This Site We just arrived Manila via Philippine Airlines almost an hour past midnight. It’s the 3rd day of the year and I was full of positive thoughts due to the great family holiday we had until a lady met us in front of the domestic arrival terminal. She was offering us to take a fixed rate cab at P1600 from the airport to Mandaluyong City. It’s almost tenfolds of what I normally pay to a regular taxi every time I had to travel outside the country via the same terminal. Trying to persuade us, the lady even told us that yellow taxis are not available anymore at this time and that they charge the same. My wife said no instead and we went to the international arrival wing for the metered yellow taxi.

Thinking that we were saved from the lady trying to take advantage of passengers arriving tired from the provinces, we booked a yellow taxi and told the dispatcher to have someone stationed at the arrival gate to inform people or at least put a better signage to tell people where the metered yellow taxis are. The dispatcher got us a cab, loaded our luggage and told us that they will address the issue. Soon we were on our way home. I saw the meter displaying the word “data” but because I was used to taking yellow taxis with no issues, I just kept quiet. The trip was quick and in less than 15 minutes, we were in front of our building only to find out that our taxi fare was P560!

Well, I pay the same or sometimes higher but because I normally arrive late in the afternoon from my trips abroad and the heavy traffic speaks for the bill. What is wrong with P560 is that the trip was so fast because there were only a few vehicles on the road. Tired and dizzy, I got all the bags at the compartment and let my wife do all the questioning and complaining. In the end, we just had to pay the said amount and just note the taxi’s body number – “ go to my blog H-166“. We did not even get the receipt! I am not so sure if the cost is double in the wee hours of the morning but I suspect that the driver did not meter the trip and just displayed the last amount he got for us to pay. Anyway, we are home – safe and sound! That is what matters most! Nonetheless, I hope that this does not happen to other people. That’s all! Happy New Year!

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  1. This is really shocking & ridiculous! How could that lady say that the metered taxis are not any more available?? I think there are the things that really leave a bad impression on a tourist visiting Philippines, She must have thought you are also some tourist, and wanted to take advantage..

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