed for more time as I cannot decide on the said topics in just an hour. She has to catch a flight by lunch time.

The team on the other hand is all waiting for me. They are waiting for the much awaited payouts and they are waiting for me so we can avail of the free donuts and coffee I have asked them to sign up for through this blog. Hahaha. I actually invited all my officemates to avail of the said freebies plus the fact that I have sent the same link and instruction to all my contacts in each of my email accounts like a spammer.

Hmmm. I wonder if I get 100 to 500 people in Makati City, the Philippines’ Financial District, to sign up for the said offering, would it not spell bankruptcy for Krispy Kreme for all the hundreds of donuts and coffee that they have to serve for free. Hahaha. Anyway, I am making them famous though they already are.

I arrived last at the Ayala Store of Krispy Kreme. I had to chat with some friends and read some emails. When my colleagues sent me an SMS saying that they are already seated there and eating, I rushed there walking and running. Literally. For the first time, I was made to walk a little farther as I have been missing some good exercise lately. I arrived with people whom some I know and some that I don’t queuing for their claims. I was quite feeing all the guilt.

I saw my officemates seated and laughing around. Just to get rid of the guilt, I bought with me a dozen of assorted doughnuts so somehow the store can get to sell and earn as most people are there for their free snacks. Hahaha. It was fun. Like them, I would love to have something for free. Hehehe. Besides, it is also fun to spend some time with colleagues eating a donut and sipping a cup of coffee plus the CHIZMAX SESSION. Hahaha.

If only all food chains will get to do the same every day, this could somehow help us to cope up with the global financial crisis. Hehehe. I am sure that the promotion and marketing done by Krispy Kreme will somehow serve its purpose of further putting their business in a good position. Nice move!

Aside from this… I was able to generate a little traffic on my blog site by featuring the said promotion from Krispy Kreme. Hehehe. This somehow motivated me to write more and to look for other freebies and offerings to share aside from my quest for good, relevant and interesting topics to write about. Cheers! 




Two lessons I have learned from this movie which I happen to have watched last night with my wife and son on our way to bed.

1. The planet is not ours. Thus, we do not have the very right to destroy it.

2. The end may not be due alien invasion but by man’s own wrongdoings. This planet will surely pay us back commensurate to the amount of damage we are doing to it.

3. People do “evolve” and change… but only at the “brink” of destruction and at the very last minute because are stubborn, unwilling and unchanging by nature.


crossroadI was chatting awhile ago with an indian friend and a fellow blogger about his career plans. It seems he have read my blog entry yesterday and he has realized the same for himself.

I do not want to influence people to take a path that is not for them or atleast confuse and misguide them. I want them to decide rather for themselves based on their own needs, wants and purpose.

Decisions such as those related to careers are made not just because we wanted to join the band wagon. They are made because we have to and we feel that we have to take a path that would suit our dreams and aspirations.

It was a tough question. Instead, I gave him this famous question used as an ad by Microsoft as they launched Windows 95. I asked him… Where do you want to go today… and all the rest of the days to come?

I may not have answered him directly but I know that his answer to that question will be enough to put him on the right direction… the path towards happiness and success!





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I was reading the dailies this morning and I came across this article where criticisms are being thrown to an incumbent governor who also happens to be a priest and is now being talked about for his plans of running as a candidate for presidency in the Philippines this coming 2010 election.

All of his major sponsors and supporters who backed him up with funding during his campaign against a known and wealthy lady candidate Lilia Pineda and with the former young governor son of Senator Lito Lapid, Mark Lapid. He won amidst the odds and protests because the people then wanted change.

Since then, he has led the province of Pampanga in a cleansing drive where corruption and moral issues was his priority. He fought but then like a soldier, he was being wounded left and right by attacks. People who used to support him deserted him. Perhaps, he was too straight that people expecting favors from him forgot to realize that they cannot play with him. Thus, they saw their support being futile for them to benefit.

I am so much disappointed. I am a KAPAMPANGAN and I have always been proud PAMPANGA as my home province. We are strong and self-sufficient. We have shown the world many times that no one can turn us down. We have risen from the ashes and we have stood the test of time. I have admired the previous administration but I am happy to say that we have better leaders today that we need to support.

