useful link I just got back from taking a dinner downstairs and I was quite happy to receive an email from an Indian friend. He is a young IT professional same as I am and he has been a friend to me for a year now. We may not have worked for a project together but he has been with me in some of our night outs and drinking spree plus the fact that we usually talk at the office both on petty and serious stuffs – both work and life-related. I have seen how loyal and trust-worthy he can be and I admire his honesty. He is a good and loyal friend.


I do not want to brag about what I did or about the good news that he has announced and thanked me for. I just want to say that somehow we are born with the power to grow things. Some of are gifted with green thumbs to grow plants while others are so good with pets and growing animals. I have seen some people who are so bright in growing ideas. Well, I would like to also give special credits to the power vested on parents who rears and grows their kids so well and I wouldn’t be here if not for them!

Amidst all those above-mentioned, I am inspired to somehow know that all of us are given the gift to grow each and everyone. Yes. I am happy that somehow we can grow people out from their weaknesses and limitations as humans and reach the attainment of their dreams one step at a time. It may not be that easy but it is all worth it. Growing people so they can be mature individuals with high value for professionalism, integrity and respect for life leaves a lasting legacy for anyone. Touching people’s lives is something that is so priceless and precious.

My friend whom I have described in my introduction has outgrown all the odds and limitations of his age, skills, social status and identity because he chooses to grow towards his success through the inspirations of the people who are as well growing him as an individual which opened new opportunities for him to explore his capabilities. I know indeed that a good seed will always grow to be a good tree if taken cared by good sower. He has been sowed so well and I am sure that he has grown so well. I am happy.

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