Filipino Time - Hate Late!!!

I do not want to sound negative on my own country. I am writing this just to do a little story-telling while on lunch break about my own personal challenges with regards to punctuality and this thing they call FILIPINO TIME. Besides, no one can deny the fact that we all were once under the same spell or curse that made our DTRs and Attendance Sheets messy in school and at work. So ride along!

I grew up in a traditional way in our province which is an hour away from Manila. Life is not as fast and hectic in a small town than in a metropolis so I was able to enjoy my childhood so well. Besides, I SLOWLY enjoyed everything then because I never wanted to grow old. I wanted to play and be worry-free the entire day. Even when I was young, I was an OC (obsessive compulsive) so do things slowly but surely.

Filipino Time - Always Late?Because of my fondness to do things right the first time, I use too much time. Thus, I would soon make a name in school by having the record of arriving late almost daily. My manager may read this but that was then. I am a PUNCTUAL person now! Hehehe. So I was late in most of my classes even if our house is just a short walk away from school. Basically, I was too slow in getting up, taking a bath and eating breakfast!

In grade school, this was fine but not in high school. There was a flag ceremony every Mondays that we all are required to come to school early for the raising of the national flag and for singing the national anthem. Students arriving late are given broomsticks to clean the school surroundings for an hour before they are allowed to go to their classrooms. Thus, I brought my own broomstick every Monday!

In my junior and senior years, I got fast in doing things almost perfectly but the punctuality issue was never resolved that my teacher gave me a condition that if I arrive late, I have to do 2-3 rounds of jogging at our school oval. Thus, I took 2-3 rounds of jogging each day before I enter our classroom tired and wet. This may be embarrassing to some but I got used to it. Besides, I get to skip the first class!

Filipino Time - Madaming Dahilan!I got this habit until college. It’s good that universities are not particular with attendance but rather with performance. The only issue is that when you have poor attendance, you get to miss lessons. Thus, performance goes down. At any rate, I passed college and was able to have a good career afterwards. Soon, I would work with foreigners and end up learning how they value time so much.

Realization came a little later. Often, I would meet friends elsewhere at 08:00AM and end up arriving myself an hour late. Thus, my friends get to adjust by arriving an hour late too. Even on meetings, they would schedule me at 08:00AM when the meeting usually starts 09:00AM or 10:00PM. Everyone wanted to make sure I make it on-time. Hahaha. Amidst this, I deliver work on-time but I arrive late always!

In the last 3-4 years of my 13 years as an IT professional, I was able to work with clients and employers from other countries. I was forced to correct my habit and realize the difference between being on-time and being an hour late. Thus, I started using a planner and alarm clock. I wore a watch as well and I would often set my time way advance just to get used to doing things on-time. Change was quite harder but doable!

In the business world, even a minute counts to a revenue. More so, not all people in this world are Filipinos who are used to waiting. Other nationalities are so keen in having 7:00AM as 7:00AM and not 7:01AM or 7:02AM or even 6:59AM. Thus, we all should be sensitive enough to change. Besides, we would not want our doctors, policemen and firemen to arrive an hour late during an emergency. Right? Thus, I changed!

Filipino Time is On-Time!!!Well, I had a hard time in the first few months until I got used to it. I was able to change my FILIPINO TIME to the ACTUAL TIME and it’s an achievement. I may not be perfect in terms of my attendance even as I write this but I have improved a lot. Sometimes, I would be late not because I got up late but because I had to go back forgetting my wallet or ID. Thus, I missed the train this morning by 1 minute! Huhuhu!

In other places like Europe, people value time. When you get a ticket for a 07:56AM train for work, you need to be there or you will be left behind. Thus, you will have to wait for the next trip. When a poster says that the bus arrives at 08:26AM, it really arrives on-time regardless of where it came from. When you call for a taxi over the phone and the driver gives you 2 minutes, he arrives in 2 minutes as promised.

