generic topamax no prescription Make Things Happen I have a mission to accomplish starting May 2010 and that is to ensure that I get to standardize at least 33 sites in Asia-Pacific in the least possible time where I am targeting to consume only 20% of the estimated budget for my region alone without compromising our goals and plans.

have a peek at this website This may sound so ideal but this has a 50% buffer already and I tried to plan using the most conservative values as much as possible. So, I may say that this is a plan that is very well feasible and doable! Besides, I am doing it!

Now, let me share some of my insights on this. Well, the secret in successfully rolling out a global standardization project is not just about having a good plan but also by having reliable and skilled people who can form part of your precious pool of resources. They will basically be the key in making things happen. Thus, they are very important both to you and to your goals. The challenge of ensuring that they share the same drive with you is equally vital as well. Thus, you need to make your people aligned to whatever mission you have. You need to shepherd them!

Given enough budget and management support plus a professionally-made plan, you need the DRIVE within yourself to accomplish the mission. In order to have this, you need to BELIEVE on whatever you are doing. Making Things HappenYou need to have the very same goals of the project and the stakeholders as your own. You need to put your mission in your heart and mind. In doing so, you can effectively convince your resources and even your clients to work with you with full cooperation and trust because they see the full conviction in your eyes that you can make things happen for them as how they wanted it to be.

With resources well allocated, a strong determination to pursue your targets and right attitude to succeed, you are now ready to face whatever obstacles you may encounter as you realize your goals. Now, it is important to remember and accept that at times you will fall and fail but what matters most is knowing that you need to stand up on every fall and continue your pursuit.

Great men are not born but they are created by time much like the best sword hammered and burned to be that sharpest that it can be. When you know what to do and where to go, just go and do things as you must have. Constraints are constant in life and they should not matter to where you are to go.

Besides, we are men! We make things happen.

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