THE SWEEPERS! Sweepers I have reached the hotel now after a tiring weekend. As I was fixing my stuffs, it came to my mind that we have 2 more colleagues who were left at the site to do cleanups and sweeping and they are the SWEEPERS. The title may seem to be quite weird but the role is literally same as the title itself. The SWEEPERS sweep whatever issues are left after the rollout of a project. Thus, they are equally important as the others.

I may not have had the chance to personally thank them on their excellent work over the weekend, I know that they are aware of how I appreciate their hard work for the project. I started from the bottom of the food chain too so I relate to them.

I am impressed by Jesper’s quick-thinking and honesty for approaching me for an assessment of how I see him as a team member. I am thankful as well for San who has kept me informed when everybody else was talking a different tongue.

We would have not signed-off if not for them as well. Aside from the Technical Architects, IT Managers, Project Managers and the Line Support back home, the SWEEPERS are equally important to the project’s success!

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  1. i totally agree with this! how about firefighters, do you have them too? we have them here. at least that’s how they pride themselves. the firefighters. they don’t actually fight the fire, they pass the issue to us.

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