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http://lovelygoldthings.com/leukemia For every great project that I have been blessed to personally manage, a huge effort is required for due diligence and pre-project assessment. This task is very crucial because it is where the scope of work and all the initial plans are put up to create a project. As such, this activity is as important as the Go-Live day though it’s done only by a few people on the premise that a project has not yet been started and a project team is yet to be formed. Thus, a Project Manager forms an Assessment Team to do all the information collection.

get link The rationale behind a due diligence work is for people doing the assessment be able to pinpoint in advance the amount of work needed in terms of time and resources to accomplish a goal rooted from a demand from the business stakeholders. It is also in this task that all the challenges and risks are being mined to produce a better delivery approach and plan. In the project management perspective, this is where the initial scope document is created as a premise for a creation of a project and this is where all the plans are being drafted – even before the project start date.

Well, I just finished yet another amazing project last month and I am now busy doing all the assessment work for our next one which will cover not just the usual stuffs we do but a combination of both infrastructure, enterprise systems and process improvements. Having said this, we are doing all the preparatory work for a huge engagement right now and it’s an exciting time for professionals like me though it requires an overwhelming amount of effort. Thus, I thought I should write something to stress in the project community the great importance of due diligence and assessment as a project task.

Besides, I’ve been working so hard lately for this. Cheers!

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