To conclude, Filipinos were regarded as very talented and skilled people but then because they have too many things too worry about, they often are late. Some are just too lax and easy on schedules thinking that people will wait for them anyway. Often, we would think that an hour late is okay but it’s not! Thus, we all have to break away from this curse. We need to make sure that FILIPINO TIME is ON-TIME ALL THE TIME!


follow site 02022010. Just today at exactly 3PM as I was about to enter the embassy to get my visa and passport, my iPhone 3GS accidentally fell on the floor. I was shocked and froze for almost a minute before I picked it up. I thought I was just dreaming so I told myself to wake up. I was hoping that the leather flip-case from MACMOSPHERE did its job as expected since I got it to protect my expensive phone from such scenario. Tsk. I prayed so hard and even blamed myself for not buying a full body cover!

iPhone 3GSWell, the glass screen was fine but the plastic back cover at the lower right corner near the microphone area got a little dent or scratch so to speak. It is not that visible but since I am an OC and a perfectionist, I am not sure if I can still live thinking everyday that I scratched my iPhone and it is not perfect anymore! Note that I even had to buy an expensive clothe and a leather case for it. I even put it in a safe place when I am home to prevent it from dust and from accidental fall. Tsk! 

Well, tomorrow would be my iPhone’s 1st monthsary and so far, it ain’t flawless anymore! I dented it! iPhone Dents and Scratches!I got it last January 3, 2010 with so much excitement since it is the start of getting myself hooked back to gadgets and away from drinking sprees and night parties. As I was heading home, I immediately read forums of how other owners felt when they first scratched their iPhones. I even had to google for faceplate and back cover replacements and key words pointing on how I can undo the dent!

Anyway, I found some materials that I wish to share hoping that others might drop their inputs. As for me, I have read various forums telling me that I should instead MOVE ON and ACCEPT the fact that things do fall and get dented. You can only BEST PROTECT an iPhone if you do not remove it from its box. Hehehe. Well, that is true indeed! Thus, I realized that perhaps, the dent was made to teach me a lesson on being careful at all times.

Well, at least I was able to put an identity to my iPhone through the dent and scratches. iPhone Protective Shell and CasesI can easily say now which iPhone is mine by checking on the dent and scratches. Hehehe! I need not to think anymore of buying a faceplate replacement nor selling it so I can get a new one, I will just have to accept things. Tsk. Same as with life, we all need to move on and accept the fact that amidst imperfections and flaws, we need to stand up and do our job! No regrets as they say.

I just need to get a new shell case tomorrow to best protect it and hide the damage. Hehehe. In that way, the pain is minimize. Hehehe! Anyway, read on what I found on the net. Perhaps, some may find use in it! Just be sure not to blame me nor my source in case you get to break your iPhone than fix it! Hahaha. For me, it is easier to get on with the scratches and dents than with a dead iPhone 3GS. Hahaha! As they say, where to buy lasix online IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!

iPhone 3G Repair Guide

iPhone 3G Replacement Housing Cover Repair Guide

Restore your Apple iPhone 3GS to its former glory with a new housing faceplate cover and give it a whole new face. You can use the following install instruction to replace your old housing faceplate.

(Note: This install instruction is only for reference, please consider whether you can do it. We do not hold any responsibility of damaging of this item and your own item due to wrong installation.)

iPhone 3G
http://mainchannelbeer.com/taproom/MainChannelBeer@gmail.com Prepare

  • Tools required:
  • Small Screw Driver, Opening tool
  • Patience!

    SIM card and SIM tray

    Step 1

    Begin by removing the SIM tray, using the included SIM card removal tool (or a paperclip if you’ve lost the tool.)

    dock connector

    Step 2

    Holding your device on end you will notice two small screws on either side of the dock. These screws must be removed in order to open the case.

    iphone 3g

    Step 3

    Insert a small thin tool between the chrome ring and front panel glass directly above one of the screw holes. You will need to exert a small amount of pressure to separate the display from the back panel.

    inside 3g iphone

    Step 4

    Lift the panel up from the dock end being careful not to tear or break any ribbons connected near the other end.

    ribbon cable

    Step 5

    Unplug ribbons 1 and 2 by lifting them from the main board. Under ribbon 2 you will need to find and unclip ribbon 3, then carefully remove the display assembly.

    3g iphone mainboard screws

    Step 6

    Remove the seven screws circled in red. Note: One screw is located under the DO NOT REMOVE sticker 🙂

    speaker and home switch assembly

    Step 7

    Unplug ribbon 4.

    3g iphone mainboard

    Step 8

    Llift the mother board out taking note of the camera which is still connected to the underside of the board. You will need to unplug the ribbon circled in red.

