SAP ManagerSAP nowadays remains on the top of the list in terms of value as one of the most expensive technology and most expensive job in the IT industry. At the same time, Project Management has always remained a viable career leading to higher management spot. Having a career on either one of them offers a lucrative remuneration and a vast opportunity to see the world for free.

Someone who wanted to be under SAP and yet practice Project Management has the option to push for an SAP Project Manager role. It is a very good job title though. Nonetheless, some professionals may not be lucky enough to get into the said job simply because SAP Project Management requires a successful applicant to have at least a full-cycle implementation exposure prior.

Global IT Project ManagerThe only way to get an exposure in SAP is to actually have the job prior. So it is quite tricky. But then again, some plain IT Managers are sometimes commissioned to rollout SAP projects with minimal requirements – knowledge of ASAP Methodology and the ability to execute a project plan.

Anyway, I made this article to put up a poll surveying the preference of SAP and Project Management Professionals. I know that both jobs are quite in demand right now. I want to see which one is rather preferred by people in the industry. Thus, the question is…

how to order priligy Given the chance, will you take a local SAP Manager role or a global IT Project Manager job?

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