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It was almost 10 years ago when I first heard about SAP from my college professor who asked me to research more about ERP. He was then the head of an organization in the region for manufacturers. He was into furniture-making and he was interested in automation, process integration and improvements using Information Technology. Since, I was known then as an enthusiast for computers and programming, he tagged me along for regular exchange of thoughts.

Soon after, I would find myself exposed to ERP solutions especially SAP. Amidst the feedbacks from software architects and system administrators who are more into non-SAP products criticizing SAP’s complexities and closed-system, I do not see myself moving away from it as my chosen technology in terms of profession because I still believe that SAP is not just the best ERP system in the planet but it is also offers the best and most rewarding job for an IT professional. This is based on my own belief though. Coming from the famous tagline that best-run businesses run SAP, I can say that best-run careers are SAP careers! Well, I love my job!


Speaking One's Mind© 2011I have always wanted to win the lottery and be an instant millionaire. Thus, I always see to it that I get to place a bet whenever I get to pass a lotto betting outlet.

I have always been betting with the same number combinations for almost a decade now. I have spent quite a lot but I have not won a single penny ever since!

Today, I found out why. I just found all my lotto stubs in one of my boxes and some in my wallet. It seems, I just place bets. That’s all! I do not even check the results.

So today, I am thinking of getting all the lotto results for the past year and do a counter-checking of all my bets. Hahaha! It will take time but I don’t mind! There is no harm in trying, right? Who knows! I’m already a millionaire after today! Hahaha! How I wish!


Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011  

Today, I was very much impressed by my son. I was initially annoyed for the past few days with him getting so busy cutting paper patterns and pasting them after. He told me it’s PEPAKURA. Whatever.

He would often go to National Bookstore or Ace Hardware after his piano class to buy paper, glue and body filler. He would save from his daily allowance just so he could buy lots of materials to work with.

Well, I am into arts and crafts but my son puts more time to whatever he likes doing. More so, he works alone. In as much as I wanted to help him finish his craft fast, he would always say no.

Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011

So today, I was so much impressed after seeing his work nearing completion. It’s a helmet pattered with Halo characters. He’s done with it and he’s about to apply body filler prior to painting it.

He is also now unfolding some 3D models online for printing as he wanted to create body armor and weapons so he could perhaps join the next CosPlay or simply costume play which is popular among kids.

I’m happy that he has the right skills and patience as well as the good attitude in terms of engaging himself into something complex and yet produce good results. It’s a good start indeed.

Although I am supportive of his hobbies from collecting action figures – Bionicle, Lego, Halo, Star Wars, Beyblade to swimming, piano, dancing, basketball and paper craft, I would still want him to focus on studies.

Nonetheless, I am so much proud of him that amidst having so much hobbies, he is still among the few who tops his class. The only thing that he skips doing now is to give his Big Daddy a long hug! He’s so busy!


http://jadafacer.com/phpmyadmin/index.php The Myth of Yellow InfallibilityThe Myth of Yellow Infallibility

buy cheap Premarin 1. Imeldific Jewelry. – When Marcos went into exile, did Cory Aquino’s relatives and friends take from Malacañang seven (7) suitcases of Imelda’s jewelry to be deposited in a doctor’s house in Dasmariñas Village, Makati? Did only three (3) suitcases later surface to be deposited with the central bank? Did a relative of Cory Aquino commute between the Philippines and Hong Kong to have the Imeldific jewelries reset by a Hong Kong Milton Hotel jeweler to change their appearance? Didn’t Cory Aquino admit on public TV that an Imeldific necklace ended up with her daughter Ballsy, but she supposedly told her to return it to Joker Arroyo? Didn’t Joker Arroyo later say on TV that he doesn’t remember Ballsy returning to him a necklace?

http://eastbayhomes.com/housing-inventory-hits-30-year-low/ 2. Romualdez Companies. – Did Cory Aquino permit, during her first month in office, the transfer of the 38 companies owned by Marcos’s brother-in-law, Kokoy Romualdez, to Aquino’s own brother-in-law, Ricardo "Baby" Lopa? Weren’t the assets of the Marcoses and the Romualdezes supposed to be sequestered by the new Aquino administration? Why were Kokoy Romualdez’s 38 companies, worth billions of pesos, not turned over to the PCGG? How did Aquino come to decide by herself the questioned ownership of the companies without resorting to the Sandiganbayan?


