Baby Pacquiao-01

Baby Pacquiao-02

Baby Pacquiao-03

Baby Pacquiao-04

Baby Pacquiao-05

Baby Pacquiao-06

Baby Pacquiao-07

Baby Pacquiao-08

Baby Pacquiao-09

Baby Pacquiao-10

Baby Pacquiao-11

Baby Pacquiao-12

Baby Pacquiao-13

Baby Pacquiao-14

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    I just want you to know that I personally did the one with the pony tails, the one with the sumo wrestler and pac being carried by Freddie Roach (this one has become famous).

    They all first appeared in Pacland.

    I’m glad you appreciate my work.


    • TONY! Wow! We were all looking for the person who made those and it’s good you have informed me about this. Yeah! They are indeed famous and due credit has to be given to you for your creative art works! Hehehe. Funny but not offending. I am sure that even PACMAN will appreciate them. Kudos!

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