    3g iphone dissasmbled

    Step 9

    Place the mother board to the side.

    3g iphone battery

    Step 10

    Use the attached tab to pull up on the battery, there is a mild adhesive on the back side, so it will take a bit of force.

    3g iphone backpanel

    Step 11

    Remove the screw circled in red.

    3g iphone camera

    Step 12

    Carefully remove the camera.

    3g iphone headphone jack assembly screws

    Step 13

    Remove the nine screws circled in red.

    3g iphone headphone jack assembly

    Step 14

    Remove the headphone jack and attached flex cable.

    3g iphone speaker assembly

    Step 15

    Remove the speaker assembly which also contains the dock connector, antennae and home button as well.

    3g iphone vibrator assembly screws

    Step 16

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red.

    3g iphone vibrator assembly

    Step 17

    Place the vibrator assembly to the side.

    3g iphone lcd screws

    Step 18 – Back to the Front Half

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red. You will find 3 screws on the opposite side which must be removed as well.

    3g iphone lcd

    Step 19

    Lift the LCD free from the front panel glass.

    3g iphone completely disassembled

    Step 20 – Finished

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G.

    iPhone 3G Chips Bottom Main Board

    Under the Hood – Apple iPhone 3G exposed!

    Top Main Board

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G labeled and noted precisely. Thanks to Semiconductor Insights

    iPhone 3G Chips Front Main Board

    Bottom Main Board

    Pictured are chips responsible for Bluetooth, and Flash memory on board.

    We hope the install instructions was useful, Good Luck!



    Article and Images Source: www.ecaseshop.com


    My One Year Old Photo12:00AM December 1, 2009. 19 days starting today and I will be turning 30. It’s indeed a day to celebrate yet a day to start thinking more as an old and mature person. I cannot afford to waste time anymore. I am turning 30 soon!

    I can now feel all the pressure of having to achieve more and having to start building a legacy that I can leave not just to my family, friends and to our clan but to the entire community someday. It’s my time to shine more in my own centerstage!

    3 decades of having a blessed life with more than half of it spent in school from elementary, highschool to college. A quarter of it spent as a toddler preparing for school and another quarter in the corporate world trying to work for a living.

    In this post is a photo of me taken when I was more or less 1 year old. So many things have changed since then. From crawling, I am now able to stand by myself. I am not dressed with education and experience. I have indeed grown up. Life has taught me a lot about surviving and about loving. In good times and in bad times, I have surpassed my first 29 years as a strong and better man. I am turning 30.

    Today, as I waited for the clock to strike midnight and welcome December 1, 2009, I decided to document my emotions. I am happy and I am excited but I am nervous as well. I know that I have a long way to go. The retirement age is 65 so I still have 35 years to work and achieve things before I get to go home with my retirement pay and do farming perhaps or publish future bestseller books with my family.

    19 days before the big day indeed! I will be 30 years old. Thank you Lord!


    By the time you’re 30, your salary should be P120,000

    – by Dan Magallanes

    Philippine Daily Inquirer (October 7, 2007)

    YES, you read it right. By the time you reach the age of 30, your salary level should be four times your age. If not, go and check what’s wrong with your career. See a career doctor. Don’t trust your self-assessment.

    imageIt is not a do-it-yourself thing. There was a time I was experiencing a severe stiffness in my neck and I was supposed to meet the CEO of a multinational company over dinner in Hong Kong. On my way to the airport I dropped in at Lourdes Hospital to see its director, Dr. Jose M. Pujalte, a world-class orthopedic surgeon. He prescribed a tiny tablet which cost me more than the price of an Emma Shapplin CD. But presto, upon reaching the check-in counter at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I felt relieved and ready for the short flight and brain boggling meeting that very same day.

    Lesson in life–don’t trust yourself in areas beyond your competencies. Farm it out. Hire a professional consultant. I am a consultant myself, but beyond my expertise, I hire only the best. I am prepared to pay the high price because quality for me is expensive. Career planning has being done in the first world a long time ago. In the Philippines, we don’t do it that’s why we still remain in the third world class. It becomes a dictate from home.

