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buy cheap prednisone I am me and I blog with the truth fearlessly. This is who I am. I am me and that can never be changed. A blogger and an enabler. I am a fighter with a pen as a weapon powered by ideas. I speak my mind when others prefer being silent. I am Ryan Ericson Canlas.

I am a Capampangan. I came from the land who brought the nation great presidents, senators, justice secretaries, national heroes, evangelists and artists. I am proud not just because of being a Filipino but because I came from Pampanga and I am a proud Capampangan!

I am an advocate of knowledge and a technology enthusiast. Information Technology is my profession and my tool as well to bridge people and bring convenience to life and more time for each individual to spend more time on more important things in life.

In my writing and in my expression, I have created friends and even enemies. Some do hate how I am able to speak my mind so well but others find hope in my attempt to voice out for them. The Freedom of Expression is never absolute yet nothing can suppress the Truth!

I may be young and still lacks the experience that most scholars and elders of this nation has. I may not have topped every endeavor I have engaged myself into but I have lived a life and has been living a full life for others. I was never a coward in fighting for others.

I may not get the fame nor the likeness of many but I am happy for what I am and for what I have been doing. At the end of the day, it is not on achievements that you will be judged but on how many lives you have touched amidst the strong winds and heavy rains.

I am Ryan Ericson Canlas. A strong-willed blogger. A good son. A caring brother. A supportive father. A loving husband. A compassionate leader. A fearless fighter. A loyal friend.. and a true Filipino!


  1. The first known perfectionist (Check his article “From a Late Comer to an Early Bird”) was Ryan Ericson Canlas… No, wait a second, was it him? Hmm… Maybe, that’s the first reference. Hang on… No, not him… Wait… Maybe it’s him… Oh Well! Okay, then…

    Finally, the first known perfectionist was Ryan, who was, obsessed with and fascinated by the beauty of things and creations that are perfectly embodied in his verses – his writing skills & professionalism in whatever he does. Amidst all, he is like everyone else.

    Wait, there’s something else I’m forgetting about him. Oh, Right! Sorry! Here, let’s try this information.
    Okay, hold on! This says nothing about what he did!

    Here is my new composure. He always comes up with new, better, and more sensible ideas with his extensive ten gallons head stuffed with lots of information. Hehehe!!!

    No, wait! Come back! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t get mad at me, please! I won’t do it again! Oh, thank you. Now back to the subject. “A hats off to a person who shares his thoughts and his work life in a much more passionate way.” Keep writing Ryan!

      • Dear Ryan

        I am from Perth Western Australia.
        Being an active member of the Filipino Australian Community here in Perth, I’m grateful for your expressive photos regarding the recent Typhoon Ondoy in the philippines.

        Indeed, pictures speaks a thousand woprds… in this case; millions, to reach our kababayan wherever in the world!

        Our Association is called FACPI PERTH ( Check facbook), which stands for Filipino Australian Club of Perth Inc..
        We recently been advsied by the Philippine Embassy here for teh Fudn rasing appeal, and will be holding a Concert,picnic day at the FACPI Clubhouse this 11 OCT ( Sunday).

        In this regards, I would like to ask your permission to use your inspiring photos to best showcase the recent Typhoon aftermath.

        I sincerely thank you and encourage you further on your good work and soldier on brother! We hear yah!


      • Mr. Benny Chan;

        You can refer to the bottom of my blog entry for the sources of the images. AP and REUTERS mostly retain ownerships of images I use.

        I am sure that they would approve your request since it is of a noble intention.

        Perhaps, you may use them as well but just indicate AP/REUTERS are image sources for courtesy and to show you mean no infringement of the said copyright materials. Thank you!


  2. Two thumbs up! I love to read your blogs – very informative, well written and inspiring. Keep it up! Idol 🙂

    • Thanks Mannix! If only I could write more of the advocacies I have both at the office and outside, then you could have more to read. Hahaha.

      The bottom line is… soon all will be well for all. Everyone will be rewarded of all their hardships because the voice has been heard.

      I, along with all of you… We were able to issue the wake up call. As I said before… THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD! Thanks!