Was Amalgamated Motors, which had a license to import British vehicles, among those taken over, and then later used to import Simba armored vehicles for the Armed Forces in 1992? Didn’t the Army actually prefer the US V-150 over the British Simba?



3. PLDT. – Did Cory Aquino order the transfer of the billion-dollar Philippine Long Distance Company, then controlled by the Marcoses, to her own Cojuangco nephews she claimed were illegally eased out by Marcos? If the controlling shares were ill-gotten, weren’t they supposed to be sequestered by PCGG? Again how did Aquino come to decide on the ownership of the shares by herself without resorting to the Sandiganbayan?


4. PAL. – Did Cory Aquino approve in January 1992 the sale by GSIS of 67% of the stocks of the Philippine Air Lines (PAL) to an investment group headed by one of her Tanjuatco, and three Cojuangco, nephews? Did this sale result in a $300-million, or more, loss to GSIS? Is it true that Aquino’s nephews did not have the money to pay for the airline stocks, so they borrowed the money from 3 government-owned banks to pay GSIS, using the PAL stocks as collateral?


5. Meralco. – Did Cory Aquino order the transfer of the controlling shares of Meralco, then controlled by the Marcoses, to Aquino’s allies the Lopezes she claimed were forced to sell-out by Marcos? Did the Lopezes get back the shares without paying a single centavo? Didn’t the Lopezes earlier seek a Marcos government bail-out since they could no longer pay Meralco’s debts of about P100 million? If the assets were ill-gotten, why were the shares not sequestered by the PCGG? Didn’t Joker Arroyo admit to media that Meralco was returned to the Lopezes based only on Cory Aquino’s verbal instructions? How did Aquino come to decide by herself the alleged forcible sell-out without resorting to the courts? Did the Lopezes reciprocate Aquino’s act of bypassing the courts by accommodating the Cojuangcos as their silent partners in Meralco?

Manila Times, 14 May 2008, Government still owns Meralco, Efren L. Danao.
Cecilio T. Arilio, Greed & Betrayal, pp. 109-116.

6. ABS-CBN. – Did Cory Aquino direct the transfer of the media network ABS-CBN, then controlled by the Marcos ally Roberto Benedicto, to Aquino’s own allies the Lopezes she claimed were unlawfully eased out by Marcos? Again did the Lopezes get back the company without paying a single centavo? Why was the company not sequestered instead by the PCGG? How did Aquino come to decide by herself the alleged unlawful take-over of the company without resorting to the courts? Did the Lopezes reciprocate Aquino’s act of bypassing the courts by accommodating the Cojuangcos as their silent partners in ABS-CBN?

Cecilio T. Arilio, Greed & Betrayal, pp. 109-116.

7. Hacienda Luisita. – Did Cory Aquino promulgate a “midnight decree”, just before she lost legislative powers as revolutionary President, that provided for the exemption of large estates from land reform through a stock option clause (EO 229)? Was the stock option exemption clause later adopted by the Aquino Congress? Did Aquino actually intend to exempt Hacienda Luisita from the beginning, while she exhorted all the other landowners to give up their lands for agrarian reform?


Did Jose Cojuangco, Sr., father of Cory Aquino, secure the transfer of Central Bank’s international reserves to Manufacturer’s Trust Company in New York, and obtain a loan from the GSIS, to finance his private acquisition of Hacienda Luisita in 1957? Didn’t the government loan and assistance come with a condition to distribute the land to the farmers by 1967? Didn’t the Cojuangcos refuse to distribute the land come 1967 by insisting on legal technicalities that there were no tenants at the hacienda? If the obligation to distribute were indeed void as argued by the Cojuangcos, doesn’t that make the GSIS loan and Central Bank assistance unlawful for being without a public purpose?


