http://columbusclimate.com/product/ti14ms/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments Pedestrian Lane at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong along St. Francis St. in Ortigas Center

http://elmariachirockville.com/?author=7 I arrived almost past 9PM and as I entered the building, I saw newly made PEDESTRIAN LANE just in front of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong facing our residential building. It was still half-done but it made me feel happy. I got my phone and I took a photo of it. As I climbed the stairs to the lobby, I remembered AMIEL ALCANTARA, the 10-year old student who passed away almost a month ago at Ateneo Grade School.

I greeted the security guard whose name tag has the name, ALCANTARA. I then talked to him about the new PEDESTRIAN LANE and how important it is not just to the kids at our residential building studying at LSM but for all others who goes to the church and those who goes to work in nearby buildings who needed to cross the street with care.

Then, I thought of referring to his name tag and relating the discussion to AMIEL ALCANTARA and how instrumental he was for all the various safety enhancements and initiatives now being adopted by schools nut just elementary but also high schools and colleges. Manong Guard agreed. He heard about it and he was thankful as well.

It has been almost a month since the incident that claimed the life of this young boy took place but the lesson learned and the good things that this has brought to the society will always remain. I know that somehow, whenever I get to see the PEDESTRIAN LANE at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, I will always remember the young boy that was AMIEL ALCANTARA.

Thank you.

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  2. To Mr. Enrico De Guzman of LSM;

    Thank you very much for all the good deeds and various initiatives to address such clamor for a safer LSM. Anyway, I get to see you every day as I take my son to school every morning. It is just that perhaps we may not have talked in person before. More so, I know most of the security guards at LSM since I often would take an overnight pay-parking as I live in a residential tower just fronting the school. We are also regular churchgoers.

    Well, I appreciate all the improvements introduced. Although my work has made it hard for me lately to actively participate in PTA meetings and even meet you in person to thank you, I share the joy that all parents have with all the efforts being done to secure our kids. The guards are very much visible as well that even this morning; there are several of them assisting parents dropping their kids to school.
    I have a son who is in Grade 4 and like any parents; we wanted the best for them both in terms of education and security. Besides, he is our one and only and LSM has always been a second home to him because we take him there in the morning while we work and we fetch him in the afternoon as we go home. Thus, most of his time is spent at LSM and it helps us parents to have a peace of mind knowing that our kids are well taken care of through all these security measures installed.

    The only issue I see now is being able to request for Ortigas Center to put up some PEDESTRIAN SIGNAGE aside from the PEDESTRIAN LANE and ensure that speed is monitored. Erring drivers often would speed up even when seeing kids and parents walk along the marked pathway. They try to catch the traffic flow long Shaw Blvd. and often this can open risks to pedestrians. We do not want the same fate as 2 year old girl who was killed just yesterday near Camp Crame as she was crossing a pedestrian lane with her mother. The driver obviously ignored them. Thus, we call for the installation of signage.

    More so, if MMDA personnel and Pasig Traffic Police (TMG) are fond of catching traffic violators at the J.VARGAS crossing and just at the corner of EDSA entering SM MEGAMALL, perhaps we can ask them to police as well the junctions along ST. FRANCIS ST. and SAN MIGUEL AVE. and impose the same fines for speeding drivers. This will ensure that drivers will observe such rules and regulations.
    The TRAFFIC SIGNAGES as well for the PEDESTRIAN LANE and for the SPEED LIMIT plus a SCHOOL ZONE sign will make the awareness more effective. I do hope that the same measures are applied as well on other school zones and busy streets so we can prevent accidents and unnecessary loss of lives. Anyway, thank you for all the efforts and we hope that you and your office will continue to do more.


    Ryan Ericson Canlas
    SAP Practice Manager – SAP Center of Excellence
    International SAP BASIS Consultant – Team Lead


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