PACQUIAO VERSUS RIOS : LET’S DO IT! 20131124-121430.jpg

try these out The last fight was tough for Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people. We were all knocked out in a match that we could have easily managed to win.

With such a single hard blow of failure amidst having won a dozen times or more, the world easily turned its back on the People’s Champ just like that.

It’s not about whining though but fame and fortune can be so great only when you are on the winning side – be it in sports, showbiz, politics or in life.

It’s a sad plight but failing has its own good side too. It humbles a person to remember, to learn and to be wiser. Manny is a better man now.

We can’t win every bout but perhaps we can do it again… this time! Besides, we all deserve second chances. Manny and the Filipino people deserves one too!

Let’s do it!

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