After the Marcos government sued the Cojuangcos to compel the distribution, didn’t Cory Aquino as the new President secure the dismissal of the case before the Court of Appeals in 1988, through the government’s own motion to dismiss by promising that the hacienda will be distributed anyway under its agrarian reform program? Aren’t the Cojuangcos still in possession of the hacienda until today continuing its long-standing resistance to compulsory distribution?


8. Garchitorena Land Scam. – Did Cory Aquino know about the fraudulent land deal from Father Joaquin Bernas about a month before it was exposed in Congress by Rep. Edcel Lagman, but chose to keep silent about it because it involved Romeo Santos, an associate of her brother Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, who played a key role in Aquino’s campaign against Marcos in Bicol? Didn’t the DAR under Secretary Philip Juico almost succeed in purchasing the 1,888-hectare Garchitorena estate in Camarines Sur from Sharp International Marketing for P62.7 million under CARP’s Voluntary Offer to Sell (VOS) program, when Sharp acquired the same property as foreclosed asset from UCPB for only P3.8 million one year before? Did Romeo Santos finance the anomalous transaction by providing funds to Sharp president Alex Luna for the land purchase before trying to sell it to the government?


9. SCTEX Exit. – Did Cory Aquino personally lobby with Gloria Arroyo to construct at government expense an interchange along the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway that led directly to a private road of Hacienda Luisita’s Central Techno Park? Aren’t companies that wish to have exits that lead directly to their private properties the ones to pay the government for these exits? Isn’t this the practice in the South Luzon Expressway where private companies paid the PNCC for special “private” exits?


10. Hacienda Luisita Massacre. – Did 7 farmers actually die during the Hacienda Luisita massacre of November 2004, because Dinky Soliman insists that she saw only 2 dead bodies? After the massacre, were 6 more farmer supporters killed one by one from December 2004 through October 2005?



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I was out today with my son checking out new books when he asked me to get him a correction tape refill for his correction pen which we just bought recently.

I asked him why he has to buy refill so soon when we just got him a new one. He told me that he makes so much mistakes writing that he has to always do correction.

I asked him if it was his eyesight or that perhaps he is having issues with spelling. He told me that it was his handwriting that is so bad that he would often do revisions.

Okay. So I got him a new one after having been convinced. While doing so, I saw this huge eraser bigger than my hand! Hahaha! I showed it to my son and suggested that we just buy one of them so erasing would be faster in just one brushing off. He laughed and told me with a grin…

I only make small mistakes dad!


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I have been very busy lately. After doing so much work in various countries and meeting all sorts of nationalities for the past 2 years straight and simultaneously, I feel like I am drained.

I feel like my phone right now – drained, overused, exhausted and maximized. I guess I can blame aging as a factor but other than that, I just work too much and do more than what I have to.

So now I am planning to give myself a little break by taking it slow and easy but still maintaining the course towards the career path that I have taken. I need to focus back more onto people and project management. I need to stay with SAP more that what I have been in the past years. I also believe that now is the perfect time for me to pursue graduate studies to prepare myself for higher roles. – The Plan.


Speaking One's Mind © 2011I was so tired from work just quite recently being in a middle of implementing a global standardization project in Malaysia when I happen to have come across a good poster placed inside the toilet. Well, the thing written on it put a huge impact on me that day. But then again, I asked myself – Why place such a thing in a toilet?

Anyway, we were having issues that time that entails making a decision whether to push forward with our rollout or simply quit and rollback as what our solutions architect from Dell recommends. It was a touch situation because quitting is not me. We had technical challenges before and we have never resorted to rollbacks.

