GOODBYE CHAIRMAN! It’s the first time in my corporate life that I have seen a very simple yet a very touching farewell gesture to a departing colleague. Today, one of my officemate is leaving to relocate in the US. She is set to join her husband who is in the military service. She has been with the company long enoug that her colleagues have already developed strong friendship with her. What could have been a simple lunch for all employees turned out as a small yet very special farewell party for her. Everybody sang, played games, gave her a gift and exchanged stories and farewell messages.

Well, maybe it turned out organized and emotional because most of my officemates were ladies. In the old days, we men would just organize a drinking party whenever someone leaves the company. So for me, this is the first time I have seen such a touching send-off. I barely know her but perhaps they are truly right about her being one of the friendliest people around. She is even called “chairman” not just because of her surname but perhaps because of her traits! Anyway, I am thankful for having worked with her even for a short period of time.

Well, I guess, goodbyes are something we all have to be prepared for.

source Goodbye Kristine… Goodbye Chairman!!!

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