source url How expensive can NEWS PAY-PER-READING be!I think that changing the industry in such a way that it will deprive or diminuate what people are currently availing is actually disruptive not just to the industry but also to the way people lives or interact.

go here The newspaper has always been a part of anyone’s routine atleast. The content drives people to decide and perhaps partake in the daily business of our society due to awareness.

is it legal to buy viagra online from canada Putting up a barrier like having content be available for a fee both offline via traditional newspaper prints or online via news sites is not so timely and practical although we are in the midst of a global financial crisis.

The idea merely negates the very concept of IT which is INFORMATION SHARING. When payment is a pre-requisite of SHARING, then all these merely turns into ENTERPRISING where people will begin to withhold information for business purposes.

If we support this strategy, we discourage the fact that transparency and information is a social responsibility of all of us. Imagine paying people just so someday you can ask them for their names or perhaps to ask them for a simple question like… Are you okay?

My opinion may be so remote for some but then again, if we start supporting drives to transform everything that is free into something that is pay-per-read or pay-per-view concept, then I am sure that we all will also get stuck to this GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS because soon everything happens to have a prive tag!

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