HOW TO SPOIL A 12-YEAR OLD GAMER… 20120602-003609.jpg I just got my son a new desk. Well, actually, it’s not totally new. I bought it from our office. We just moved in to a new building so all fixtures in our old office were all offered for sale to employees. Most of the items were barely 6-months old and they were sold for almost nothing! I got 2 ergonomic chairs as well for a few bucks! Good deal indeed!

Playing computer games for almost the entire school break to beat boredom is not a laughing matter. We only allow him to play during vacation. He can’t play any games during school days! That’s why he’s maximizing his chance to play from dusk until dawn! Besides, he has a few days remaining before school opens. Thus, I’m spoiling my 12-year old gamer some more!

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