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http://theliberatedeater.com/author/cindy-landham/page/3/liberated-eater-disclaimer It’s funny how some people can easily forget all the good deeds that you have done for them just to advance their own personal wishes. I cannot even understand how quickly they can trash a good friendship just to get what they want. It’s a sad reality.

Maybe, it’s my fault. I am the type of person who gets a hard time saying NO to others. I always give in to favors and requests. Hating rejection, thoughtfulness is a trait that spells who I am. With this statement, I am sure that people who know me would agree.

To add further, I have always been willing to carry people through. I can always take heavy blows and take all the blame in this world for others. I won’t even mind it. I can even sacrifice my own precious time and wishes just to make other people feel good.

Amidst all these, I think that not all people are like me and I have to accept that. No matter how good you can be to all, there will always be some people who will want to take something from you so they stab you hard in the back secretly and still give you a pat in your shoulder.

Some call it survival of the fittest when someone stabs you in the back and take what you have yet hug you like a pal. Some great minds simply coin it as competition. For me, I call it – human nature. You give them your arm and the next time, they take the entire you half-satisfied.

The good thing is that these people don’t even care about their reputation because as they grab what others have, they are unaware that someone is watching over them. No amount of effort to professionalize one’s look can forever hide one’s greed and selfishness to the world.

At the end of it all, they may get away with everything but they can never change the fact that they have wronged others. As for me, I am happy amidst all these. Being downed unfairly and struggling to stand up slowly is not as bad as winning by cheating and stepping on people.

Besides, http://johnnyangal.com/wp-login.php karma is a good referee.

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