    When the boom for nursing employment in the US and UK hits the country, everybody wants to become a "nurse." This is motivated by the dollar syndrome and the opportunity to bring the whole family to the land of milk and honey–a promise of comfortable and easy life. Even licensed doctors are burning their brows again to study nursing and swiftly get to the US. High school graduates are no longer given the chance to pursue a career where they will eventually become happier.

    Of course, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide them on what course to take in relation to their capability and interest. But it is still the best move to hire a professional career consultant. Planning should start from the time you pursue a degree. But it is not too late for you now if you will only keep an open mind.

    A group of friends of mine from abroad who are experienced professional career consultants pooled themselves together and established a career consulting office despite of my objection that it will not prosper in the Philippines at that time–or even now. Seven months later, they all decided to pack up and head to where they uprooted themselves. In my history as a headhunter for 17 years, I only got three appointments for career counseling. One was an executive of a mall, the second of a well-known television entertainer and the third, a very popular clothes designer in the ’80s.

    I have observed that most of our executives and professionals at any point in their career would rather buy a high-end mobile phone or an expensive designer bag than pay a career consultant for their stagnant or sagging career. They tend to forget that they have to live on a parallel lifestyle based on their position in the company and of course their take-home pay. If you are bent on having a good career, you have to focus on how you will attain it at a certain paradigm. It is not wanting but not doing anything.

    On one occasion that I was invited to speak before a huge audience composed of young managers. I asked them to raise their hands if they want to become successful in their career. Everybody did. But when I asked if they have made a thorough check on where they were heading, no one braved the challenge.

    I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of executives and professionals in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA, Europe and even as far as Samoa and I have seen why only a few are successful. New graduates, forget about where you got your degree. I never look at the so-called "top universities." I claim to pioneer in promoting this attitude with my multinational client-companies.

    Have you ever wondered why this 38-year-old guy who earned his degree from a not-so-known college in the southern part of the country got a job which offered a whooping basic salary of P500,000 per month plus dizzying perks? You read it right: half a million pesos on the 30th day of every month.

    This executive bested nine other candidates who are mostly graduates of "top universities" in the Philippines fielded by other headhunters. The interview process was tedious. First interview was done in Manila; second in Bangkok; third in Singapore. Then there were only four shortlisted candidates. The fifth interview was done in Hong Kong. A week later, I got a call from the chair of the company in the US and was asked to send my candidate to the US on a first-class seat that very same week for a courtesy call with the big bosses. He got the job. He was given a signing bonus of $50,000.

    The secret? MBA? No, he does not have one and does not aspire to have one. It was his attitude, the quality of his experiences and accomplishments, capped by the desire to make things "happen" now.

    If you do not have at least 10 years of meaningful work experience occupying a manager’s position in your current employ, then you don’t need an MBA. Most of the top executives I placed do not carry graduate degrees. Being an honor graduate is likewise unimportant. I do not look at the transcript of records. I often wondered why most of the summa, magna and cum laude graduates do not make it to the top. My profession has shown me the reasons.

    One: honor graduates tend to be perfectionist and idealistic.

    Two: they have high career expectations within a short period of time because they know they are the best.

    Three: they have little patience. Since they are intelligent, they want things done their way, within their time frame which is impossible in a corporate arena. People skills matter. Team work counts. You are not alone in your department.

    I once plucked a 28-year-old guy who works as communications officer for an international NGO. Impressed with his impeccable oral communication skills, I again concluded this fellow is a graduate of a so-so college.

    True enough–he obtained his bachelor’s degree from an up-town college in the south. He speaks with elan.

    At a young age, he has already published a book on corporate social responsibility which is being used as the guide book of all the worldwide offices of the NGO where he worked with. He was asked by his employ to travel to different countries to speak about the topic he had written. I advised and moved him to a more responsible position with a blue-chip company for three times his present salary.

    The company where I placed him was taken over by another giant. He called me up for advice. I coached him to move to another assignment. Other managers in his level decided to stay on. For three months, he could not find a job better or even parallel to his previous compensation, experience and qualifications. He started to get nervous. He dropped in my office one late afternoon and invited me for coffee. After a thorough analysis of everything in his career life, I told him to capitalize on his creative juices. Put on a new pair of shoes–be an entrepreneur. That was three months before Christmas.

    On his first month, he already earned his salary for the first quarter of the following year. Capital? No. It is trusting the expert to do the thinking for him. His fellow managers who remained during the acquisition process were later advised on redundancy of their position. They lost their jobs.

