Continue Reading It’s been quite awhile indeed! It’s just today that I get to post some blog entries I have written over the past week and it’s just today that I came to read some blogs I regularly visit. In just a week or perhaps month, I have seen how a fellow blogger has improved so much. I have idled a bit but he has never took a time out in expressing himself just as how I wanted him to be during the time that he was too silent that the only means he could voice out his ideas was to approach me and ask for a little time to talk.

Visit Website After the first talk we had where I got to send him off to write himself and his mind out, much has changed. I am happy. I am happy because in a few days, he could already surpass my blog stats. Hehehe. I am happy because he has revived not just his passion for writing but for mastering the courage to speak when everyone else keeps quiet! He is a testimony that indeed we can touch people’s lives to make a difference! I am happy because in one way or another, I may have inspired him to be a better man much more than I am.

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