  3. Went to the store to buy me a pen
    The pen wouldn’t write so I traded for a hen
    The hen wouldn’t lay so I traded for a ray
    The ray wouldn’t shine so I traded for a vine
    The vine wouldn’t swing so I traded for a ring
    The ring wouldn’t fit so I traded for a hit
    The hit wouldn’t run so I traded for a gun
    The gun wouldn’t shoot so I traded for a flute
    The flute wouldn’t blow so I traded for a hoe
    The hoe wouldn’t heave like holes in a sieve
    Like folds in a sleeve and I think it’s time to leave
    So don’t underestimate the power of the pen
    Because the power of the mind translates into the pen
    And if the power of the pen comes from w/in
    Like the power of the mind that makes you think
    Just think will this pen ever run out of ink?
    The pen kept gliding on a piece of paper
    The hand was guiding it ‘cuz sooner or later
    Thoughts would emerge everytime I get
    the urge to write on a pad all the thoughts I ever had
    We write the right rhymes so don’t try to bite mine
    In spite of this you still write to spite
    We write the songs that make people sing along
    You write for a fee and make a lot of enemies
    You dig for the dirt get cash for the trash
    How much would it cost for you to kiss my ass?
    Because the pen is mightier than the sword
    Heavens to Betsy, oh, my Lord!
    If you believe, you shall receive
    And if you deceive, we will besiege
    Because the power of the mind translates
    into the pen And if the power of the pen comes from within
    Like the power of the mind that makes you think
    Just think, will this pen ever run out of ink?
    Yeah?use a pencil

    –F. Magalona (1964 – 2009)

  4. My incognito email address is annalisa628@aol.com and I am Fred. I am amazed how you have put together and connected all those people in your article. Very interesting to know all the connections.

    Keep writing! Have not been home to the Phil. for many years. Have moved from the northeast to Florida. Still devote time in the northeast to break the monotony of sunny Florida.

    My best to you Ryan Ericson Canlas. Wonder if you have any relations to the Canlas of Tarlac. A very good friend of mine is a Canlas from the UN who retired in Longboat Key, Florida by the Sarasota Bay.

    More power to you!


    • Sir Fred!

      Good morning! Thank you for your remarks. Basically, it is my hobby since childhood to write and be vocal. Although my writing recently is diverted to Facebook where I get to post nuggets of wisdom coupled with a little humor to attract readers.

      As for my lineage, I come from the Canlas Clan of Pampanga and Tarlac. Basically, we all root from Tarlac but my Lolo Vicente along with his siblings and parents relocated to Pampanga then as farmers. My father grew up spending vacations with his cousins in Tarlac.

      Basically, if he is from Tarlac or from Pampanga like Sto. Tomas, San Fernando, Bacolor, Florida Blanca, Minalin or some from Bataan then he should be a relative. Wala na rin kasing malakihang reunion. Plus most relocated to UK, US and other places.

      I was even surprised to see an article about the 1st person to enlist in the War for US several years ago and he was a Canlas. Hehehe. Nagkalat lang talaga pero wala naman din ibang pinanggalingan kundi Pampanga and Tarlac so madaling mag-conclude.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the encouragement. I will blog more. I blame MAFIA WARS and FACEBOOK for being MIA lately plus work at the same time. Have a nice weekend!


  5. Ryan,

    Nabasa ko post mo about Jackie… Meron akong kilala na same incident happend. They were hacked also and nagpo-post ng kung ano-ano.

    Sana naman, mabigyan ng action ng sites like Facebook, Friendster o kung ano pa. Nablock yung impostor sa Friendster thru the help lang din ng mga friends.

    Ngayon ang problem is, sister nya naman ang may impostor. Kasi nakakasira ng isang tao. Not just emotionally… Umiiyak girlfriend ko ng nalaman na hack sya…


    • John,

      IDENTITY THEFT is a CRIME with a corresponding PUNISHMENT. Thus, it is important that you keep screenshots and click the REPORT USER BUTTON of any website when you see an OFFENSIVE USER or a FAKED ACCOUNT for record purposes.

      IT SECURITY EXPERTS can easily trace these bad tomatoes. Anyone who suspects that someone is using his IDENTITY online for FRAUDULENT and MALICIOUS purposes, you can always call the PNP or NBI for immediate TRACE and FILING of CHARGES before they can get to damage you online.

      Are the faked/hacked FACEBOOK and FRIENDSTER accounts ACTIVE? If YES, we can do something about that. List as well those people you think have the motive to do that to you so investigation can be faster as well!


  6. Hi Sir Ryan,

    I have read your blog on “jacque case” and I love how you put your thoughts into it. It’s full of wisdom.
    Actually, I don’t like blogging or reading blogs because I think of it as something “KSP”. Hehe
    But now, I think otherwise. Thanks to you.
    You inspire me.

