How to Handle a Know It All

To those who find themselves trapped around people who seem to know it all, perhaps the tips in the illustration could help. Be it in the office, at home or in school, I am sure that you will get to meet individuals who believe that they have the mastery of everything. I’ve seen a lot of them and at times I tend to be one of them. Hahaha. Kidding aside, being with these type of people can be stressful but as long as you don’t go down to their level, you should be fine.


Sabah Massacre The Sabah Massacre?

I was on my newsfeed an hour ago and I was shocked to see a photo showing some of the killed followers of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III in a recent surprise raid by the Malaysian authorities. Those in the photo may have been the 12 slain members of the “Royal Sulu Sultanate Army”. Note that 2 Malaysian commandos were killed too.

Kiram’s followers, estimated at 100 to 300 people, have been holed up in a remote village of Lahad Datu on North Borneo since February 12 to press the sultan’s claim to Sabah. They sailed from Mindanao and were led by the sultan’s brother and crown prince Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram. They say they didn’t fire the first shot. About the Photo

Though I can’t verify the authenticity of the photo itself as I just saw it on my newsfeed (click here), I believe that whatever happened with these men is not right. Whether the gruesome image here was that of the recent raid in Sabah or not, I don’t think that killing people like this whether Filipinos or Malaysians or whatever nationality is ever justifiable even in the rule of law – Muslims, Christians and the rest.

When criminals are killed with excessive force or not, we cry for human rights. Soldiers have human rights too! They have families as well! This is the very same reason why we all hate wars or any form of armed conflicts. source link Thus, we all should work hard for peace no matter how hard it can be. Whether this photo is real or not, I am writing this for one good reason – peace.

Just Speaking One’s Mind

While reading the article on the photo, I could not stop from thinking why the reaction of the public with regards to our Sabah claim was a bit colder than that of the spats we had with China over Panatag Shoal and the Spratlys. The Philippine Government has not even protested yet though those 12 killed were Filipinos too.

With the Panatag Standoff, our government was bold enough to challenge the China government on its claim over some group of islands along the South China Sea which was later renamed to West Philippine Sea. With the Sabah claim, the Philippines was more submissive to Malaysia. Whatever the reason is, I hope it’s for the better.

As a Filipino, all I want is peace without having to compromise justice. If the Kiram family has all the right to claim for Sabah, l would expect the government to support them. The state has to protect its people, their rights and properties. Otherwise, if Malaysia really owns Sabah, then so be it. We’ve had enough bloodshed!

A Quick Background

The Islamic Sultanate of Sulu once controlled parts of Borneo as well as southern Philippine islands. In the 1870s, it leased northern Borneo to Europeans. While the sultanate’s authority gradually faded as Western colonial powers exerted their influence over the region, it continued to receive lease payments for Sabah. The former British colony became part of the federation of Malaysia when it was formed in 1963. Kiram and the other heirs of the sultan still receive nominal annual compensation from Malaysia – the equivalent of about $1,700. – Yahoo! News

Royal Sulu Army Massacre

‘Double standards’ – Poli Ticks via Facebook

Kabataan Partylist also criticized the way that the government “essentially gave up” on the Sabah claim too easily with President Aquino even quoted as saying that it is a “hopeless cause,” even if the sultanate of Sulu has compelling historical and legal bases to back its claim.

“While the government is vehemently opposing Chinese occupation of Spratlys and Panatag Shoal, it essentially raised the white flag in Sabah without hesitation, even if it is clear that the Philippines has a strong case to claim sovereignty over the disputed land,” Ridon said.

Kabataan Partylist called on the government to actively pursue diplomatic talks with the Malaysian government and ensure that no more casualties would result from the stand-off.

“We also call on the government to support and revive the Sabah claim with fervor, and raise the issue to international courts if necessary,” Ridon said.

Source : Poli Ticks via Facebook


Globe LTE

So this is how fast Globe Telecom’s Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) network can go? After wandering Makat City, Mandaluyong City, Quezon City, Pasay City and Taguig City for good reception, now I know that it only works well at Serendra!


Garmin Gadgets

Getting fit for 2013 and beyond! I just fulfilled yet another promise I made to my wife and got her all the gadgets she needed for now and maybe until she ventures up to triathlons. Now, I just need to make sure that I finish the race on time and injury-free with her. I’ll then be ready for the next challenge – getting slim and sexy! Hahaha! Cheers!


Empty Edsa

It’s 6:00PM on a Monday and there’s No traffic at all! Wow!

Now I’m convinced that going home early is a good switch! It will save me from heavy traffic, limit my exposure to office politics and will give me more time to spend with what matters most for me – my family!


Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

It’s midnight! Arriving just in time to see the the first wave of 42K runners kick-off the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013. My wife and I are running 21K and she’s doing a 10K warm-up now while I’m planning to sleep until the 3:30AM Gun Start! As they say… run for fun!


Banchetto Forum

After circling BGC for a good dining place with my wife, we ended up for a quick fix instead – The Banchetto Forum besides Robinsons Pioneer. Besides, it’s a bit tough to dine guilt-free with our son waiting at home. It’s "one-for-all, all for one"!


EDSA is a Traffic Mess!













Traveling 5 kilometers daily from home to work now takes an hour or so instead of the usual 5-10 minutes! Is it the ever increasing number of vehicles or the lack of alternative public transport and roads? I don’t know! Maybe, it’s just the way it is! Good evening to all!


Rush Ride

I’ve been driving since high school and I’m a tough guy on the road until I sat on the passenger seat this afternoon with my wife driving us around the city and onto the province. Honestly, I was so paranoid like a chicken.

Actually, she’s been driving for almost 9 years now and she has improved a lot but giving praises is a bit hard when you’re too nervous to think and speak normal. In fairness, she’s a tougher driver – too fast, too furious!