When we hear of people dying especially in calamities, we are all moved to care. Then help starts pouring in. Unfortunately, we hear less about those who are alive yet suffering. Thus, we care less – or maybe because we don’t know.

Just in front of St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church in Ortigas Center, people going to church gets to pass a poor fellow daily yet I haven’t seen anyone both rich and poor offering help. I’ve seen the same person in the same attire for months now.

Every single time I get the chance to offer food and she grabs them as if she hasn’t eaten for ages, I feel so bad because I see people get to pass there daily and I see a church that is supposed to embrace everyone as a family and yet she’s still in the middle of a busy street rain or shine – dirty, hungry and neglected.

I feel so bad about how we tend to forget that they are also part of the society and perhaps were once productive like us. Now that Christmas is nearing, I hope they get to feel that they are also part of the celebration.

Besides, these less fortunate people we see homeless and wandering on the streets have feelings too and they surely know how to say “thank you”.

Tulong na! Tabang na! Tayo na!



The last fight was tough for Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people. We were all knocked out in a match that we could have easily managed to win.

With such a single hard blow of failure amidst having won a dozen times or more, the world easily turned its back on the People’s Champ just like that.

It’s not about whining though but fame and fortune can be so great only when you are on the winning side – be it in sports, showbiz, politics or in life.

It’s a sad plight but failing has its own good side too. It humbles a person to remember, to learn and to be wiser. Manny is a better man now.

We can’t win every bout but perhaps we can do it again… this time! Besides, we all deserve second chances. Manny and the Filipino people deserves one too!

Let’s do it!

11.10.13 – New Balance Power Run 2013


It’s been awhile since I last joined a long run so I am doing one today. I wasn’t really able to prepare unlike before so I am hoping I could make it safely and on-time. I will be running with my wife same as with the other races I joined but I have my office colleagues running too. I’m sure it will be fun but the pressure is on as well. I weigh 220lbs. I gained alot! I really hope I can run from start to finish.

Amidst all the excuses, my wife and I needs to finish on-time because we have to catch-up for my son’s swimming competition today. The three of us will all leave home early in the morning with my son taking his school bus for the tournament while my wife and I will head to Bonifacio Global City for our run. It’s 1:00AM and I have less than 3 hours to sleep before gun start.

Anyway, I guess I have to really force myself to bed for an hour or two. Please see the race routes for your reference. Run safe everyone! We can do it!




http://tenzinga.com/2015/11/ Source : RunRio, Inc.



Most of the people I worked in the past calls me a tough guy. It’s not because of my built and looks but because I work alot and I deliver on- time, on-scope, on-budget and at the right quality all the time. Well, I may not be a 7AM person but I work way beyond the normal and I usually stay up for work for 16 to 20 hours daily. This is my daily routine.

Having completed a huge project running for almost a year, my mind is all set for vacation now. Although I have already mastered my work through the years in such a way that delivering projects regardless of complexity seems to look easier and fun to the eyes of the people around me, I still get tired after work. Besides, I’m human.

There is a saying that you won’t ever get tired of working if you love what you are doing. Well, this may be true at times but we all get exhausted at the end of the day. Same as any great devices we have right now like our smartphones and tablet computers, we all need to recharge and get the energy anew to continue doing what we love.

I remember when I was younger. I was energetic, enthusiastic and filled with high spirit. I wanted to get the job done in one sitting. I was a programmer, a system designer, an analyst, an administrator, a security specialist, a web developer, an applications consultant and an entrepreneur. I wanted to do everything because I love working.

It’s not that I’m older and lazier but we all get used to the monotonous routine of life. Like a car getting old, sometimes we need that little pushing and jumpstarting to keep us going. We get wiser, more experienced and tougher each day but like a tree, our leaves may wither and drop as we lose that thing that keeps us passionately engaged – our drive.

All these may relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but I think that we all deserve a break. We all need to give ourselves a break from all the daily routines we have and recharge. Thus , I look forward to using my vacation leave credits this year in full to get back that energy lost. Besides, even tough guys need a break too!



I surely blogged about this several times way back and it pains me everytime to put effort and time just to understand why some folks would rather pick a more complex, more structured and more hierarchical approach than take a simple fix for a simple thing.

Be it work, personal or even in politics, we all wanted to be recognized. We all have this ultimate clamor to be heard and to be able to lead yet we do not even know how to listen and how to follow. It’s tough and sometimes, it eats up all your enthusiasm in an endeavor.

Having managed quite a few projects in the past few years, I have seen how groups struggle for a place on the top. Imagine a team of 7 further split into 3 subteams of 2 people each where one is a lead and the other is a member when it would have been more practical to just have one.

In politics, we have issues of basic social services not being delivered because politicians are busy climbing up for popularity and power. Even the government shutting down in the US is a result of political parties wanting to be on top of the game at the expense of their constituents!

I am not ranting. Well, maybe I am or maybe I’m just tired and sleepy. Besides, it’s 3:17AM! It’s #conjuring time! Hahaha! Anyway, we cannot simply have too many cooks and not spoil the broth. We cannot just let everybody rule the world and not have chaos! We need to put our acts together and that’s my two cents worth!



Just this afternoon, we thought of attending an open house event hosted by DMCI Homes at Flair Towers in Mandaluyong City dubbed as http://blog.genesissports.org/page/2/ Elevate. The affair was more of a sales presentation for Flair Towers, Sheridan Towers and Lumiere Residences.