    • Well, writing can be a hobby or a way to express what you think especially for those who cannot speak out of fear or perhaps lacks a little confidence to do so. Thus, you have the pen to do the talking!

      Sometimes, it is hard to write or blog. Even if you just intend to write for yourself or use blogging as a daily journal or diary of your life, some readers can get irritated of offended. Thus, writing entails a great responsibility.

      But then again, we do not write to gain readers nor online traffic. Yes, we can earn from writing or blogging but beyond it as a hobby or a livelihood is the advocacy for truth and justice. So stories should be written in a balanced form.

      Thanks EKATERINA GAMOVA! I hope you get to try it too. Express yourself! Cheers!

  7. Mr. Canlas,

    i know you are a good writer and smart enough to do your research before posting anything. I would like to know your source of the letter sent to jacque bermejo’s employers in Dubai.


    • Just speaking my mind! Hehehe. Stories are not written just for traffic alone but to show the reality behind every issues presented in a manner where both sides are given equal treatment to put justice at work. PEYUPS ba? Hehehe. Cheers!

  8. Hi Mr. Ryan,

    It is my first time to see your site and I have to admit that I started to admire the way you relay the stories although I just only read the “Jacque Bermejo Story”. I hope that this talent or hobby will not end here.

    Writing is one of the best ways to help our countrymen. I Just hope that you will continue doing it with your fair and balance way of relaying stories. I will share this site with my friends as I want them to know your impressive works and talents.

    I hope I we could see your face as well. So just in case we will see you somewhere, we could at least salute you for this simple but meaningful doings. Gob bless you and keep it up!!!


  9. nice to know someone like You do exist… inspiration to other to speak up and step up. keep up the good work.

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  12. Hi Ryan,

    My mom is now undergoing the same trouble with the GSIS survivorship. Would like to know if you have updates on your mother-in-law’s case as they would be very helpful. Were you able to write to imbestigador or XXX? It would be great if the victims of the memorandum will be organized so GSIS can hear our voice much better.




    • Hi Irwin! I am not so sure yet but I think my mother-in-law was able to get a funeral benefit amount but I am not so sure how much. Recently, the children received a sum of money each but I am not so sure if that is related to the claim with GSIS. My mother-in-law has escalated this already along with the help of some of her friends – Congresswoman Thelma Almario, Vice Governor Mayo Almario and some concerned individuals. Anyway, I heard before that you can opt to internally arrange with the director or manager of the member if you can just claim for what has been paid as premiums plus interest which is provided by the law provided that you were in service beginning a given year as per that rule. I am not so sure as I have forgotten the details already. Nonetheless, you need to go to GSIS office and send a letter which has to be received. You need to wait for the result which usually would come from the head of GSIS in your area. From there, you would know what to do next in case you obtain approval or not of your claims. Anyway, I will give an accurate feedback on this when I get to talk with my in-laws. Thanks and Goodluck!

  13. hi ryan,
    i came across your website when i was looking for typhoon ondoy’s photos. i was so impressed by your shots that i want to ask permission from you to showcase some of the pictures in my lecture about climate change, of course i have to put captions on it with your name included if you would permit me. i have also read your articles and i commend you for that. God bless and more power!



    • Hi Oliver! Most photos used in this blog are also sourced from the works of other talented people where credits were usually mentioned below the article. As for any material in this blog, you may use them for good and useful purpose. Thank you.

  14. hi ryan,

    i am gladys santos-ledina from habitat for humanity phils, an organization which has a vision of building a world where everyone has a decent place to live in.

    we are organizing a BLOGGERS BUILD on 27 November 2010, 9am-2pm at our
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    invitation for you to join us..while you share the experience of doing
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    have a home of their own..afterwhich, hopefully you can help us
    spread our advocacy.

    in case you are interested, please e-mail or text me at 0917-5547783.

  15. I love your “about me” page. Striking. 🙂
    Btw, I am a graduating student from UP Manila and blog hopping led me here. 🙂 I was wondering if you could answer a survey I made regarding Filipino bloggers. This is for my thesis and answering will only take you a couple of minutes.


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  32. Hi Ryan,

    I am now a fan. Also, hope its okay that I have reposted your entry “Monster Yaya” on my blog. If you’re not oky with it, I will be remove it from my site immediately. More power to you!

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