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http://scozglass.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"https:////scozglass.com//product//skull-pendant///" When we hear of people dying especially in calamities, we are all moved to care. Then help starts pouring in. Unfortunately, we hear less about those who are alive yet suffering. Thus, we care less – or maybe because we don’t know.

Just in front of St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church in Ortigas Center, people going to church gets to pass a poor fellow daily yet I haven’t seen anyone both rich and poor offering help. I’ve seen the same person in the same attire for months now.

Every single time I get the chance to offer food and she grabs them as if she hasn’t eaten for ages, I feel so bad because I see people get to pass there daily and I see a church that is supposed to embrace everyone as a family and yet she’s still in the middle of a busy street rain or shine – dirty, hungry and neglected.

I feel so bad about how we tend to forget that they are also part of the society and perhaps were once productive like us. Now that Christmas is nearing, I hope they get to feel that they are also part of the celebration.

Besides, these less fortunate people we see homeless and wandering on the streets have feelings too and they surely know how to say “thank you”.

Tulong na! Tabang na! Tayo na!

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