It made me forget about putting so much time on office politics and other issues. Blogging made me immune to the monotonous routine of life because I am able to express my feelings and vent whatever emotions I have out.

Now, I guess, I have to go back blogging. The time I was not into it pushed me to the pit of corporate politics I once hated. Hehehe. So I hope I get to have more time later to blog new topics for us all to enjoy.



I worked from home today. I was tasked to work on a proposal for the entire weekend until today and I feel exhausted. My boss thanked me but later stabbed me behind my back by some feedbacks delivered to my colleague. Amidst submitting all materials required, I was judged as unreliable because I did not make it on the 6PM surprise meeting. Hmp!

Anyway, I have decided to give myself a break so I sent an SMS to my wife and asked my son to prepare. We went to the parking lot and took my car to fetch my wife a few kilometers away. She just got out at the office at 7:30PM and I wanted her make up with her and I also need to buy some DVDs and PC Installers anyway. Hehehe.

So we headed to St. Francis Square but the parking was full. The mall closes at 8PM so I had to rush parking at the nearby SM Mega Mall. We ran to catch the store open but we did not make it. St. Francis Square was closed at exactly 8PM and we were there 7:59PM. Hahaha.

Thus, we went to SM Mega Mall instead. We got this TRIO FRIES for Rap and we checked some shoes at the ADIDAS STORE. We are planning to bring old shoes for swap so we can get a P1000 discount for a new ADIDAS pair. Hehehe. So there we spent almost an hour doing window-shopping until we decided to head home.

As we were parked in the 2nd floor, I asked my wife and son that we pass the 3rd floor first where the movie theaters are located so we can see upcoming movies. I wanted to see the trailer of Transformers anyway. So we headed there only to decide later on that we let Rap’s wish be granted that he sees STAR TREK movie for the first time.

He loves STAR WARS and he thinks STAR TREK is a sequel. He has not seen any STAR TREK movie or TV series yet so I said okay. For 30 minutes, we were there without having our dinner. We watched some trailers and I bought two bottles of water and two boxes of popcorn enough for the three of us plus a box of brownies – my wife’s favorite.

Soon, the last full show was about to start and our supply of food was almost consumed. Hehehe. I watched my son keenly watching and listening to every detail of the story. He seems to be memorizing it. Hehehe. For me, it was like going back to memory lane. I know STAR TREK much that I knew STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE (coming soon!). Hehehe.

After almost 2 hours of watching, we headed to the parking lot and we headed home. My son was so thankful for the movie treat. He even forgot about requesting for a DRIVE THROUGH at MCDONALD’s which is a usual routine we have every time we go home late. He was still imagining the movie perhaps.

As for me, I got the break I wanted. I forgot about some issues I have with work and for P500 – P1000, I was able to have a quality time with my wife and son. If I were to go to a local bar that would not even be enough to buy some good time drinking a few bottles of my favorite beer with some of my best buddies. Hehehe.

It’s another night out I spent for my family and I am inspired to have more with them. So as my wife and son enters the elevator at the condominium building where we lives, both of them showcased a Vulcan’s hand salute based from the movie as they imitate Spock and James T. Kirk’s… “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!”


If you hate a fellow Filipino, I may say it is just normal. If you hate a foreigner, will that be a racism even if it targets an individual rather than a race? Will an expression about it be somethings that is unfair?

Anyway, hating someone of a different race is often tagged with racism because some of the attributes you seem to hate are either traits individual to that person or part of his culture per se.

At some point, when you see that this individual’s negative trait is usual with others of the same race, you tend to associate your feedback on the general aspect of their group or nationality.

To this end, it is quite unsafe to write all about this feeling because of the fear of being tagged as racist or unfair to people. Malaysians for example has this saying about certain race that they seem to hate that goes like this:

If you meet a crossroad where one path leads to a road full of deadly snakes and the other one full of people of this unspecified race, some would prefer taking the road with deadly vipers than getting bitten by treacherous individuals under that race.

Anyway, I intend to write something about this but I am still checking for a way to make it politely as possible because I do not want to be tagged as a racist. I just want to express anyway but with respect.