Well, it’s the first ever event that we are attending as unit owner so we were really keen on going even if my wife has a fever. Besides, we paid for something that we haven’t really seen yet so the visit will give us the chance to see an actual model unit for the type that we bought. More so, I am really excited to see the Sky Lounge since I wanted to see the exact view that we have for our unit’s two balconies. My son was equally excited too.

I have been an art lover for so long now so I value beautiful sceneries and I really want to have a sneak peek of what I will be seeing in the morning while having breakfast and the view that I will get to stare at during night time after work. At the end of the day, having a real-life screensaver or wallpaper is wonderful.

We’ve been living in a condominium unit for almost a decade now and the experience is always about narrow corridors in a tall building strategically located in the middle of a business district with a swimming pool and fitness gym on the roof deck and shops down below.

This time, Flair Towers is totally different! It has more than 1 hectare of resort-style amenities. It even has more space for amenities and common areas than the total area of its two towers combined. The design showcased more greenery which makes it good for someone like me who loves sceneries. It’s definitely an inspiring place and a work of art!

I also have this addiction to perfection which is often referenced to being obsessively compulsive. For me, Flair Towers is the best so far in all of the condominium projects I’ve seen when I was doing all the window-shopping. With DMCI’s expertise and vast experience in building landmarks, I believe that Flair Towers is definitely a landmark of its own!

It’s a great place – simple yet elegant in its own ways. The grand lobby, function rooms and open lounge area in each of the towers radiate the exclusivity of the place. I also love the overall ambiance fusing nature and modernity with central garden atriums every 5 floors plus a sky garden in both towers. Having fresh air flowing freely along corridors is great. Thanks to DMCI Homes’ Lumivent Design Technology which allows cross-ventilation as well as bountiful influx of light and fresh air for healthy living in all units, all with the benefit of lowering energy costs. It’s a green building which is great not just for the environment but for our well-being too!

Well, I may sound as if I am a sales agent giving a sales pitch about the property but I am not! I am just happy that I want other people looking to buy similar property either as their home or as an investment to be happy too by sharing my insights about my soon-to-be home.

So we arrived at the site almost 2 hours before the event is set to finish. Nonetheless, we were able to do what we wanted to do and even got a free dinner afterwards as a consolation. Anyway, I was really amazed by what I saw. The building looks elegant and of high quality. The amenities are remarkable and the views from the Sky Lounge and even from within the property is really amazing!

On the roof deck, I was able to see SMDC’s Light just a few meters away along with Ayala’s Centera plus Cityland’s Pines Peak. I’m sure that in the next 2 to 5 years, the area will surely be packed with buildings especially when the development within the Greenfield District comes in full swing. Thus, I was happy to have picked a unit that is facing the street and Ortigas Center. At least, I’m sure that nothing will ever block my view even in the near future. Besides, I want to see both the sunrise and the sunset even when nearby buildings are all up and done. How cool is that?

Overall, I was happy that I made the right decision when I bought my unit at Flair Towers. It took me a long time to seal the deal with a freelance agent because I had to check all possible options that I can have just to ensure that I am taking the right choice. In the end, I was happy to get what I wanted. Although I am still months away before I can even move in, I already feel at home with this place. I love it! My wife and son love it too! True indeed, it "feels real good to be home".

Thanks DMCI Homes! Job well done!


Project Assessment

For every great project that I have been blessed to personally manage, a huge effort is required for due diligence and pre-project assessment. This task is very crucial because it is where the scope of work and all the initial plans are put up to create a project. As such, this activity is as important as the Go-Live day though it’s done only by a few people on the premise that a project has not yet been started and a project team is yet to be formed. Thus, a Project Manager forms an Assessment Team to do all the information collection.

The rationale behind a due diligence work is for people doing the assessment be able to pinpoint in advance the amount of work needed in terms of time and resources to accomplish a goal rooted from a demand from the business stakeholders. It is also in this task that all the challenges and risks are being mined to produce a better delivery approach and plan. In the project management perspective, this is where the initial scope document is created as a premise for a creation of a project and this is where all the plans are being drafted – even before the project start date.

Well, I just finished yet another amazing project last month and I am now busy doing all the assessment work for our next one which will cover not just the usual stuffs we do but a combination of both infrastructure, enterprise systems and process improvements. Having said this, we are doing all the preparatory work for a huge engagement right now and it’s an exciting time for professionals like me though it requires an overwhelming amount of effort. Thus, I thought I should write something to stress in the project community the great importance of due diligence and assessment as a project task.

Besides, I’ve been working so hard lately for this. Cheers!



It’s Friday. It’s supposed to be a good day today yet it’s a little gloomy. From the window in my house, there is poor visibility because of the heavy downpour. Will it be sunny later, I am not sure.

Life at times is confusing. There are uncertainties that we all have to face head on. The path ahead may not be as clear and the downpour may delay the journey itself but we have to be tough.

As they say, when it rains it pours. Often, we associate it with blessings. Perhaps, one will ask how can it be one. For me, there is better clarity after a heavy downpour. The sky is clearer.

We can even claim that there’s always a rainbow after a rain. Well, I believe so. In life, we just need to patiently endure everything that comes along and there will always be relief afterwards.

Besides and as I said above, when it rains, it pours.



I wonder when can we finally have a safer world where regardless of our differences in culture, religion and personal beliefs, people will find time to sit down and talk about them peacefully.

We all have inflicted so much pain already to innocent people around us because we find it hard to listen and make things work. Besides, we all deserve a safer and peaceful place to live!