find more information Milo Best 1It’s Saturday. April 4, 2009. I have set off my entire team to travel to their provinces since we have been allowed to work from home under a special window granted only to our team after series of talks. This directive was to give them enough time to travel and set up their home office so work can be rendered remotely for the entire holy week until the 13th of March.

The setup will ensure that each and every one of us are able to render work and are allowed at least to be with their families during the long vacation. I also wanted them to have at least the entire break to refresh and have a little relaxation which I know they truly deserve.

Thus, I have to cover some or the entire 48-hour shift as they travel. It’s fine for me. I have been covering the said rotational shift plus the regular Saturday shifts for almost 2 years now anyway. Hehehe. The fatigue and work itself is not a challenge but the time that I have to manage to ensure that I have enough left for my family.

Today is my 9-year old son’s second session for his MILO BEST Summer Sports Clinic (B.E.S.T. for Basketball Efficiency  Scientific Training) at Xavier School in Greenhills, Mandaluyong City. We usually would enroll him every summer for a sports class. He already took taekwondo and swimming and he’s really good with the latter.

Milo Best 2Last week, I was not able to make it on the 1st day of his MILO BEST class because I was at work. I did not even make it on his Recognition Day which was held a day prior due to a scheduled meeting with our CEO which did not push through. My son is a consistent Top 1 of his class and an honor student.

Today, I intended to ensure that I will make it. I wanted to spend my day today as a father although I am still on-call for work. My son wanted to learn and play basketball. I also wanted him to learn and play the sport that I never got to learn and play good at. I wanted him to do what others can freely do and that I cannot.

I avoided playing basketball when I was young because my classmates then would bully at me throwing the ball in my face that I couldn’t even catch it due to poor eye sight. As a result, I would end up with my nose bleeding or with a black eye. I wore a pair of huge eye glasses then.

All was okay for me but what did not make me happy was the fact that I was tough with everything from academics, arts to writing and other sports except basketball. I was a laughing stock. I entered track-and-field, volleyball and even football where I was into the high school varsity but not with basketball.

The only ball game I was so great that I was a champion for 4 years in singes and doubles was SCRABBLE. Well, at least it sounds like a ball game. Hehehe. Anyway, everyone in the family plays the ball so well. My son’s cousin can even play it so well at 8 years old. My youngest brother also plays for his school. He is being trained by my father who used to play basketball with some leagues in our town.

Mile Best 3Thus, I wanted my son not to be like me in a way. So, we left before lunch at home as I carried my laptop and fully-charged my mobile phones. I got my son’s basketball and my wife led him to the parking lot at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong where I usually park on Saturdays.

We travelled like 2-3 kilometers bringing all our stuffs plus my mobile office. It was a lucky day for us because there was no traffic at all and we were there way ahead. My son got his Gilbert Arenas’ Adidas shoes and a pair of Nike shorts and shirt which I got for PhP 2,500 at a Nike Store in Greenhills Shopping Center instantly resulting to my wife’s famous “tiger look”. Hehehe.

She’s a “SURF’s WAIS” lady like Lumen who would fight for a PhP 1 discount and would even spend 2 liters of fuel driving extra kilometers looking for a BDO ATM because she don’t want to be charged PhP 10 with other banks’ ATM. Hehehe. Well, anyway, I can write a different blog entry about her next time. Hahaha. 

I am usually O.C. (Obsessive Compulsive) with brands. If his shoes were Adidas, everything should be Adidas! Well, we couldn’t find the size for my son with Adidas so we had to rush to Nike Store only to find out that we can actually get it cheaper at Shoppesville for like maximum of 500 for the entire set! Hmp. I told you, I am innocent with anything about the sport. Hahaha.

Milo Best 4At lunch time, we were already at the gym of Xavier School. Kids on their MILO BEST shirts were all around playing as parents were getting their own seats to watch. My son was quite hesitant as he sat on my lap like a baby that he is for us. He was perhaps missing the self-confidence that his dad has so much in surplus. Hahaha.

From 1Pm to 4PM, my wife and I were at the gym watching my son and the other kids do various drills with their coaches. Nicanor Jorge or Coach Nic was also at the premises guiding the MILO BEST CENTER’s coaching team being the founder of the famous basketball clinic in 1979 which has been the benchmark for basketball training in the country for 30 years now.

There were moments of laughter for all of us as we see kids do some bloopers and blunders. There were children who were so small that no one would think they can even carry a 9 lbs. ball but to one’s amazement, they surely can dribble the ball with mastery. They love the game indeed and they are gearing to learn to play it. It was an affair to remember. 

Milo Best 5I got no calls and the on-going transition plan for all the servers we had in Denmark seem to be seamless that I was able to finish my son’s basketball class undisturbed! I have seen some parents both dads and moms as well who were there for the entire 3-hours class. Some were on their phones perhaps talking about work while some were there to simply watch their kids.

I have seen parents who seem to be executives in their work and some who seem to look busy for the weekend but then again they were all there for their kids. This observation made me realize that at the end of the day, we need to pause from work and put a day out for our loved ones whether for our kids or for our wives.

I have felt once again the joy of being a father and a husband that I long forgotten because I was made to think that I was born to work and work and work for a living. The focus on career-building has somehow deprived me of time to focus on home-building. Once again, a simple event like attending my son’s MILO BEST class made me realize that amidst all….


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