Q: What is swine flu? 
A: It’s a flu that occurs in pigs, and in rare cases is passed from pigs to humans. The strain now circulating is worrisome because it can pass from person to person. Like human flu, the effects of swine flu can range from mild to severe.
Q: Is the disease the same in Mexico and the U.S. ? 
A: The virus appears to be the same. It is suspected of causing more than 80 deaths in Mexico , but the symptoms have been mild in the confirmed U.S. cases so far, with most patients recovering without a hospital stay. It remains unclear why. An official at the Centers for Disease Control warned Sunday that as cases continue to emerge in the U.S. , some may prove fatal.
Q: What are the symptoms? 
A: Symptoms are similar to those of a standard flu: fever, as well as combinations of cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and fatigue. Some cases have also included reports of vomiting or diarrhea.
Q: What should I do if I feel sick? 
A: People with ordinary flu symptoms don’t need to seek emergency care, officials said. Health officials recommend seeking urgent medical help for children when flu symptoms also include difficulty breathing, bluish skin color, fever with rash, and symptoms that begin to improve then return with fever and a worse cough. In adults, serious warning signs include difficulty breathing, pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen, dizziness, confusion and persistent vomiting.
Q: Can the swine flu be treated with drugs? 
A: Two drugs, sold under the brand names Tamiflu and Relenza, may reduce the swind flu’s severity and duration. Most U.S. patients have recovered without the drugs. Both of these medications have also been approved to reduce the risk of contracting the seasonal flu. But, unlike a vaccine, they don’t provide long-lasting protection. So their preventive use is limited to certain, narrow circumstances. The two drugs, which are included in the federal government’s pandemic stockpile, are only available with a doctor’s prescription.
Q: Does my flu shot protect against the swine flu? 
A: The CDC says the seasonal flu vaccine is “unlikely to provide protection” against the swine flu. The agency has created a “seed vaccine” tailored to this swine flu. That could be used to manufacture a targeted vaccine if officials decide it’s necessary, but that could take months.
Q: Are there ways to reduce the spread of the disease? 
A: Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Avoid close contact with infected people. People who have mild symptoms should stay home until 48 hours after the symptoms have passed to avoid spreading the disease, health officials said.



I just took my wife, my sister-in-law and my son at XAVIER SCHOOL in Greenhills, Mandaluyong City for my son’s basketball class at THE MILO BEST CENTER. After checking my son’s skills for like 30 minutes, I decided to hit the road for GILMORE IT CENTER to order some computer units at PC EXPRESS for our INTERNET SHOP in Pampanga. 

The problem… I was not able to surf the net to check and read reviews about the graphic cards. I know that games would heavily depend on the type of graphic cards that you choose. Well, I have decided to use NVIDIA 9500 GT 1GB cards but I have to choose among 3 brands – INNO3D, PALIT and SPARKLE.

Hmp. As I refueled as I was already running empty, I was surfing the net while I was driving. It’s a dangerous thing so I hope that none of you would do the same. I had to do it since I cannot just buy something that later I would feel all the regrets for not having to check on the item. Thus, alot of drivers were killing me with their horns as I drove so slow.

Here I am right now in front of the store but dining at SHAKEY’S PIZZA! Hehehe. I am not hungry but I need a place to surf. I parked at the basement and I cannot just surf there. My radiator still has this leak and I cannot let it run idle or I will go home walking. Hehehe. So I had to spend extra just to have a place to read reviews! Sigh.

So I thought of posting since in between reading, I cannot help but blog as well. Hehehe. I am to supply this with a photo but I cannot do more as of now. On my lap is my laptop bag and hanging on my shoulder is my Nikon Camera bag. I cannot even eat properly because I am seated on a single table where my laptop occupies almost the entire space on it. Thus I had to put the plate where my meal is served at the back of the laptop. What a mess!

So I guess, that’s what you get when you do not do your assignment! It took me like 3 decades to reach this age and still I have not learned the value of doing one’s homework on time. Hehehe. I guess, the best thing I have learned from school is that NOTHING BEATS A CRAMMER! Hahaha. Adrenaline rush as they say!

So any of you have any feedbacks about PALIT, INNO3D and SPARKLE? Any tips as well? Anyway, I have to eat. My son will be ending his class by 4PM. I have to shop for an hour. See you later!


I am the eldest among us 5 children in our family. I have my Sister Rhea who is just a year younger and whom I grew up with for the longest time. The middle child is my sister Rica who was born 10 years after followed by my only brother Ron and our youngest sister, Ruth.

If you were to look closely, my parents patterned our names in ascending order based on the consonant RA in the Filipino Alphabet. Thus, we have “RA-RE-RI-RO-RU”. I guess if we were 12, we could have had our next siblings named after SA-SE-SI-SO-SU. Well, it actually sounds like Hiragana of Japan. Hehehe.

