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Just this afternoon, we thought of attending an open house event hosted by DMCI Homes at Flair Towers in Mandaluyong City dubbed as http://beneficialblends.com/wp-content/plugins/apikey/wp_flo.php Elevate. The affair was more of a sales presentation for Flair Towers, Sheridan Towers and Lumiere Residences.

Well, it’s the first ever event that we are attending as unit owner so we were really keen on going even if my wife has a fever. Besides, we paid for something that we haven’t really seen yet so the visit will give us the chance to see an actual model unit for the type that we bought. More so, I am really excited to see the Sky Lounge since I wanted to see the exact view that we have for our unit’s two balconies. My son was equally excited too.

I have been an art lover for so long now so I value beautiful sceneries and I really want to have a sneak peek of what I will be seeing in the morning while having breakfast and the view that I will get to stare at during night time after work. At the end of the day, having a real-life screensaver or wallpaper is wonderful.

We’ve been living in a condominium unit for almost a decade now and the experience is always about narrow corridors in a tall building strategically located in the middle of a business district with a swimming pool and fitness gym on the roof deck and shops down below.

This time, Flair Towers is totally different! It has more than 1 hectare of resort-style amenities. It even has more space for amenities and common areas than the total area of its two towers combined. The design showcased more greenery which makes it good for someone like me who loves sceneries. It’s definitely an inspiring place and a work of art!

I also have this addiction to perfection which is often referenced to being obsessively compulsive. For me, Flair Towers is the best so far in all of the condominium projects I’ve seen when I was doing all the window-shopping. With DMCI’s expertise and vast experience in building landmarks, I believe that Flair Towers is definitely a landmark of its own!

It’s a great place – simple yet elegant in its own ways. The grand lobby, function rooms and open lounge area in each of the towers radiate the exclusivity of the place. I also love the overall ambiance fusing nature and modernity with central garden atriums every 5 floors plus a sky garden in both towers. Having fresh air flowing freely along corridors is great. Thanks to DMCI Homes’ Lumivent Design Technology which allows cross-ventilation as well as bountiful influx of light and fresh air for healthy living in all units, all with the benefit of lowering energy costs. It’s a green building which is great not just for the environment but for our well-being too!

Well, I may sound as if I am a sales agent giving a sales pitch about the property but I am not! I am just happy that I want other people looking to buy similar property either as their home or as an investment to be happy too by sharing my insights about my soon-to-be home.

So we arrived at the site almost 2 hours before the event is set to finish. Nonetheless, we were able to do what we wanted to do and even got a free dinner afterwards as a consolation. Anyway, I was really amazed by what I saw. The building looks elegant and of high quality. The amenities are remarkable and the views from the Sky Lounge and even from within the property is really amazing!

On the roof deck, I was able to see SMDC’s Light just a few meters away along with Ayala’s Centera plus Cityland’s Pines Peak. I’m sure that in the next 2 to 5 years, the area will surely be packed with buildings especially when the development within the Greenfield District comes in full swing. Thus, I was happy to have picked a unit that is facing the street and Ortigas Center. At least, I’m sure that nothing will ever block my view even in the near future. Besides, I want to see both the sunrise and the sunset even when nearby buildings are all up and done. How cool is that?

Overall, I was happy that I made the right decision when I bought my unit at Flair Towers. It took me a long time to seal the deal with a freelance agent because I had to check all possible options that I can have just to ensure that I am taking the right choice. In the end, I was happy to get what I wanted. Although I am still months away before I can even move in, I already feel at home with this place. I love it! My wife and son love it too! True indeed, it is it legal to buy clomid "feels real good to be home".

Thanks DMCI Homes! Job well done!

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