continue reading this I just declared today that my project in Singapore is now going-live on the new platform and infrastructure. Thanks to the entire project team for making this yet another successful implementation. This is the toughest site so I feel so fulfilled!

buy cytotec without a prescription Like any other rollouts, we have had some issues both minor and major. Nonetheless, it did not reach a point where I had to escalate to the CIO because I was able to push each project team member to resolve issues in their utmost capability.

As they say, leadership is not just about issuing orders but getting things done by motivating and pushing people to their full potential to achieve a common goal. It may be an effort not fully appreciated but the result is what matters most.

In any given implementation, there will always be professional and sometimes personal arguments. We are still humans. But then again, all these forms part of the overall success of any project. I consider all discussions as brainstorming sessions.

10 Keys to ERP Go LiveIn the last rollouts I have done, I have seen how different people from different nationality reacts. Some are panicking to the brink of escalating without having to try resolving the issue first while some tries to find fault and pass blame.

Weird as it may be but there are times when everybody wants to be the head. This causes a lot of problems as too many hands could always spoil the food. Perhaps, it is about culture, upbringing or plain educational background. It’s a challenge.

There will always be hard and difficult people to manage. There will always be members who wants to be leaders and consultants who wants to take control of how tasks are ran rather than just focusing on their areas. It’s part of the thrill.

Dealing with Difficult PeopleOn my part, I try to be cool. I only escalate when I see things as being out of the capability of the project team. Besides, having to panic will not do anything good as the support team is miles and miles away. I need to make do with what I have.

On dealing with people especially with a few bad tomatoes, I had to professionally address issues and raise them if I have to. I have learned this over time from my previous bosses to fix issues before they explode.

I have not failed so far in any of my projects and I intend to keep it that way. Although I manages differently, I do not see anything wrong with the way I execute things because I deliver good results at the end of the day.

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