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Saving Private Ryan

Jack Sparrow


Twilight 2

Lord of the Ring

Lord of the Ring 3

Lord of the Ring 2

Rambo 2



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  1. Very fantastic, how U make Ur photo it seem such as the original photo, are U make with adobe photoshop, and how the technique? please answer because i’m beginner with it…?thx

    • Here in the Philippines, we have several people who are very creative. Have you seen the Philippine-version of the Transformers patterned with our country’s public transports? Check my blog for the photos. The photos I used are basically borrowed from the creative artists that we have. Thus, I do not have tips to share. I myself is an artist but I do not use photoshop.

      With photos, photoshop and other image-editing tools can make all tamperings and editing easy. I think what you should do is read some books and do some experiments with your software. There you will be able to enhance your skills and be good in what you are trying to be at. Thank you for reading!

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