    It is true that career professionals move for better pay. But it should not be the monetary consideration all the time if you really want a high-flying career. Don’t move just because the work is near the place where you live. Don’t move because you just want to move. Pay an expert the way you pay for a nice-looking Louis Vuitton purse or a top-of-the-line mobile phone.

    The best career is in the Philippines nowadays. Blue-chip companies are coming our way. This is the place to become successful. The most comfortable life is here. You leave the country because you feel you cannot make it here. If you cannot make it here, you cannot make it anywhere. Be a winner in your own country.

    Remember, by the time you reach the age of 30, your salary should be four times your age.

    (The author is CEO of Headhunter Manila, an executive search firm. He consults for blue-chip companies and lectures on moving your career up. He also coaches executives and professionals. Feedback at dan@headhuntermanila.com)


    It’s almost 6:00AM. It’s Wednesday. I have not had any sleep yet because of my insomnia and my addiction to MAFIA WARS and FARM TOWN! Thanks to FACEBOOK! I had to be as old as 29 to be like my 9-year old son again – playful and childlike. Hahaha. Anyway, work has never been so easy lately because of technology. Imagine the facility for “work from home” and all the remote control tools enabling a consultant to manage multi-billion systems in Europe here in the Philippines while watching a DVD movie! Great!

    I may be home for some of the days of the week and I may be out during weekends on business travels but still, the power of technology has given me the convenience to bridge all my priorities in life. Being an IT Professional is something I never dreamed of because I wanted to be a lawyer but still it is a blessing for showing me a lot of what people can do. Besides, I need not to be on court hearings each day far away from my family to earn a living. I can be at the office or at home and still I will earn enough to fulfill my dreams for them.

    Anyway, I am the morning captain for today. I already got the marinated chicken out of the freezer for thawing and I have already cooked rice. Since our last house helper abandoned her work all because of love, my wife and I have decided to divide the work among us and this initiative includes our only son. We did not bother to hire a nanny anymore because the last one stole cash and belongings that cause a little trauma for us as employers. Thus, we had to try it this time on our own.

    Few more minutes and our bedroom’s alarm clock will ring. Before that, I need to make sure that breakfast is ready and that the “baons” or lunch boxes are prepared as well. I had all the troubles at first but today, I have already leveled up as an expert with household chores. Besides, I grew up in a family where you cannot watch TV unless you are done with your tasks like dish washing or making sure that the floor is as shiny as the sun. Hahaha. I missed a lot of episodes of Daimos, Voltes V and Bioman because of this. Tsk.

    Anyway, this blog entry is not meant to detail and point that I am beginning to be a certified “under-the-saya”. Hehehe. In a chauvinistic society, men who perform household chores regardless if they are senior managers or executives are almost always tagged as underdogs in their respective marriages because they rather give in and submit to their wives than act as the bosses. Well, this is concept that is not applicable nowadays and so I care less about it. Hehehe.

    Besides, my father can cook better than my mom and he can even do the laundry fast and efficiently but he is the boss in our house. He has built enough houses and landmarks while being a contractor and has even drank truckloads of liquor already and attended enough “pordaboys” or clubbing so to speak that if I were to define the term “macho” in the Pinoy context, my dad would be the best example.

    Anyway, it is quite weird that I do not feel tired at all though sleepless. Perhaps it is because I enjoy what I am doing. More than the businesses that I am into right now and some new project engagements I have both short-termed and long-term, I am happy. I have learned a lot from all my travels both local and abroad and the interactions I had with various clients of different nationalities. Thus, I now long to have more time with what matters most to me after having explored life as a career person and that is my family.

    Sometimes we may fall too buried with work or in fulfilling our dreams as professionals that we seldom remember that there are more to life than promotions and career achievements. I may age someday and be weaker through the years but I will never ever be tired for my family because just like breathing and heartbeat, my family is what keeps me alive. I may feel sleepy in awhile after doing all my tasks as the morning captain for all the days to come, I will not tire and I will never be tired.