Being the eldest, I have always been the single-point-of-contact for all concerns. I have always been a frontliner and often I take all the blame in behalf of my brother and sisters. I was reared to be responsible for them at all cost. Besides, that’s how “BIG BROTHERS” should always be. Right?

As I grew up, I took this “BIG BROTHER” image with me in school. I became a leader and often I would end up fighting for someone. I was a bully I admit but I have never started a fight just because I wanted to or in defense to myself. I had fights with bigger people in defense of friends and classmates who were smaller and weaker then.

Perhaps, I have watched too much SUPERMAN, BATMAN and ASTROBOY then. I was trying to be like them saving people and carrying the whole world when I am not. Growing as the eldest had given me the skills to lead, to speak out and to stand by my own decisions with conviction and passion. I grew up strong and somewhat stubborn!

I was into this “SAVE THE WEAK, SAVE THE WORLD” thing until I was into college and joined a law-based fraternity in the University of the Philippines, a state university known for breeding leaders, nation-builders, activists and radicals as they say. I began writing more though I started writing way back in grade school and I started voicing out.

Soon, I entered marriage and had my own family. I also began working. I started heading teams and managing projects. I conceptualized and developed business solutions to make work easier and convenient for people. At the end of the day, I found myself more into advocating other people’s welfare than mine.

What came next after this was already written in a prior blog. I fought with people but in a way professional. I started thinking outside the box and selflessly took all the risk just to advance the need and concerns of my team and fellow employees. I forgot about my career though I was actually doing well going up the ladder.

Simply, I was enjoying what I do and I thought I could always be a BIG BROTHER to people around me until one day, I realized that I also have to fight for my own needs and wants. I also have a life of my own to advance. I have dreams and ambitions. I have a career and a family to take care of. I have to be a BIG BROTHER to myself.

So now I have to start being one to myself. Today marks the day where I have to take care of myself. I have to make sure that the BIG BROTHER in me gets to take care of ME the same way that he has taken care of others. I need to start fighting for myself if I want to win my battles for others.


It’s almost midnight! I’m home since 9PM. My wife is surfing the internet on our desktop computer while I do blogging on my laptop. My son on the other hand is into his own world using his beloved PSP while his yaya is in a soap-opera – marathon. It’s one of those usual and normal evening.

Halfway through my blogging, I paused. I took a folder in my bag and a calculator. I took as well my old resume and this small list of tasks I wish to do for the week. I suddenly found myself reflecting, reminiscing and re-assessing my path – career-wise and basically about my life path in general.

In my almost 3 decades of existence, I have taken so many “road less taken”. I am not a stereotype individual. I am a non-conformist. I challenge ideas not because I am a bully by nature but because I have always wanted to bring out the best of whatever idea is raised. I push things and people so they can be better.

I could have made it on the top way back if only I remained a “kiss-ass” who is always in a “yes” mood with his bosses. I could have advanced for my own gains being so close to my previous managers due to my good communication and PR skills yet I have chosen to advocate for employees’ welfare which almost always put me in trouble.

I could have gotten all the possible raises and all the positions I wanted if only I remained supportive of all the management’s initiatives may they be advantageous or disadvantageous to the lower-ranks. I could have just thought of myself and my career instead of thinking about others.

I could have been MR. 187 for all I care but I have decided to simply be the REAL ME – a bully to those who violates social justice and equity. I know that I have taken the path that many of you would not even dare to be at. I know that I have chosen to speak when all other people preferred being silent which caused me more troubles.

I cannot help it. I am ME. It is hard sometimes and at some point, I get to somehow realize that this has been stressing me too much yet I have not had any single regret of decisions I made amidst the fact that even my close friends would at one point disagree with me. Thus to end, If you were to be given the choice, will you take the same path? Given the power to choose to be somebody else, will you be ME? 

I know you won’t and I know some of you will… just for curiosity perhaps. So what’s your answer? 



On Earth Day – April 22, 2009 – Starbucks is celebrating and participating with Earth Day’s campaign!! So on April 22 – Wednesday (mark your calendars!!) Earth Day, Starbucks has a special promo and it’s by offering all its customers special discount!!

Yes, you read it right! A discount – http://startuprewind.com/sickweather-graham-dodge/index.php?page_id=399 over at this website P40.00 off all drinks when you bring your own tumbler! What’s better? Instead of just one day – they’re extending it till April 23, 2009!! That’s two whole days of P40.00 off on your beverage of choice!

Let’s all do our share and bring our own tumblers to any Starbucks outlet on April 22 and 23, 2009!!! Well, that’s today actually! Let’s support Starbucks and Mother Earth!!!