donde puedo comprar redustat orlistat I am okay now! Last night was really like being put into a torture chamber due to the extreme pain I had to endure. I have high tolerance to pain but last night was beyond my power! If not for toothache, I would not have gotten into bed so early at 8PM which is quite weird considering that I am certified insomniac for decades now! I took 2 tablets of painkiller before going to bed and started biting my pillow with my aching tooth until I fell asleep. It was really like hell if I may use the word! Ouch!

buy propecia over the counter Anyway, I just came home from a visit to my dentist today. Well, it’s just downstairs so it’s not really a big task for me but it was a big relief! I went there yesterday at lunch time but I was  asked to come back this morning at 11:30AM instead because all dentists are fully-booked! Well, I was not able to make it this morning so I thought I could have a visit at 2:30 PM but I was told to come back instead at 6PM! It’s fine! Blame Filipino time… this time!

San Buena Dental CareAfter taking some phone calls with my colleagues in Europe and fetching my  son from his fieldtrip, I waited for my appointment in the hope that I could have the evening without having to take painkillers or sleep early due to the pain.

Well, at 6PM, I got an SMS from the clinic assistant named Bonnet so I hurriedly went downstairs at the San Buena Dental Care to have my tooth treated by my young dentist – Dr. Lei Antoine Vilano. It was a huge relief!

Well, my wife and son are also patrons of the said dental clinic under Dr. Diorella Lu San Buenaventura – Santos also known as Dr. Dior so I was sure that all will be well. Besides, I have been their patient for quite sometime now.

After having told her what happened and what I was feeling for the past few days, she started doing her job. She was supposed to recommend a root canal procedure but I insisted that my tooth be restored via a permanent dental filling then we wait if it works. With all the pain that I had to endure recently, I felt that I cannot withstand another painful procedure though I was told that it would be painless due to anesthesia. I am not that ready yet. 🙂

Actually, dentists should know what is best for their patients. They normally would proceed with whatever they think is best but there are some who would share their thoughts to patients first and get their inputs before proceeding. Well, I am lucky that Dr. Lei and even her colleague, Dr. Dior are both open to patient’s insights. It’s not just about cost but the need to assess whether patients can endure the entire procedure or not. Indeed, patient’s comfort is important in any treatment process.

So at 7:30 PM, she was almost done with the job except for some last minute treatment with my gums which has been subjected to some cauterization in preparation for the tooth restoration. She has spent a lot of time as well in making sure that I have a perfect bite with the dental filling leveled perfectly with my tooth below to avoid the same trouble I had in Australia where I had toothache because of my bite caused by untrimmed tooth filling. So far, I am happy with my bite.

It’s 7:45 PM now and I am home already. I am just waiting for 15 more minutes before I can finally have my dinner. I feel no pain nor any discomfort so far and I can drink cold water without trouble. Well, I am very much thankful for having quick access to my tooth fairy downstairs and that I can now relax thinking that I should be well soon. Overall, the job was done so well. I can now eat, drink and be merry. I can now smile freely without the frown. Thanks to my buy orlistat (xenical) TOOTH FAIRY!

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