    Pamela Bianca Manalo

    Pamela Bianca Manalo 16 Pamela Bianca Manalo 1 Pamela Bianca Manalo 2 Pamela Bianca Manalo 3 Pamela Bianca Manalo 4 Pamela Bianca Manalo 5 Pamela Bianca Manalo 6 Pamela Bianca Manalo 7 Pamela Bianca Manalo 8 Pamela Bianca Manalo 9  Pamela Bianca Manalo 11 Pamela Bianca Manalo 12 Pamela Bianca Manalo 13 Pamela Bianca Manalo 14 Pamela Bianca Manalo 10

    Pamela Bianca Manalo


    Pamela Bianca Manalo, a native of Manila, was crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2009 – Universe at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, on March 7, 2009.[1] It was aired live over GMA channels nationwide with Paolo Bediones and Iza Calzado as hosts.

    Pamela Bianca is the sister of Katherine Anne Manalo, Miss World 2002 Top 10 finalist and the niece of Nini Ramos, Miss International 1968 Top 15 semi-finalist. During the Bb. Pilipinas 2009 pageant she won awards including the Best in Swimsuit and some sponsors awards like Miss Natasha, Miss Philippine Airlines and Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice Award. At the end of the night she was crowned the new Binibining Pilipinas 2009 – Universe and have the right to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe 2009. The other winners were Melody Gersbach and Marie-Ann Umali for Miss International 2009 and Miss World 2009 respectively.


    1. ^ "Pamela Bianca Manalo". USA Today. March 2009. http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/item.aspx?type=photo&photo_id=0anv8j6cMNe9d&pn=8&tid=000000000. Retrieved 2009-05-31.

    Source: Article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamela_Bianca_Manalo

    Images from Google Search. Ownerships of various images are retained by respective photographers and entities. Copyright respected.


    lizzie miller model 2 lizzie miller model

    “When I was young I really struggled with my body and how it looked because I didn’t understand why my friends were so effortlessly skinny. As I got older I realized that everyone’s body is different and not everyone is skinny naturally–me included! I learned to love my body for how it is, every curve of it.”


    To read the full Glamour Magazine article, please click the article title with the link below. Thank you.

    What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body


    Nikon D40

    I just sold my very first Nikon D40 Kit to my friend Axel yesterday for P15,000 which I just had for like a month or two and I did it in the middle of the traffic and heavy rain. Little did I know that a new kit of the same model would now cost around P23,000 to P27,000. Hmp.

    Anyway, I got it as well from a friend named Ross for the same price and he had it for less than 6 months until he decided to upgrade to a Nikon D80 kit that he got from Dan, a friend of ours who sold his to upgrade to a Nikon D90 kit. Sounds confusing?

    After some weeks of going out and taking some shots and mastering the camera’s functions and settings, I have decided to upgrade as well and put more time into the hobby same as how I have engaged myself into blogging as a diversion from the monotonous routine of life.

    Photography like any other hobbies is rewarding. It is definitely expensive as well. During my high school days, I was into photojournalism. I took various editorial posts but what I love best was having to hold a side position as a photojournalist. I was using an old Nikon camera then with a long lens and with a bag full of films.

    I was not even into the camera. I was addicted then to taking photos regardless of the camera model. Even until now, I do not even remember the model of that Nikon camera that Mrs. Ignacio handed over to me. She is our school paper adviser who introduced photojournalism to me at a very young age.

    I can still remember how I went to our school camera expert, Mr. Mann on the eve of a contest to get some tips because internet is not yet accessible then and I had no manual to read. Nonetheless, I was able to take crisp and clear shots while blurring backgrounds. Fantastic!

    nikon_d90I won several tilts in the past from various school press conferences from DSSPC, RSSPC and NSSPC writing feature articles, news articles, sports write-ups and even editorial cartoons but what I valued most was having to won over a photo I took using a manual Nikon Camera when some are using digital cameras then.

    More than a decade after, I got reacquainted with the same hobby that I had. I have been into painting, videography, writing, programming, graphic design, stamps collection, book collection, pigeon-raising, biking, trekking and also into clubbing and partying but what I like best now is to get hooked to photography for good.

    Like some who upgraded from a basic camera to the latest and most expensive and sophisticated, life is like photography. We get to upgrade either a hobby, a lifestyle, our values and views of life or perhaps our own self from a simple and basic individual to a sophisticated being either for the better or at times, for worse.

    Upgrading life needs an investment same as buying a more expensive camera so you can take more professional photos. We equip ourselves with trainings and education so we can be more useful and more adaptive of life’s circumstances. In photography, we upgrade our equipments to best capture life’s precious moments.

