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buy female viagra cheap Facebook TimelineJust this week, I got so much intrigued with this yet another feature being introduced by Facebook tagged as “Timeline”. Thus, I googled my way to it. With a few clicks, I was able to convert my Facebook profile page layout to the new format which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is a "new way to express who you are."

This new feature got a good first impression out from me. It has better aesthetics and it is more image-driven much like a scrapbook. It showcases all your shouts, images and comments not just from the time you joined Facebook but from the date you were born! So it is an online autobiography and a scrapbook put into one!

Facebook this time is popularizing the use of “cover” photo which is what people get to see first in your timeline rather than just your profile picture. So now you have 2 photos acting as part of your header with your basic information displayed below it plus your photos, friends and pages you like represented by thumbnails or images rather than just tabs or text links. As I said, it’s an online scrapbook!

Overall, this is a new breakthrough in social networking. My only concern is same as what skeptics are talking about – security. In this age where identity theft is becoming a trend, we all should be careful with personal information that we share online. Nonetheless, I am sure that Facebook has already thought about this prior and we are all known to this issue true to all social networking sites.

Nonetheless, we still need to be cautious! Facebook Timeline is a cool feature that redefines social networking! It is meant to facilitate better communication and effective collaboration. It is self-expression at its best! Nonetheless, we need to be careful and responsible in using it especially with the personal information we share. Cheers! 

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