IT’S MY DAY ONCE AGAIN!\ 20111219-000757.jpgI just came home from a short visit in my birthplace. It has been a practice for me to visit my parents and siblings a day before my birthday. I arrived Manila with barely 5 minutes left on my watch and I still have to wait for the elevator. I always wanted to be home when the clock strikes midnight! I have to be home on my day and it’s always a must!

follow site We’ll, indeed I am still the same old fool who loves rushing in. Fortunately, I always make it so it’s fine! I am home right now and doing the thing I love most which is writing this blog article. Though, I am quite not in the mood, I am still happy that I just turned a year older. Well, age is just a number and being young is an attitude! Right KC? Lol!

get link Unlike 2 years ago where I was really surprised indeed by my parents and siblings organizing a big party for me, it’s quieter this time. My mother and sister prepared Pinoy-style spaghetti with sweet sauce as how I wanted it plus my favorite kare-kare, a dish often served whenever I come home from Manila during my college days.

Being with my family a day before my birthday is something special for me. I got ice cream for everyone and my father got us the classic “balut”. An aunt who recently arrived from London dropped by and greeted me and so does my mother-in-law via phone call. I got a call too from an uncle in the UK as an advanced greeting. I met my other uncles too!

Nonetheless, I missed having a haircut with my good old barber – Mang Mar! I missed cooking instant “Pancit Canton” too but I had sweet spaghetti when the clock stroked midnight. I guess I deserve an upgrade from instant noodles to pasta! Hahaha! Last year, I had a special celebration too with my friends in Sydney. I got a treat as well from Philippine Airlines through a free seat upgrade while on a flight from Sydney to Manila on my birthday.  Well, I am missing all the pampering though.

Anyway, I have yet to receive my greetings from my son and I am not sure if my wife has something special for me. We were all tired from travelling. Perhaps, it’s a surprise that I have to wait and see but I have something special for myself – I am attending the “Simbang Gabi” later for a change! At the end of the day, I have to give thanks to God for all the blessings he gave me for the past year – for the good health, good career, good marriage and good life.

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend especially for Sunday! We were able to visit my wife’s nephew too which is something that we wanted to do for a long time. Although I missed doing some stuffs as mentioned above and I was really upset a while ago with my phone dropping hard on the pavement as I was getting out of the car, I guess I have to be happy after all! For my scratched phone, it’s probably a sign that I should treat myself anew and get a new one with “voice command”! Hehehe! Besides, it’s my day!!!

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