http://sachaandco.com/product/mom-life-wine-glass/ I was so damn tired last night. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I was tired. I had this long one-on-one conversation with someone in the office and suddenly I woke up in a realization that you cannot always be the best for everyone. People have always this tendency to forget all the good deeds you did for them even if you have the guts to remind them so. The hard part is…  it is all true! Sigh.

see here now GrowWith all the pressure draining my entire enthusiasm and energy for the day, I simply decided to call it a day at 08:00 PM. Instead of heading to the basement parking area to get my car and head home, I went to the 12th floor to check with a team member and some officemates (and an ex-officemate) to release some of the tension. I took Nelson, Elmer and Joseph with me downstairs.

The place was quite or perhaps I was deafened by all the arguments I had inside that room upstairs at the office. Anyway, as they were gulping their beers, I was sipping my iced-tea as I reflected. Sigh!  It’s so unfortunate for me to be stressed out on a Monday when I intend not to drink on Mondays by choice! Well, I am a changed man! Not unless I am forced to do so since I am just a man – weak and easily tempted. Hahaha.

Well, we talked about work and about one of my friend’s fantasies and how brilliant his best laid plans were with his “no. 1 among the no. 2s”. Hahaha. I was listening. I was listening to how a brilliant guy whose initial intention of applying for a job was to work for a living and provide for his family has turned against his own beliefs and ideals in life because of the blinding effect of peer influence and money.  

It’s a saddening thought. At one point, I admit on having almost tempted to take the wrong path but I was lucky to have been awakened and renewed. This guy has yet to learn all the lessons I learned the hard way. At 08:30 PM, we decided to separate ways and head home. I took Joseph with me and Mike since they were to be dropped 1 block away from our place then off we went! Free ride, huh!

As I was driving, I noticed my phone blinking. It was on a silent mode all the while so I used the word blinking than ringing. Perhaps flashing was more appropriate. Anyway, I checked on its screen and I saw several missed calls from my friend Jojo, an Infrastructure and DRP Expert! Now I remember that he has been sending me SMS since 04:50 PM that day for an invitation to yet another one-on-one talk at Pier 1 at Julia Vargas near Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Ooops!  I even forgot that I told him earlier that I will be coming over. He’s been waiting for me now for almost 4 hours!

I arrived at the location for about 09:30 PM. I was so busy and that is my perfect excuse. So we met as he asked me to order something for my dinner and for “pulutan”. I was served a bottle of beer afterwards. Agenda? Life! I met Jojo almost 3 years ago. He is older than me and a single although he has a daughter with whom the mother has already her own life to be busy with as he buries himself with work. He is a good guy too tough to be turned down. He is a good friend as well.

We talked until midnight and I switched the topic with a question. I asked him why he has decided to stay single. He simply answered it with a question – Did you and your wife planned for your first meeting as strangers then? I said no. Have you both planned about who you are now? I said no. Then he answered my question finally by explaining that everything will come in its own place in due time. No matter how hard you plan for something, you have no control of whatever will come. You just need to be ready to face the music. Nice lesson!

Now, I asked him another question why amidst his expertise, expanded network and his experiences, he has not taught of engaging in a business like with me perhaps? He just simply answered. We will come to that when I get to grow myself 10 percent more! Let me grow 10 percent and I will come to you with a proposition you cannot afford not to have. His answer amazed me. Was it alcohol or this guy is just really a guru of the practicalities of life, family and career. I was enlightened.

Writing in progress…

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