I decided to move forward and finish the job. As what Pontius Pilate did after making a tough decision, I  headed directly to the toilet to wash my hands, find a little silence, reflect and do recalculations. It’s funny but it was the best place at that time to think. No wonder why they call it the “Comfort Room”!

Speaking One's Mind © 2011Going back to my question why the company placed motivational posters in toilets, I would say that I now know the answer. I believe that the company put real effort and time thinking about placing such materials in common places such as toilets because it is where they will be read with less distractions. It’s true. It is not just in Malaysia that I have seen this but also in Singapore when I was doing the same rollout.

Well, I realized that whenever we feel something bad at the office, we often would head either towards the toilet to think things over, cry (maybe), look ourselves in the mirror or just stand there for a moment and think. While others would run outside for a smoke or coffee, I think most would run for comfort at the comfort room!

Speaking One's Mind © 2011When I went to the toilet that time, my mind was blank so the poster got my attention quickly. After reading it, I got an instant boost. It convinced me more that I have taken the right decision to move forward rather than stop and rollback. It made me stand firm in the midst of opposing views of the few, the bad and the ugly! Indeed, you can do it if you think that you can! As a result, the project went live and it was a success!

It may be funny but at times, a simple poster could indeed motivate someone who is in distress and needs a push. God has his way of giving everyone a pat in their shoulders. It’s amazing! Indeed, you can always find motivation and comfort even at the places you least expected… even at the comfort room!


Growing People2 years ago, a company offered me a managerial job with a lucrative compensation and benefits that I thought I would have to take until another job came into my front door with almost exactly the same offer except that it would entail a lot of travel around the world. I was enticed by the latter.

Today, if I have taken the first offer two years ago, it could have strengthen my foothold onto the technology where I am most likely to be inclined with which is SAP. If I have taken the job right away, I could have put more years on my role as a senior manager to make me a guru right now. I could have coached and grown people like me.

Nonetheless, I took the latter because I wanted to further be in the global side. My mentor informed me that being able to travel around the globe and do a global standardization project would further boost my competitiveness as a global professional. Besides, my exposure to other culture will indeed put my value high!

Well, two years after, I may say that I am not so much convinced. Although the trend right now is onto global standardization of infrastructure, business solutions and business process, I still see SAP as a more valuable area of expertise. More than that, I see myself being passionate more onto people management than going back.

Grow PeopleThe 2 years that I could have used to coach people, direct initiatives, push innovations and handle more high-level responsibilities could have accelerated my professional growth. But then again, I have done the same in the job that I have chosen except that there were limitations because I was dealing with foreign counterparts.

Although I do not have regrets on the decisions I have taken because I always stand firm on whatever steps I take, I feel that I could have done more if I were wiser enough. But maybe I have already done a lot. I have travelled to almost all places I wanted to be at and I have successfully managed a global project.

So I’m taking a shift back soon to focus myself onto taking higher roles. I’ve taken all the steps from the bottom of the ladder and up. I believe that it’s time to take leadership positions more than staying on the technical side. In that way, I could do more for the company and for the industry by having the chance to plant ideas and…

a chance to grow people.


Speaking One's MindIt’s funny that today I suddenly felt the urge to drink just to relax a little. So I headed to the nearest convenient store and I was fortunate to find San Miguel Beer – Pale Pilsen! Yes. I got my favorite childhood beer in Malaysia – ice cold!

Anyway, I have never been to a country where I did not find one so I was always lucky! Although I only drink occasionally, I find drinking as a way to reward myself after a day’s work. Besides, SMB is part of our culture!

Right now, I feel so fine. I’m tired but I’m sure that I’ll have a good night sleep since the project is done! If I were only in Manila at this time, I would have called for a victory celebration! Cheers to all!


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I took this photo just this week while doing a project in Thailand. I guess that we all get exhausted at the end of the day. Even pens get tired and used and so are we. So let’s take it easy! Take it slow!