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article source I saw an article over Facebook a while ago which made me wonder if history in this country was ever written with utmost truth and accuracy. I know that most of the Filipinos consider the late strongman and the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos as an enemy due to his dictatorship and eventual declaration of martial law. Most of the evil deeds for the entire 2 decades of ruling the Philippines were attributed to him and her wife, the former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

I am not so sure if it’s just and fair to blame the head of the state for a soldier abusing his mandate and torturing someone without even his knowledge. I am not sure if the president knows all the doings of his subordinates or if he even has to know everything but I guess history placed all the accountability to the late strongman for every single wrongdoing that occurred during his tenure as the leader of the republic. Our history has been divided into two sides ever since we fought for independence.

During our country’s struggle for freedom against our colonizers through the Katipunan, we had Emilio Aguinaldo’s Magdalo Group rewriting history against Andres Bonifacio and his Magdiwang Group. The latter was executed for treason by the very person that he merely recruited for a group he formed. To this day, we all don’t know what really happened and why the 1st President of this land ordered the Supremo’s execution. In short, our history has some blank pages in between.

We are all for what holds the truth, what is reasonable and what represents justice. I was born during the Martial Law era and I was already present when the late Senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated and the late President Ferdinand Marcos was ousted by the famous 1986 People Power Revolution popularly known as EDSA Revolution. Anyway, I saw the document above and perhaps a story like this could help put some texts on the few blank pages in between our history.

I want to know the truth.

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