On my own perspective, Among Ed is doing all these for the betterment of all. He is serving the people and the province same as how he is serving God. I do not see any reason nor motive for him to be linked to the traditional and corrupt political practice in the Philippines because at some point, he is not even benefiting from all these. When he gave his life to God, he has sacrificed everything. This time, he has given his life to the province and he has never even asked something for himself. He is doing all these to right the wrong and he needs our support.

pin_copyHow can you accuse someone of corruption when he does not even need money? More so, people claiming that he has been doing “power-tripping” in his office are not even putting justice to their statement.  People who do not want to support him may say that since we usually complaint not because we do not want to do things but because we do not want the person. Right? I see it also fit for him to use his arm to right the wrong because we have been used to all these corrupt practices that someone has to even use a little force to make things straight. He is the head of the province!

People may get mad at me for sharing my opinion but the way I see it, the poor governor has been thrown so many stones and even boulders. With his pure heart and his love for God and for the country, he survives each blow. I am not saying this because of my religion but because I believe in the man who alone proved that there is still hope. I believe in him not just because he is a priest but because he has been practicing what he has been preaching and he has taken the road less travelled to show the country that…





I used to collect DVDs of war movies. I have watched tons of them. I have seen Green Beret, Saving Private Ryan and all others. I have seen how the military creedo of "Leaving No Man Behind". I am not a military fan but I love all the lessons learned from it. I even love to read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Hehehe.

Kidding aside, I want to write this blog entry to instill a learning to all. For one, I have always stood for the principle that I get to arrive first in a face-off may it be business of personal and I get to leave last. More so, I never leave anyone behind especially a fallen man even at the expense of risking myself. I stand firm to this very principle that I have.

I do not leave people. The irony of this is that people get to leave me behind… sometimes or oftentimes. People get to leave me alone especially in times of crisis but friends tend to increase during abundance. Isn’t life so full of irony? Hehehe.  I know that friendship can be so fair-weathered sometimes but I don’t reject people as friends amidst all.

Green BeretThus, I relate to you a story I read at a famous "adult men’s forum site" a long time ago of a peer group who suddenly got addicted to drinking, clubbing and partying. They got so hooked up to all the fun and adventure of night life that led them to waste alot of money in just a short period of time!

The group went out engaging in their new-found diversion after work for 30 days straight where they almost spent around half a million if the forum thread was correct. They were having too much fun to notice their expenses! Besides, who would bother to check each bill when you are all too drunk with alcohol and too busy with pretty ladies?

This may be a common story but what made it interesting is that the same person gets to cover for the entire group for all their bills because they were either short of cash everytime they bill out or that they just rather settle the bill distribution later. It may have been perceived as an abuse but the poor guy just kept on trusting his friends.

Instead, he just let his friends pay him voluntarily afterwards. Besides, it is not so good to do all the accounting, collection and counting in front of the waiters, entertainers and other guests. Hehehe. Thus, this became a protocol to the group. At some point, the protocol worked and so their hobby went on.

Saving Private RyanAll went well until one of their colleague got caught red-handed with his pregnant wife and this caused a domino effect on each of the member’s  covert ops. Tsk. Some marriages were affected plus their careers going down. As a result, some had to leave work and some had to stop and quit the hobby for good.

With almost all of them leaving the scene, the poor guy was left behind to pay everything except for one friend who stayed with him afterwards through thick and thin. He covered almost a third of their accumulated expenses justifying that there are still individuals who adhere to the creed on not leaving comrades behind. He stayed as a true friend.

It’s may be a sad ending for the peer group indeed if we were to talk about friendship, finances, vices and loyalty but such things do happen! After that incident, the poor and abused guy grew up to be a better man less the hobby that buried him in debts because of being abandoned by abusive and user-friendly buddies.

Their story was published and raised some debates on the forum site as to the identities of the poor guy who was said to be a rich guy and his forgetful friends. I have personally read this story and I was alarmed but nonetheless, it was a reality that can happen to anyone anytime. Another lesson learned!



