generic Lamictal canada Disco Inferno

get link We just had the inauguration of our new office last Friday. We had food and cocktails plus the famous photo booth! After the said event, we reserved a party place for everyone. It was a night of fun and laughter. It was a disco inferno!

follow I have seen all of my colleagues put all their best efforts in their respective jobs and I know how hardworking they all are. Getting them all in a dance floor to forget about work even for awhile was a good way to reward and recharge them!

I’m sure that come Monday, there would be a lot of buzz about the party. Some danced as if there was no tomorrow and some got a little drunk with the unlimited booze but everybody had fun. We worked so hard and we deserved playing harder!


During Typhoon Ondoy, hundreds of vehicles were put to waste due to the massive flooding. This time, car owners are wiser and smarter indeed! Now I am thinking of getting one in case things get worse. I wonder if they have the same for an entire house… I wonder, Wonder Cat!


But wait! There’s more! It seems there is already a commercial product out in the market to safeguard vehicles against floods and it costs somewhere around PHP10,000 to PHP20,000. I have seen similar products for mobile phones and cameras but not for cars! Cool!


Public Service : Emergency Hotlines

It’s been raining so hard for the past 48 hours and several places in Manila are now flooded. The same is true for nearby provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, Rizal, Cavite and Bataan. Dams and rivers are already overflowing.

As such, I think it’s important that we take note of who to call in case of emergency. Thus, I am sharing the Emergency Hotlines below in the hope that you may find them useful yet I do hope that you need not to use them at all.



I just changed my blog’s design after 3 years of being up for public consumption! Although I seldom blog these days, I always try to check my blog regularly for the sake of reminiscing the days when I get to speak my mind through writing more often than now.

Such a small make-over on the site itself somehow drives me to write once again. I miss blogging but time is something that I don’t have much these days. I missed writing about the recent events and trending topics lately. Nonetheless, I hope I could get started… Now!




I just got my son a new desk. Well, actually, it’s not totally new. I bought it from our office. We just moved in to a new building so all fixtures in our old office were all offered for sale to employees. Most of the items were barely 6-months old and they were sold for almost nothing! I got 2 ergonomic chairs as well for a few bucks! Good deal indeed!

Playing computer games for almost the entire school break to beat boredom is not a laughing matter. We only allow him to play during vacation. He can’t play any games during school days! That’s why he’s maximizing his chance to play from dusk until dawn! Besides, he has a few days remaining before school opens. Thus, I’m spoiling my 12-year old gamer some more!


AAPK SAP Go-LiveIt’s done! For 90 Man Days from Project Kick-off to Go-Live, we were able to implement SAP in one of our locations abroad amidst such an aggressive timeline while experimenting with an engagement and methodology that is too new to work perfectly.

May 9 is indeed a good date and 9 is my lucky number! The Project Team really did well. Although we could have done it better and faster, I am happy for setting up a new benchmark on how things are done through collaborative effort.

For the past years, I had almost 50 projects across the globe and this one was challenging because we had to put 3 teams to work as one in 3 countries operating in 3 time zones employing almost 3 methodologies! It was indeed a terrible headache! 

Nonetheless, it’s my job to ensure that we hit the goal based on scope, budget and timeline amidst all obstacles and I am proud that the team made it!