    I wrote this blog entry not to simply brag that I am getting a new Nikon D90 soon and that I have sold my Nikon D40 in support to this endeavor. I want to show that in life, we get to leave and replace old stuffs so we can get new and better things. Although we can leave some old goodies yet important, more than often, we would rather have new things and getting the best requires sacrifices and hard work.

    On my statement above, I have to state a disclaimer since my son reacted when he read the paragraph above as I was writing. I wrote the idea above not to refer to people because we cannot replace people especially our family. The statement above is valid to most but not to all when you are to refer to people as the subject.

    Friends may come and but still the friendship or the memories will always remain even when relationship sours or is broken. On the other hand, you cannot just replace your parents, siblings or your wife and kids because you wanted to have better. This is my disclaimer.

    If you love doing something and if you intend to reach for a goal so to speak, you need to go for it. If you love photography, go and be a master one step at a time. Thus, on the same act, you will get to learn as well on how to advance your life by leaving some old baggage and habits by investing on self-development and enhancement coupled with efforts to work hard so you get to reach your goals – petty or big time!



    Francis-Abegail 1

    Francis-Abegail 2

    Francis-Abegail 3

    Just recently, I got an email with some photos attached. To my surprise, they are photos of the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona with a lady that some blog tagged a name, Abegail Rait. I am not quite sure of the facts because the email has no descriptions.

    I got curious so I googled some names and there I saw this blog where it was alleged that the photos were acquired from the stolen laptop of the late Francis Magalona. I do not know if these are indeed photoshopped or real. A photo of a kid plus an invitation card is also seen indicating that perhaps the two have had a love child.

    It is quite weird but I believe that FRANCIS MAGALONA is also human just like us. He has his own shortcomings as well and some faults that I am sure he was able to correct in his lifetime. He has been a good father and a husband and regardless of his past whether dark or good, that will never be an issue.

    The legacy that he has left us, his family, friends and the country is far great than all the intrigues. Like other celebrities and husbands, he is not excused to temptations if the photos were to be tagged as real indeed. We all make mistakes. Besides, he is a child of showbiz and all these are but normal if I were to say so.

    We have Ramon Revilla, Sr. who had more than 80 children with different mothers. We have Dolphy and the others who married several times. Nonetheless, this does not make them more or less of a great man because their legacy to the nation is far greater.

    At any rate, I am posting the said photos so perhaps we can shed light into this whether the topic is real or just fabricated. I have some photos above which I have posted as well. I got them from http://onelove06.multiply.com. More so, this is to open the minds as well of the readers that we all make mistakes. What matters most is that we correct whatever is wrong in our lifetime and bring about good changes for the future.

    Warning: Below are some “unauthenticated” photos from a spam “chain” email. I have updated this blog entry and also posted above some photos from a Multiply site that a reader named “Candy” shared. Please do not conclude anything from the photos as these are circulating in the internet from an unknown source of which motive we do not know. Since nothing is obscene in the said materials, they are shared just for your eyes only. Thank you.


    1962 1962 Tambayanan

    Location: 8 Sct. Madriñan cor. Sct. Tobias, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

    1962 TAMBAYANAN or simply “62”. A bar owned by brods from the ALPHA SIGMA FRATERNITY, an organization in UP DILIMAN established with the concept of brotherhood and service to the community. On the otherhand, the bar was put up not just for business alone but to put up a common venue or tambayan for  both members and non-members.

    1962 is the year that our fraternity was founded. TAMBAYANAN comes from “TAMBAYAN” which is the term we use for our hang-out place during our frat days and “SAMBAYANAN” or “BAYAN” which refers to the society or nation – the word that is the core of the ALPHA SIGMA’s creed.

    I have yet to write something that is more detailed about the place but I am sure that with few more visits, I will be able to write more. What made me enjoy visit to the place more was not just the food and drinks but the joy that I had after being with brods who I have not met for a decade!

    As a new business and a new place, it  may need to devise ways and means to make a name in the clubbing and bar industry but still I know that it has more to offer. Anyway, thanks to my UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity Batchmates – Karl & Spice for inviting me to the place they call “62” where I was able to revisit the good old days with the brotherhood!