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get link I have been a writer since Grade School. I stopped when I started working because I had less time since then and so I focused my skills onto emails, documentations and forums. Well, writing has always been one of my many talents if I were to state the facts without being tagged as a braggart. Tsk. I can’t take it away from me nor away from my reputation as a wordsmith and a “fighter with a pen”. Hmp.

Being a young literary soldier, I wrote scripts and essays as part of our school requirements. Later, I found myself writing for our school paper named VERITAS. I was not that good then but my mother has always been my EDITOR-IN-CHIEF from the very first article I published and to all the others forming my controversial column then that I baptized as THE FRONTLINE. I was Max Soliven and Mon Tulfo combined where I created friends and enemies as I write. Tsk.

On the light of it, I won several writing tilts from the DSSPC, RSSPC to NSSPC and all other competitions from writing to photojournalism. I got addicted to writing about anything under the sun. I kept my own journal and planned of writing a book compiling all my literary pieces which I started doing until I lost my WordStar file with all my articles. I cried.

I finished Grade School and High School. My teachers were advising me then to keep writing but with caution because I speak and write my mind so well and sharp that I can easily put up a headliner in a flash. I took that advice until I entered college. I wrote term papers and essays as a sideline. My dorm mates would swap their midnight snacks just so I can make them a travelogue or a book review for their homework. I was a businessman-writer. Hahaha.

Soon I started writing speeches for the Fraternity that I joined as a freshman in UP. I was writing still until I learned how to drink and smoke. I stopped. I occasionally would write for a fee some term papers and thesis but only when I have to. I got into computer and software development. I wrote source codes instead.

Well, I finished college and went to work. I had my stints in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country and one of the biggest food and beverage firms in Asia and multinational IT Consulting Company. Aside from documentations, project manuals and source codes, I was into emails and correspondences. I was known for writing emails and reply with them so fast that in a day; I am able to email almost everyone in the office. Hahaha. It’s embarrassing.

Well, because of my work, I got into some technical forums as well but I write just to solicit tips and inquire. It was never an expression or a hobby same as when I was young. I cannot seem to see the sign for me to write once again. I was so merry that I got into clubbing. Instead, I got addicted to this men’s forum site where I was almost like a spammer posting on almost all topics. I got quite known in that arena.

As I said, my writing style created me so many friends. Imagine entering a place where people are asking if I were indeed the pseudonym I was using for posting entries. Well, that was fun because of the perks. Free entrance and almost free booze plus the chance of expanding your network as many of the forum members wanted to meet me. Hehehe. On the other hand, this also created me a lot of critics and enemies so to speak. I stopped.

The same is true at work where I write and speak when everyone kept quiet. I was never afraid especially when I know that I am right and that my points are valid. I take the road less travelled and write to advocate for social justice, equity and all other values at the workplace. Although this has always put me in trouble, I was never afraid.

Just recently, I realized of putting this talent to good use in a wider perspective so I thought of blogging finally. I had to channel out some of the stress I have at work and at home in a non-destructive way. Well, it is good that I found another channel and I found BLOGGING instead. I know I will have new friends as a result and at the same time some enemies on critical topics but I am happy right now that I was able to write once again.

Although I may not be as good as when I was young but I am sure that I can still put my imagination and creativity at work to put up some interesting pieces. I need to get used to blogging… from now on.


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