It’s been several years already since I switched career from solutions development to SAP BASIS administration. It was a sudden swing as I was enjoying all the fun of making all ideas into a reality in just a snap of a finger via software development. I have automated so many business processes and simplified various operations and procedures resulting to increase in savings and a boost in productivity.

Well, there was this time when my best programmer buddy, who was an officemate and whom I later influenced to do the same career switch on the same job under the same company, was also my business partner and we have developed this retail business solution we baptized as “PROJECT STARBUCKS” that we got so attached to it that we almost stayed daily after work at Starbucks just to code. Soon, we saw ourselves marketing, deploying and supporting one of the few innovative and successful retail business solution ever – MYPOS. 

I was earning extra. I was enjoying. I was travelling a lot. I met several businessmen and I was able to have new friends. As a result, I also made people very happy. I trained companies on digitalizing and automating their businesses and I have implemented various initiatives and projects aiming to level-up efficiency, effectivity and profitability. In doing  so, I was able to turn ideas into clickable cost-effective realities. I was able to do all these because I was a die-hard developer and a very dedicated business solutions architect… then (and now).  

Then came the switch. Out of curiosity, I took the challenge and excitement in getting an entirely different job using an entirely different and proprietary technology. Why? The main objective aside from curiosity was the fact that I intended to develop along with my best buddy Jason an ERP system. SAP is an ERP system that is so proprietary that learning materials are so limited and training is almost as expensive as buying a car! The only way to learn through it is to actually engage and have an ERP job. That was the plan!

We wanted to do more than office automation, hospital systems, inventory software and retail business solutions. We wanted to do more things in just one ERP-like project where we get to revolutionize or innovate various industry through enhancement of existing systems and development of new features.  In short, we wanted to make our own SAP! Thus, I have decided to be an SAP Professional.


Best Run DiagramGiven the option to either take development work, functional jobs or applications consulting, I took SAP BASIS. Why? One thing is that it definitely sounded so different. Hahaha. Among all the given options, it was the most technical and tiring of all the titles. It also has access to all other modules to give me an overview of everything including architecture.

The SAP BASIS role covers multiple solution administration areas such as database administration, operating system administration, server infrastructure administration and the application administration which we usually call SAP R/3 administration.

The good thing on this offering is the chance to have like 3-4 jobs in one where you get to learn so much. The downside for many is that you get only one title and one pay for it and that at some point, you have to multiple your work time to 3 to cover all the job requirements. Hahaha. For me, I took my job as an investment that someday I may reap the rewards of all the learning I get after all the sacrifices.

SAP BASIS is likened to the operating system. All other functional modules above it are synonymous to software applications like MS Office. SAP BASIS controls the performance and all the parameter settings to keep all applications on it running seamlessly. On the other hand, all functional modules are dependent on it and almost everything depends on SAP BASIS to let the show running!

sap-chartIt was perfect! I have already mastered in some ways how to develop systems may it be simple or complex. What matters so much for me is to understand the architecture, landscape and the technology behind the world’s most successful ERP system ran by all best-run businesses.

 Well, the job is not that easy. The responsibility and the accountability attached to the post is so great that keeping the entire ERP system running to cater the needs globally of its users is always on the top of the list. Being available for calls and other means of communication is secondary. Having to maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot and fine-tune the system for preventive measures and good housekeeping is as vital as the other two.

The job is tough but it is very rewarding – monetarily and career-wise.  Coupled with my love for development and with my current job, I am able to mix both skills in automating and developing tools to deliver better and I am able to cascade knowledge by training people.  I am also able to perform administration well because I know how software should behave. Thus, I am able to develop better solutions because in return, I know what it takes to make applications run seamlessly in terms of performance.

I am so thankful. I have already trained several people into the technology and addressed thousands of trouble tickets. I have rendered thousands of work hours and I have created several manuals and documentations useful. Amidst all these, I have not abandoned yet my dream of having my own ERP someday but then again, even if I do not get to do that soon, I am happy for all the learning I have and for the chance to also train people. I may not have all the time but still I love my job and I like what I am doing. I am an International SAP BASIS Consultant!